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Symetria — Lewisville Outpatient Rehab & Suboxone Clinic (TX)

1850 Lakepointe Dr Suite 400 Lewisville, TX 75057

Nestled in Lewisville, Symetria — Lewisville Outpatient Rehab & Suboxone Clinic provides comprehensive care for those dealing with substance use issues, offering both detoxification services and treatment for co-occurring mental health illnesses or serious emotional disturbances. Their focus is on empowering adults on their journey towards balanced health. Various payment methods are accepted at Symetria — Lewisville Outpatient Rehab & Suboxone Clinic including federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), private health insurance, and cash or self-payment to support accessibility. At Symetria — Lewisville Outpatient Rehab & Suboxone Clinic, the expert team is dedicated to providing quality care in a compassionate setting.

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June, 2022
Started going to this clinic after moving up here from Dallas a few months ago. The staff actually treats me like a person and not a drug addict. Real bad experiences at clinics in Dallas but never have any issues here with anyone. They actually want you to get better. Highly recommend.
Gina Ahn
July, 2022
Symetria is a clinic that gives individual attention for patients to be successful in their treatment. They are committed. Wonderful team! Shout out to Blake and Crystal - two great people that likes to make things happen! They are very knowledgable and resourceful. …
July, 2022
Thanks to Symetria for saving my life after getting addicted bad to the Blue 30s. Just like those pills changed my life for the worse now this clinic is changing my life for the better.
Ashely Johnson
March, 2022
The Blakeinator is always such a pleasure to work with and incredibly helpful in every way. He makes referring to Symetria seamless for both myself and potential clients. Blake has true compassion and eases any anxieties clients may be …
Colby F
June, 2022
The Blakeinator is very passionate about recovery and always willing to offer a helping hand to anyone in need.
Jason Stinson
May, 2022
The staff is AWESOME and Sarah is the heart of this clinic. EVERYONE at the clinic is attentive and are there for you 110% of the time. They go out of their way for you here and are very caring. As an addiction clinic this is probably …
Mr. Sean Burk
June, 2022
These guys are great! They're friendly and they do their best to be accommodating. they're super to deal with especially the nurses and my councilor. Thank you
Danielle Keath
May, 2022
This clinic is amazing and has such great support for their clients. The Blakeinator is awesome and takes great care of the people he helps. Aaron and Sarah are phenomenal and they truly care about the services they provide for their clients. This place is great!
Erik Warren
June, 2022
This is the goodness people that you want when the struggling is so rough no place like home.
Clara Hernandes
November, 2022
This place is amazing! All the staff is great and the new nurse bethany treats us so well. Would recommend for anyone looking into MAT treatment in the area.
Kyle Ryan
June, 2022
This was the first time that I have ever had a connection with my counselor. I have had so many counselors and gone to 31 rehabs.The guy Joseph that runs the IOP is a rockstar also. It is really working this time.
Wesley Parmer
November, 2022
Was going out of town for work abs needed more than my usual dose. After some confusion it was taken care of. Thanks Symetria!!!
Someone Tell Me Again
November, 2022
People that understand what is going on in your life and how to help you make it better.
Denae Living
November, 2022
Ramona is a great nurse. Thank you for helping me
Derrick McCray
July, 2022
Sarah Reyes is one of the most caring and compassionate nurses I've ever come across definitely a huge asset to the company. Give her a huge raise!!
Doug Dunbar
November, 2022
Shout out to the nurses and counselors that make Symetria a great place to go to get off the streets. If your done paying the highcost of low living this is rehab for you.
Daniel Johnson
June, 2022
I am beyond thankful I found this clinic. I am getting the help I need and have received so much support from the staff here. Nurse Sarah and Aaron really care about helping people and go out of their way to make sure you get what you need.
Amanda Miller
March, 2022
I am so grateful to have the chance to work close with Blake. I love his heart and passion for helping those in need. Symetria Recovery has been great to work with as well.
Hunter Brett
July, 2022
