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Tulsa Rightway Medical (OK)

3445 S Sheridan Rd Tulsa, OK 74145

Tulsa Rightway Medical, anchored in Tulsa, champions a journey towards recovery through their well-structured substance use treatment programs. They are fervently committed to aiding adults in overcoming addiction, providing tailored plans to address the multi-faceted nature of substance dependence. Financial flexibility is key at Tulsa Rightway Medical, as they acknowledge a variety of payment methods including medicare, medicaid, private health insurance, and cash or self-payment. The compassionate and dedicated staff at Tulsa Rightway Medical provide unwavering support every step of the way.

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Andrea Cunningham
Year 2019
Letitia Hoch
Year 2017
Right way has it's share of some of the best counselors that really care and want to help. They really go the extra mile. Management (husband and wife team?) On the other hand sucks and is not caring about anything other than bottom line and maybe themselves
Trevor North
Year 2015
Christopher Englett
Year 2018
Saved my wife life
Cody Douglas
Year 2018
The people are nice then nurses are very helpful and they are really interested in helping you get away from opiates
Dawn Wilson
Year 2015
These people are so nice here at this clinic. They made guest dosing so easy for me and they were all so friendly.
Gabs Hughes
Year 2015
They are so nice there and they make it easy togrget done what u need to get done and they r very friendly and helpful
Chris Kent
February, 2022
This place saved my life!
April Custer
Year 2018
Jamie Roberts
Year 2018
Regina Laskey
Year 2021
Jennifer Ciriacks
May, 2022
I've been patient here for a few years and I think it saved my life. The employees are friendly and helpful and I would recommend coming here if you want to get off opiates and change your life for the better. I know alot of people that go here who agree with me. Thank you Rightway.
Mike Holt
Year 2018
Life savers
Melissa Graves-Ashley
Year 2012
Awesome! Great recovery program!
Mary Brazil
Year 2021
Been going here for 1 year 9months. They saved my life. Not constantly worrying about being sick or spending every dollar I have so I don't get sick anymore. It has changed my life for the better. There's a little drama now and then there …
Mary Brazil
Year 2021
Been there just over a year. If it wasn't for this clinic I would still be broke and probably dead by now. I feel like a normal person again. No more stressing about running out and going through withdrawal. Almost everyone that works there that I've dealt with are very nice. Thank you all.
Year 2016
Everyone from the cashier to the counselor to the doctor to the dispenser. They were all very positive and helpful in a way that was calming. I was scared because I didn't know what I was in for. But now very excited to where I'm headed. …
April Davis-Thornburg
Year 2019
Gave me my life back !!!
The 3D Czech Tech
Year 2018
Great medical office. Be careful that you know what you're getting into this is a very serious medication for very serious problems. Not something to play around with.
Wes Alphin
Year 2017
Great place if your serious about your sobriety. If you think you can just go to get high think again.
Lauren Short
Year 2020
I am a previous patient here the clinic is clean and well organized. I felt comfortable safe and cared for here. Thanks Tulsa Rightway I appreciate you guys and the service you provide!
Anthony Tackett
October, 2022
I have been coming here for 5+ years now. This place has saved my life. Now they even except sooner care because of the Oklahoma expansion program I don't have to worry about paying for my dose. …
Dillon ford
Year 2016
I just wanted a way that I could pay them back for all the help I have received. Rate and is the least I could do. The ladies that take the money are very nice every morning. The wait time depends on what time you get there and how …
Year 2018
Pretty hassle free
Stephanie Dreger
February, 2022
I like the counselors and the nurses that does us they welcome me everytime
April Sanders
Year 2018
Saved my life! If you do it right.. It's a lot worse than it used to be.. But I love the staff! Most of them..
Karen Rice
Year 2021
If it weren't for places like this i would be dead by now. They have saved my life on a real note!!!!
Sean Blair
Year 2018
The people who Rightway claiming all the staff cares about is the money the patients bring in - they are correct. It is a business after all. The entire medical field is a business so you're giving your money either to the methadone …
Robert Swain
February, 2022
It has helped my wife and my family come together and have a better life.
bobby Utsey
September, 2022
They made a good choice in giving Mrs Betty the director's position the DR seam's to care once you get in front of her I believe that treatment for opioid addiction is missing one important aspect someone to advocate for the people...
Austen Normore
Year 2018
It helps you keep your self in reality. with out being sick. Thanks for your help.
Brooke Hahn
Year 2018
LSX Dime
Year 2016
Absolutely awesome best thing I ever did was going there. If your gonna go to one this is the one they're great. If someone on here didn't like it it's only cause they probably tried dosing when they were high. They WILL DENY YOU your …
It's MY Prerogative
Year 2017
Started at this clinic 13 years ago and when I WAS THERE They took me down fron weeklys to daily dosing because I LOST MY JOB! Needless to say I moved to LIC (Mission Treatment Center) and NEVER BEEN A WISER DECISION MADE! 11 12 YEARS …
chris rogers
Year 2016
The program lacks security or compassion for their patients all they are is legal drug dealers so if you want to go to a treatment facility that only cares about your money and not you your at the right place so be vigilant
william harris
Year 2018
The service is better than other clinics in town
Alicia Sugars
Year 2021
This “methadone clinic” has no interest in helping you succeed to become addiction free of helping you become a productive member of society again to give u the treatment/therapy you need. They get your dose as high as possible make u …
Chris Schuette
Year 2018
This place is supposed to be helping people get clean and regain there life back away from drugs but turned me down cause I wasn’t withdrawing yet. Sorry I don’t feel like being sick. I want to get off of the drugs I’m using and need help …
Cole Brightwell
Year 2016
This place not what it seems. I have so many problens with this place. No one cares about you. The nurses will deny you medicine if they feel like it. If you can i would go anywhere Else. The check in desk cant seem to get a fax in if there life depended on it.
Philip Campbell
Year 2019
Went in at 5am with the impression that I would be able to dose for the day for $10 & all would be fine for a day. Come to find out they want another $50 to be seen by the dr and nurse?!? I could have made a decision to stay or leave if …
Faith Elkhair
Year 2021
Shelby Lewis
April, 2022
Great and friendly staff
Jodieis Blessed
Year 2019
I am almost done here. I was in bad shape when I first started. The staff is great! It's your program. Whatever you put into it is what you get out of it. If you need to see your counselor they are always there. I have Marsha and she has …
Lauren Walker
Year 2017
$9 a day for what they get for free from the government. finding prescription benzodiazepines and opiates on the floor is not recovery. watching deals go down in the lobby and the parking lot in front of children being raised by folks who …
Caty Atkinson
Year 2019
Been going here for 123 days now have been completely honest w counselor and staff go in today to find that ive Been discharged cold turkey no warning no tapering NOTHING.. GO to MDs office to find that she wrote for them to taper me …
darren shaffer
Year 2018
Horrible place they help the addicts in our community trade one addiction for another I know people who have been going here for almost a decade and are not considering stopping anytime soon because of the withdraws...the people in need who …
Katy Collins-Anderson
Year 2021
I wish I didn't have to give even 1 star just to be able to leave a. If your loved one has an addiction problem and are needing help this is NOT the answer. They do not help anyone they do not have patients they have CUSTOMERS …
LTrain 45
Year 2017
It's great for getting stable if you can't afford to lose your job withdrawaling. However the stuff is liquid handcuffs. If I'd have known it takes about 4-6 …
Sharon Carpenter
September, 2022
I've been here over a year the staff are very nice however when I was told 3 months ago that my insurance was closed and that it wasn't closed so the clinic makes me pay each mouth for almost 2 to 3 months and didn't bother to tell me …
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