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Square Medical Group (MA)

124 Watertown St Watertown, MA 02472

Square Medical Group, set in Watertown, specializes in providing comprehensive care for those struggling with substance use, offering both detoxification services and treatment for co-occurring mental health illnesses or serious emotional disturbances. They are passionate about assisting adults in their journey towards recovery. Various payment methods are accepted at Square Medical Group including medicare, medicaid, federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), private health insurance, cash or self-payment, and state-financed health insurance plan other than medicaid, easing the financial burden. The expert team at Square Medical Group is dedicated to providing superior care in a compassionate and understanding environment.

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Ilona Sherman
Year 2018
This Medical office has been very helpful to me. I have been suffering from symptoms for a long time and numerour doctors were not able to help me. Every medication I tryed would give me side effect that overpowered the efficacy or just did …
Year 2017
This place is so amazing...with their help my fiance and I were able to develop the strongest possible case against DCF making sure we are protecting my son from any psychological or emotional. I would like to personally thank the office …
Yuliya Malinkovich
Year 2019
UPDATE ON MY EXPERIENCE: Thank you to the office staff for rectifying the issue. It was a huge misunderstanding and I appreciate the quick resolution. …
Kathleen Hannify
Year 2018
Very friendly all the receptionist are very nice and helpful!! They know me by name! I dont feel like a number here they care about what's going on in life. The drs are good and so isn't the other medical staff!! Great job everyone keep it up!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Austen Chesser
May, 2022
I have been going here for almost 2.5 years now I got blessed with the BEST doctor I've ever had and that would be Dr. Stern. I've never had a doctor I felt comfortable with which made me not be the most honest in the past but Dr. Stern …
warren doucette
Year 2018
Square Medical Group is a lifesaver!!!! I have been going there for a couple years. Leagh and Beth-Ann are great. They do everything they can to help you. The ladies in the front are always willing to help as well. Square Medical cares about your health and well being. I highly recommend going there for treatment
Frank Goucher
Year 2018
I have dr c and him and the staff have been grate im a vetetan with ptsd tbi gad sub ab and much more and they offer phytrist and therapists and front staff great the girls and mr .wilson the manget is understanding and excellexcent ive …
Carlie Parent
Year 2021
The staff is amazing especially Jacquelyn Stout and Dr Adelman. I have gotten exceptional help that I've sought for years and knowledge about myself through beint a patient at Square Medical Group. If it was an option I would give it a 10 star rating!
Maria Veino
Year 2019
I just felt it very necessary to give a for how my experience has been here and who’s assisted me. Sharon - at the front desk- has been so helpful kind understanding and patient! Jackie - has always been very helpful regarding any …
Amanda Barker
Year 2019
There aren’t enough stars (on goggle anyways!) that would be enough to give so.....I guess 5 will have to do! Square is an office like non other! Bethanne Bethanne Bethanne! Here there and everywhere always willing to help wether I …
Joe Brashears
Year 2018
I must say that in the years i have delt with any sort of medical issue never in all my experience have i had the pleasure of being assisted by such a thoughtful and diligent medical assistant such as beth anne. She went above and beyond to …
Renee Marie
February, 2022
I remember back to when I was looking for a provider in the area back a couple years ago when I had moved and long story short it was a nightmare of inconsistencies deeper depression and past from doc and therapist and never getting the …
Sarah Bueno
Year 2021
I started TMS treatment a couple months ago and truly was at my lowest point depression wise Daniel and Gio were amazing with how they handled the treatments and felt very comfortable with them. I cannot believe the success and I am not even done yet. For anyone struggling with major depression I strongly suggest you give this a try.
Chris Wells
September, 2022
I switched doctors about 8 months ago because I was not comfortable talking to a female so I got a new doctor . His name is Dr Jamal Henderson. Since I had this amazing doctor I feel very comfortable talking to him about personal stuff …
michele hobart
Year 2018
If it wasn't for the caring kind and understanding but encouraging staff here I know I would not be over a year clean today. The receptionists are amazing and even though things can get so busy and hectic they always do they're best to …
Priscilla Perry
Year 2017
I've been a patient for many years here! I just wanted to say that one of the receptionist there Sharon is absolutely AMAZING ❤ She goes above and beyond for me and every other patient there. Sharon we love you and you deserve an award for putting up with all our crazy impatient asses!!