I highly recommend this center to anybody coming out of rehab. Especially if you feel like you still need extra support with medication and counseling. It is a very welcoming environment. The nurse and counselor have their own experience with addiction. That they share with you when when working on your personal recovery plan.
Ryan Gentry
May, 2022
I partner with this facility leading healthcare to a whole new level! The staff here is exceptional. I work with Blake he is known as The Blakeinator and the Program Director Aaron and Nurse Sarah truly know what it means to help people …
Toinette Morrow
July, 2022
I really enjoy my IOP's and the collaboration with my peers. I have received various tools that aide in my recovery with Alcohol. You are given day to day real life scenarios to help you overcome when you have PAWS or Triggers. The staff …
Mex Perez
July, 2022
I started coming here for IOP classes earlier this year. I really like my counselor Joseph and my case manager Aaron. Other people have said how this place feels like a family. I completely agree.
Salvador Santos
June, 2022
I stopped by Symetria building today looking for alcohol help for family member. The internet site says this is open 24 hours. They were closing up for day when a man stopped to talk to me. I had no idea where to turn looking for help for …
Denton Miller
June, 2022
I thank God every single day that I found this program. Thank you Symetria!!!
Zero Platinum
May, 2022
Awesome people. The nurse in the back is really cool and knows how to relate. She will always go out of her way for you. You will never be judged or belittled. You will never be stereotyped. You will just be you. Having to come …
The Gun Show Jones
May, 2022
I visited clinic while traveling in TX. I was treated better then my clinic back home. Thank you.
Jason Davis
March, 2022
Blake (Blakeinator) from Symetria is always a pleasure to work with . He really cares about the clients and families that struggle with addiction. Blake has amazing uplifting energy that inspires the lives he touches and the colleagues he …
David Bauman
June, 2022
I wish I didn’t have to be here but they make it a place that feels like home like a family atmosphere. I do wanna get help and I can tell that they want the best for me. The nurse and counselor never judge me.
brandon wallace
December, 2022
Bree is so kind and goes above and beyond to make sure that all patients are always good with what they are receiving. The counselors there are good as well and have helped me.
Tyler Sampson
June, 2022
Just got all my holiday weekend medicine taken care of with no drama. Thank you to Ramona and Aaron for taking care of me this morning giving me one less problem to worry about for memorial day. It should be always be this easy everywhere …
Melissa Martinez
November, 2022
Brie and Aaron Ubered me to the clinic when my car broke down and even they stayed open late because of the bad weather. These people always go the extra meter to take care of me no matter what.
Travis Young
June, 2022
My time there at Symmetries recovery so far has been great the receptionist bri is very helpful nice and welcoming .talking with her made me feel like I might be in the right place .also the nurse is very understanding and patient you can …
James Anthony
June, 2022
Fighting addiction is hard enough without people in your corner. The team here is like a family where everybody knows your name. If you are fighting alone or fighting with the wrong people in your corner you need to check this place out before giving up hope.
Hannah Coughlin
November, 2022
Former Symetria of 2 years before moving to Bishop Arts. So my old clinic director calls me this afternoon just to check in and see how I’m doing. Like who actually does that? I’m in a good space right now but had a rough day. This was the phone call I needed. Rockstars…The Goodness People.
Alex Casper
June, 2022
Grateful to my counselor at rehab telling me about this place. One of best decisions I have made in a long time.
Bruiser Martinez
July, 2022
Highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for help getting sober or staying sober. The therapist Aaron has worked with my schedule doing virtual sessions that don’t interfere with my job. All the staff are welcoming which really helps for a big guy like me cause I normally feel judged everywhere I go.
Sarah Johnson
June, 2022
A treatment program that actually cares about the community they serve. Nurse Sarah and Aaron are the BEST!!
Alex Hofmann
June, 2022
Absolutely incredible place. Helped me get my longest stretch of sobriety and I could not be more grateful. Extremely nice staff that understand what you are going through! Would definitely recommend!!
Denise Rice
July, 2022
Awesome clinic Sara Reyes Johnson is very knowledgeable and caring.
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