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The Plymouth House (NH)

446 Main St Plymouth, NH 03264

The Plymouth House, set in Plymouth, specializes in providing comprehensive care for those struggling with substance use, offering both detoxification services and treatment for co-occurring mental health illnesses or serious emotional disturbances. They are passionate about assisting adults in their journey towards recovery. Various payment methods are accepted at The Plymouth House including private health insurance, and cash or self-payment, easing the financial burden. The expert team at The Plymouth House is dedicated to providing superior care in a compassionate and understanding environment.

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Jennifer Powers
December, 2022
I would 100% recommend the Plymouth house to anyone that is looking for a real experience and chance at Recovery. The Plymouth house saved my life. I have no question the Plymouth House has forever changed my life. The staff is super …
Denise St Onge
Year 2015
It saved my life.
Jamie Marie
Year 2016
life saving! greatful!
Ashley Shute
Year 2021
Like a child I didn’t want to go. Fought it and they still loved me back to life. 30 days later I feel like those broken pieces are starting to mend thanks to all the amazing people who helped me believe in me when I was incapable
Madison Weymouth
December, 2022
My experience at The Plymouth House was like no other treatment facility I've been to. It was life changing. The reason I have what I have today is because of the caring staff guiding me to be a good person and a woman in recovery. I HIGHLY …
Maggie Quinlan GSB
December, 2022
Plymouth house gave me hope and a brand new look to my future free from substances. A true 12 step experience with caring and qualified staff to help individuals and their families.
Kaitlyn Cochran
February, 2022
Plymouth house is a wonderful rehab. It honestly saved my life. The staff there are spectacular and very well trained to work with this disease. They have helped me grow open up and share. The 12-step work there is magical. Thanks to …
Lisa Hotchkiss
February, 2022
Plymouth House saved my life my marriage & my family! I learned what true caring & support is here. The program is designed to assist in recovery via the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. I found my spirit through the care & concern of all of the staff & the friends I made in my short time there.
Ken Stevenson
Year 2021
Plymouth House was an amazing experience for me and my family. Without the love and support of the incredible people there I doubt I would have the joy I have found in my recovery. Thank you from the depths of my soul.
Rene Schwartz
Year 2018
Really the only place you will need to go to to effectively learn to handle your addiction to alcohol drugs or other. Dedicated 12-step staff; warm and supporting environment with excellent food and accommodations; a supportive thorough …
Barbara Mccabe
December, 2022
The Plymouth house has done amazing things for me in my recovery. The staff is wonderful and caring . I highly recommend it
Melinda Whitworth
December, 2022
The Plymouth house is the best residential rehab facility for addiction. I've been to other rehab places but nothing worked for me until Plymouth house. It's format and staff are extremely helpful and gets into the AA program. I've learned so much about my addiction and the tools to use for success.
Allie Volpe
December, 2022
I have been struggling with addiction seeking help for years in and out of numerous treatment centers across the country. After many relapses and feeling extremely hopeless The Plymouth House was the first place I really felt like I …
catherine C.
Year 2021
The Plymouth House is unlike any other rehab I have ever been to and I’ve been to my fair share. The staff there is truly caring about each individual and caters to each guests’ individual needs. I can honestly say I would want nothing …
Year 2017
I have the most respect for the P house ... The people that work there have gone thru everything clients have went thru also . I went thru the p house when i was 27 yrs old they saved my life truly .... I did return and Aaron was so …
Paige ahrens
Year 2021
The Plymouth House is where I learned how to live in recovery. They taught me what that meant walked me through the first four steps and supported me through every negative and crazy thought. What really stood out was that everyone there …
Charles Master
January, 2022
I was absolutely terrified at first but once I got there and met the staff it changed my life.. they had so much compassion understanding and care……they taught me how to live in the present and to forgive myself from the past… they gave …
Molly Blansfield
Year 2021
The Plymouth House offers a life changing and once in a lifetime program for anyone struggling with substance abuse disorder. It is hands down the most well-run well-staffed engaging supportive and knowledgeable rehabilitation facility …
Noreen McNamara
Year 2021
I was truly broken when I got to Plymouth House and had given away everything that was truly dear to me for Alcohol. I was able to start to build a relationship with the director and staff and most importantly with people who suffered from …
sharon illingworth
Year 2021
The Plymouth House saved my life. It saved my family. After years of bouncing in and out of AA and thinking I’m just one of those people who will never get it. I was dropped off in the middle of NH by my sister who told me this is your …
Darren Prevo
April, 2022
My experience at The Plymouth House was definitely eye opening. The food was amazing and the few therapeutic groups and small groups were extremely positive. The bad news is the place is ran extremely poor. One of the most arrogant and …
roger ware
Year 2017
Brain washing at it's finest and it's not cheap. 7800$ a month. No candy it can cause an addiction. Cigarettes are ok so smoke up. Who's finding this place big tobacco? Smh it's all about money now a days. My x went here and is now in a …
Russell White
January, 2022
Even with clinical the place is a cult. Granted it is a 'good' cult that like AA encourages you to replace your disorder (alcohol workahol pharmacol assholeahal etc.) with humility and spirituality. You get out of it what you are …
Kris Zaiatz
Year 2021
The experience saved my life. I'm very grateful for my time there.
Annemarie Whilton
Year 2021
A life saver. A game changer. Have sent my own child here (and many other places). The Plymouth House wins hands down. I love this place - and its hard to love a rehab! :)
Charles Murnane
December, 2022
AMAZING! If anyone one is sick and suffering I highly recommend The Plymouth House. I’ve …
Susan Gabriel
Year 2018
An honest and effective treatment for someone with SUD. My daughter is not only in recovery but sincerely enjoying her life without drugs and alcohol. This recovery retreat is more like a family as the alumni are active in practicing the …
Charlie Standish jr
September, 2022
Best thing I did for my self and family. If you are tired of being tired and want to be sober I definitely recommend Plymouth House they will set you on the right path to SOBRIETY.
William Simpson
December, 2022
Definitely the best treatment center around. Staff is amazing. Highly recommended
Molly O'Rourke
November, 2022
I had a life changing experience there. I can honestly say it was the best place I’ve ever been!! Highly recommend
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