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True Self Recovery (AR)

1104 N 2nd St Rogers, AR 72756

True Self Recovery, anchored in Rogers, champions a journey towards recovery through their well-structured substance use treatment programs. They are fervently committed to aiding adults, and seniors in overcoming addiction, providing tailored plans to address the multi-faceted nature of substance dependence. Financial flexibility is key at True Self Recovery, as they acknowledge a variety of payment methods including Federal funding options, federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), private health insurance, cash or self-payment, and state-financed health insurance plan other than medicaid. The compassionate and dedicated staff at True Self Recovery provide unwavering support every step of the way.

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Stephanie Boley
October, 2022
If anyone would have asked me 5 years ago if I could ever see myself writing a for a Rehab program I would have laughed and asked if they were crazy yet here I am at my lowest point in my life doing just that based on my experience …
Diane Welch
April, 2022
True Self Recovery is by far a top rated recovery center in the Northwest Arkansas Region!!!. Their treatment program saves lives!!! Saved Mine!!! I recommend this place for All Suffering Addicts and Alcolhics. True Self Recovery gives you …
Eli Webster
September, 2022
There's no other treatment center quite like true self. They go in depth and in detail to the root of addiction and help you understand it in ways you could never imagine. They also give you counseling and help you learn positive coping …
Grayson Baker
July, 2022
True Self Recovery is hands down the top treatment center in the mid south. They make getting a higher level of care for the treatment of addiction effortless for any person suffering from the disease. A big plus of this program is that …
October, 2022
This amazing Gem in Arkansas literally saved my life! I’m so Thankful for everyone at True Self I have my life back now and it is better than ever! Beautiful facility!
Mindy Bishop
September, 2022
True Self Recovery saved my life and taught me the tools I need to stay stay clean. The staff is amazing they go above and beyond and are very passionate about recovery. I would recommend True Self Recovery to anyone suffering from addiction.
Christopher Easley
November, 2022
This has been a real eye opener to me. The program is teaching me about my addiction's and helping me more understand my addiction. I'm so grateful for this opportunity! Thank you True Self for everything
Ressa Tull
October, 2022
TSR has changed my life in many ways. I've made life long friends people who love and support me. I'm forever grateful for all the staff and clients. If you want a Treatment program that really cares about you in and out of treatment TSR …
Jonathan Hardin
September, 2022
This place saved my life . Teresa was an awesome counselor and taught me coping skills and helped me through alot . I would recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with addiction.they all truly care about you and it shows everyday . Thanks tru self team
Jessica Odegard
June, 2022
This program not only changed my life but also gave me life long friends a new sober family and plugged me into more resources and amazing meetings tailored to all my and others needs than I could imagine. Everyone from the owners …
Brandon Mahoney
Year 2021
Today is my last day at True Self Recovery and this place has helped me more than I could of imagined! I came thinking I was never going to get a handle on my addiction and they showed me ways to cope with those feelings and the classes …
Ruth Fullerton
September, 2022
True self has absolutely helped me change on my path of recovery. I have learned to slow down and take each day DAY BY DAY . Helping me to keep my focus on what is important by keeping the main thing the main thing. I absolutely love …
James Hagan
August, 2022
True Self is a great program the staff really went above and beyond to do everything necessary to make me feel comfortable and ensure I had the tools to stay clean. I can honestly say this place saved my life. I would recommend it to anyone who's struggling with addiction and wants their life back.
Perry Hatfield
October, 2022
True Self Recovery has been a blessing. If attended a few other treatment facilities but none were quite like TSR. Their level of care exceeds expectation and the staff is always ready to lend an ear. …
Bryan Hampton
November, 2022
True Self Recovery has given me renewed hope that I can become the person I was meant to be after struggling with addiction for 19 long years. Each member of the staff is an addict in recovery several of which have many years of …
Cody Cheney
Year 2021
True Self Recovery is a great facility. Housing and clinical both are clean and tidy. Great counselors. Great classes that are very informative and even fun. They provide the means to showing patients that it is possible to have fun in …
Lane Shaver
November, 2022
True self recovery is a great treatment center! They saved my life 100%! They have very caring staff and some great counselors! I recommend this place to everyone. No matter what age or gender. Awesome place to recover!
Michael Aguilar
Year 2021
True Self Recovery is a program that saves life's. It is a conventional treatment program that brings out the best in it's clients. They bring people close together so that they know they don't have to do it alone. I'm extremely grateful …
Kristie Marquez
April, 2022
True Self Recovery is absolutely amazing! I have learned so much about myself and have built so much confidence that I never knew I had! The group therapy is very encouraging and full of new information everyday. The Staff is very …
Kyle Hughes
Year 2021
True Self Recovery is amazing they have truly saved my life. I have been to several treatment centers and this place is just different they truly care about your health and wellness. They go above and beyond to make you feel welcome. Tommy …
