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Westborough Behavioral Healthcare Hospital (MA)

300 Friberg Pkwy Westborough, MA 01581

Westborough Behavioral Healthcare Hospital, in Westborough, is dedicated to providing a broad range of services, from detoxification to mental health treatment, and care for co-occurring disorders. They are committed to helping adults, children/adolescents, and seniors navigate their recovery journey by providing a detoxification program, mental health therapy, and comprehensive care for those with co-occurring disorders. They offer a variety of payment methods including county or local government funds, ihs/tribal/urban (itu) funds, medicare, medicaid, federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), other state funds, private health insurance, private or community foundation, state corrections or juvenile justice funds, state education agency funds, cash or self-payment, state-financed health insurance plan other than medicaid, state mental health agency (or equivalent) funds, state welfare or child and family services funds, and u.s. department of va funds for their services. The staff at Westborough Behavioral Healthcare Hospital is dedicated to providing expert care in a supportive environment.

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Samuel McGann
Year 2020
Westborough Behavioral Healthcare Center is a exosquential place to be! All of the Workers from the door you enter to the door you leave are All accomidating The Place is so Clean you can eat off it literally and The Food is so Good your going to save some for your mother!
Emily Feeney
Year 2021
Jess Jocelyn and Stella in outpatient services are among the best I’ve ever worked with! I am a social worker and not only do I trust them with my care I’d send my clients here in the future because of the competency and care they provide to their clients!
Carrie Hogan
Year 2020
The care experience at Westborough Behavioral Health was outstanding. Extremely professional caring and helpful. The facility itself is modern beautiful clean and located in a convenient and lovely setting. I absolutely would highly recommend WBHH to anyone seeking care.
Brandon Difo
September, 2022
This place changed my life. Thank you
Edmond Cote
Year 2021
This was my grandson’s first hospitalization. Needless to say he was very scared. Dr. D. Did a wonderful job with his medication. All the staff were great. That called me daily and sometimes multiple times a day. …
Nicole Alin
Year 2018
Was a part of the PHP/IOP program and couldn’t be happier with the staff and care I received. The therapists are amazing and care about each and every one of their patients. They go above and beyond to give patients useful coping skills. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling .
Brian VanNess
Year 2018
Very chic building modern. Stayed in the adult unit. I would consider it a teir above jail. Good doctors ( dr g ) and therapists but all other staff are blah. Hard to sleep and you are not allowed to watch the news.
Alexandra A.
Year 2019
Staff are very nice however there is not much to do during your stay. They put an emphasis on safety and they follow it to a T. So there is watch TV and the occasional group. Everything requires a doctor's order. Want to use your own …
Lexie Aylward
Year 2021
I had an excellent experience in the adult PHP program here! The staff in the outpatient department are excellent and create a great group environment. I would absolutely return if I ever needed treatment again. This program is the help …
Lakana Uong
Year 2021
The therapist contacted me after every session to provide me with updates on my child. My child was feed well and was provided a clean and safe environment during her stay. They also kept her busy in group activities throughout the day. However the staff could communicate with each better and to parents in regard to on going plans.
Lori Zegarelli
Year 2021
A family member went to Westborough Behavioral and they were extremely kind caring and professional. Sometimes they were unorganized in terms of how long it took for things. They put together a treatment plan before leaving. Now in a good …
Amelia Toye
Year 2021
Great place for employment and passionate staff! I would recommend WBHH for anyone seeking mental health services
Michelle Flanagan Black
Year 2021
I found Westboro Behavioral Healthcare Hospital by performing a Google search. I had attended two other programs in the past and while I was a bit hesitant about attending another — I am so blessed I did! I highly recommend the PHP/IOP …
A Captures
Year 2019
Staff doesnt contact parents back little to none communication. Children allowed to call anyone on the phone . My child is there and ive gotten no info at all.
Ry Kelly
November, 2022
I had wonderful experience with this place I love the wonderful staff members.
Barbara Ann Delotach
March, 2022
Strictly speaking as former staff RN they don't care about staff including providing speedy paychecks HR horrible and only 2nd to UMASS EMH in not fav places to work. But they seem to care about the patients & UMASS Worcester did not have that & worst Nurse Management.
Samantha Bowie
Year 2019
I spent a week there and the MHT’s and Nurses are very well trained and so nice. I was having a tough time over there and they made me feel like my feelings were valid and helped me find ways to cope with the stress. They have a physician …
Erin Roche
Year 2019
TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!! Do not send your loved ones HERE. They are by far the worst Dual Diagnosis unit around! My husband went to this facility and it was beyond horrific!! NOONE AND I REPEAT NOONE DOES THEIR JOB. The case workers …
Hanna Thompson
Year 2021