August, 2022
At true self i was treated with respect the entire time from the detox experience through therapy groups and my residential experience. My individual needs were listened to and i was personally assisted with some external stressors I …
Zakiya Credle
July, 2022
Been at this rehab since the 7th of June and this is hands down the best rehab I have ever went to. The staff are amazing and they spoil you. They care so much and they are really easy to relate to. I felt welcomed from the very start
Amber Freeman-Paradise
Year 2021
Before I came to True Self Recovery I was completely broken. I had completely lost myself and didn't even recognize the woman I seen in the mirror. I have been here for 32 days (I am 32 days clean and sober) and I can honestly say that I …
Erik Pare
November, 2022
Great place to begin a new way of life. Excellent staff and very clean facilities I would recommend True Self to anyone who is serious about their recovery!
Duane Taylor
August, 2022
I absolutely love the staff and classes. I am so happy I came to TSR. TSR has helped me gain the tools for myself to recover and stay recovered from my addiction. Hades my service dog was allowed to join me on this path and he enjoyed it as well. Highly recommend if you need help to come here.
Erin Calnan
July, 2022
I am a yoga instructor and I have the privilege of teaching at all three True Self! locations. I love teaching to the clients! Yoga helps us take our nervous system from fight flight freeze to practicing the pause. These are helpful skills …
Jack Ragland
June, 2022
I am currently in the program and i have learned so much about myself and why i have made questionable choices in my life. Unfortunately i have had to go to treatment more than a few times in my life and hands down True Self Recovery is …
Kaye Conn
September, 2022
I am not a previous client but I want to thank TSR for giving me back my niece. She has been an addict since she was 16 she is now 39. I spent time with her yesterday and it was amazing! It was like being with someone that I never knew …
Cole Gunstream
May, 2022
I am thankful for not only the program but the staff as well. I have gone through a wide spectrum of different treatment facilities & True Self is up at the top just for the meaning i have found in my life & the positivity they have …
Lynette Townley
Year 2021
I cannot begin to express my gratitude towards True Self Recovery! I came in sick (near death) broken and an absolute miserable individual. I have been in and out of a few other rehabilitation centers with no luck for myself. True Self …
Jennifer Christian
Year 2021
I cannot say enough about my experience at true self recovery. These people care about you and honestly they helped me learn to care about myself and put one foot in front of the others and keep on moving forward. Amber has been an …
Lisa Rice
November, 2022
I cannot say enough about True Self Recovery's program! The staff was knowledgeable in the addiction field and they truly cared about each client. I highly recommend this facility if you are wanting a way out of your addiction. It has …
James Pendergrass
January, 2022
I am 54 years old and have struggled with alcoholism for at least 35 of those years. I have lost count of the treatment centers and rehabs that I have been treated at. My experience is real. And my experience can attest to the fact that …
Jesse Pepion
November, 2022
I have been there for over 30 days and it has changed my life. The staff and faculty truly care and believe and helping others be their best selves. I would refer anyone with a drug problem eating disorder or mental disorder to look for …
Tom Vecchio
June, 2022
Amazing place that genuinely cares about the clients and their recovery. The entire staff including the nurses are excellent and always there for you when you need them. If you are serious about getting better and recovering don’t read any further and call True Self!
Amanda Miller
Year 2021
I have struggled with addiction since the age of 12. I am turning 34 in November. This place has an amazing group of people that have experienced their own struggles in addition! True Self Recovery has been the best decision I have ever …
Bud Wyatt
August, 2022
Amber is a great counselor. Very caring and compassionate. My experience with her has been life changing.
R Jennrich
October, 2022
I just want to acknowledge Amber for all that she does here. Not only did she give me a new sense of life but also for my family. …
Delia Anne Gallagher
October, 2022
Amber is truly committed to helping her clients and guiding them to a sober future. You can see her compassion and understanding and know in your heart she genuinely wants to help everyone walk the road to happy destiny.
Shannon Bradford
November, 2022
I would like to thank Trueself Recovery for saving my life and helping me and power myself to become a better mom to my children before Trueself Recovery I was on the road to never seeing my children again with their help and support I am …
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True Self Recovery
March 1, 2023
True Self Recovery offers a variety of evidence-based substance abuse, drug and alcohol treatment programs in the heart of Arkansas. Offering the .
Our Medical staff is distinctively trained to meet all client needs as patients adjust to recovery at True Self Recovery.
explore #trueselfrecovery at Facebook. . Thank you to my TSR family at True Self Recovery for this opportunity. I am so grateful for all of you.
152 Followers, 161 Following, 22 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from True Self Recovery (@trueselfrecovery)
At True Self Recovery, we have a highly driven and passionate staff who are experts in their field. We have a judgement free and empathetic .
The program focuses on helping the alcoholics to develop a new life of sobriety by providing tools and resources that allow them .

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