I was a patient there and there experience was amazing. You might be a little weirded out by the bad but from my experience it was really good. You meet with a psychiatrist everyday and get daily updates about your stay and you …
Jennifer Plouffe
Year 2019
the absolute WORST place!! I was sent there because I was suicidal. They said they were sending me to another facility and did so via taxi...when I got there this place had NO idea who I was and said they hadn't spoken to anyone from the …
Samantha Moulton
Year 2021
I’ve worked at Westborough behavioral for a couple months. The employees have always been very friendly and welcoming and you always feel like you can get help if needed. Overall it was a very positive experience and would recommend to anyone seeking employment.
Pug Mum (Pugmum)
Year 2019
The mindset of helping the patients is there but there is so many underlying issues with upper management that I felt that if you truly want to feel safe and get help go somewhere else. …
Jennifer Lee
Year 2020
WORST HOSPITAL for mental health. My brother was there for very specific reasons and they brushed it all off. If you're suicidal do not expect help here. They bad mouth the family of those Admitted on top of it staff is rude and extremely …
kelly farnkoff
Year 2021
My child was a inpatient there for about two and a half weeks. He was slapped upside his head . He was left with an unexplained bruise mark. Talked with the Nursing staff and some supervisor & was assured a plan was in place to keep him …
Year 2019
My child was sent here. Intake people were kind and on the ball. There was no communication for days until I called and the psychiatrist was condescending and rude. The case worker and medical staff give the children too much say in their …
Barb Clift
Year 2021
Staff disrespectful. Don’t recognize people wishes and pronouns. Had one staff continually call my child by legal name and saying she/her instead of preferred name and him/he. When corrected them they roll eyes and said would call them as they wish.
Kaleigh Forth
May, 2022
I was admitted to this hospital in October 2020. I was 14 at the time and I suffer with Epilepsy. During my stay here I had had 3 epileptic seizures total after a “psychiatrist” took me off of my seizure medication completely even though he …
Madison Knopf
September, 2022
I’m giving one star because 0 stars isn’t an option. I did the adolescent outpatient program here. Only ONE FULL DAY into treatment I was placed on a section three because I had a panic attack the night before. From my pov: I was brought …
Kyle Geary
Year 2021
I’ve stayed at multiple places in treatment for bipolar disorder. 3 times to be exact. I stayed at mccleans in middleboro and Belmont which were very productive and helpful. However the physiatrist hospitol in Westbrook was more like a …
Barbara Gallagher
October, 2022
I'm not getting any response from this place as to where what is happening with my daughter it's as if she is in jail extremely worried
Jodi Connolly
Year 2020
My daughter had a horrible experience in the Adolescent Inpatient unit. Staff can't control kids. The psychiatrist does not get to know your child and their diagnosis before treating them. They did a huge med change on my daughter in …
Year 2019
My husband was transferred to this facility from Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River MA this is based on his therapist that he was assigned to. She seemed very nice and on the ball but when my husband was discharged he came …
Kimberly Russell
Year 2019
Please do not send your child here if you want them to get the help they need. This place is run horribly!! There is no communication between staff and nurses treat all of the patients rather than having a few and knowing their individual …
Karlie Sanford
September, 2022
DO NOT SEND ANYONE HERE. Drs have since left because well their residency was up ( apparently psychiatry is not their thing) so they no longer cared. plus they confused patients with others and overdosed those people as a result) …
Ken Boulanger
April, 2022
From the very first day of the IOP Program the groups never started on time the first time I really tried to speak I was silenced before I even finished explaining what I was trying to say. Very Unprofessional.
Myra Thompson
Year 2020
Horrible experience. Staff never calls you back after leaving multiple calls. They don’t give you updates. Hard to talk to your kid due to it being shared with all the other kids on the floor and is constantly a busy signal. No real help given just a dumping site. Do not send your kid here.
Summer Thompson
Year 2020
I am a former patient who was assaulted. They waited 12 hours after the incident to take me to the er. I was in the ADOLESCENCES UNIT and had patients anywhere from 3-5 years apart sharing a room. They just went to court and lost too Avoid this place at all costs
Christopher Barney
Year 2021
I can't warn you enough. If you have a child who needs support they will not receive the help they need here. No supervision or support is really offered. Your child will be exposed to other patients who are far worse and your kids will …
Dubravka DelValle
Year 2020
I have no clue who rated this hospital with 5 stars. As I am reading all of this I can see that all of the staff's names are different but issues are the same. It seems like someone is picking the worst people in the State of Massachusetts to run this Hospital.
Shelby Marie
Year 2021
I spoke to several people in attempts to get ahold of a family member that is in inpatient services was told it was illegal for them to have my sister call me. I got yelled at by 3 people including the shift supervisor named Patience. She …
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