Lukas Zupkofska
Year 2018
I've been coming to square medical group for the last couple years and they've always worked with me and helped me whenever I needed. They're on top of things and whenever they're are pharmacy problems they fix them in a timely fashion. …
Chris Ciccolini
Year 2020
Jackie and Dr. Carter have been wonderful during the COVID 19 pandemic. Everything is on point and they both are genuinely concerned with their patients. Square medical group from top to bottom is the best experience I’ve had at a doctor’s …
Andre Valencia
Year 2018
Let me tell you....there is a girl named Leah there..she is absolutely incredible! She always has a positive attitude always goes far above and beyond for every client attending the watertown facility. She has been almost a literal …
Year 2016
Not only are the staff wonderful but the individual care is top notch. I cant disagree more with the previous. Willson is not only capable but he is understanding and truly cares about the people hes helping. I could not be happier …
Jonathan Diorio
Year 2018
Square Medical Group (WATERTOWN) are unbelievable they take care of their patients! Unbelievable patient staff relationship they look out for their patience best needs and most of all Leah she is the best!!! Any prior authorization you need she's got it handled!!!
jay s
Year 2019
Square Medical Group has been and still is currently an integral part of my Recovery. The staff is caring kind and patient while conistently maintaining absolute professionalism. It's refreshing to receive services from a facility that …
Sheena Persinger
Year 2019
I have been coming here for years the staff is so patient and understanding I wanna especially thank Sharon and Wilson for always going above and beyond for me u can find a doctor anywhere but to find a place where the staff. pays attention and actually cares is very hard to come by!! thanks again Wilson ur AMAZING
Jessica Killeen
Year 2019
Square Médical Group in Watertown is awesome. Everyone there works hard and cares ESPECIALLY Bethann. She is such a hard worker and actually cares about you. And I can not forget my doctor! His name is Doctor Aidelman. Bethann is his …
Molly Roderick
Year 2020
So I’ve been having some trouble with one of my medications lately the side effects are getting to me. It’s time to lower/change the dose. But in order to have something like that done you need a psychiatrist to write a new script. Only …
Tom Davis
Year 2021
Square Medical Group has an enticing set of complimentary services on their website so when I learned they were one of the few agencies that accepted my insurance I was ecstatic. I met with Lanre Adekeye over Zoom on 4 separate occasions …
maddie clark
Year 2018
This place is very unprofessional. The billing department is rude and unhelpful. They send bills to the wrong people. And send bills to other places with out your insurance info. So you have to deal with figuring it out because god for bid …
VSW Podcast
June, 2022
Not the best not the worst place I’ve been. My dr botched my script leaving me withdrawing from meds which led me to er. Things happen I get it but this stuff is serious
David Chiros
Year 2018
Been part of the Watertown location coming up on 2 years and I couldn't be happier with my experience with the staff and the results that have finally come to fruition. I travel 45 minute past the Weymouth location from Whitman once a …
Alex W.
Year 2018
Beth Ann and Leagh are amazing!!! When I had an issue with my insurance and prior authorization They went to the ends of the earth and beyond to get my insurance to off the rise as qui they went to the ends of the earth and beyond to get my …
Danny andrade
June, 2022
Dr Cunningham has been by far one of the best psychiatrist ive been with him for 3 years after working with others since i was like 16. i give him 10 stars if could hope he has awesome time off and have fun with his family and enjoy life as he wanted to.
Seth Grace
May, 2022
Dr Cunningham was a lifesaver for me and i am devastated he is leaving Square Psychiatry. But I have had nothing but positive/easy/helpful experience with the company as a whole.
Michelle Manning
July, 2022
Dr.Adelman is a great doctor! He listens and really cares about your well being.I give this place 5 Stars for all that work there and care about their patients!!� …
Justin DiSeglio
Year 2018
Great staff very friendly. Genuinely seem to care about every patient. Along with the stunningly beautiful Leticia Sharon and Marcia are always very helpful and always do their absolute best to help you in any way possible. True professionals here. :)
Andrew Villanueva
Year 2019
Great staff/caregivers/medical professionals. Will go out of their way to make sure you're doing ok. Building is confusing as hell though so don't be afraid to wander aimlessly until you happen upon one of the many kind people that work here. Don't bother Wilson if you can help it.
Jillian Whelton
Year 2021
I just think its ridiculous if your pych cancels because their going on vacation wouldnt you tell your patient i cant meet with you for another 2 weeks amd give you the refills rather then having to call the office 3 days and row. AND still hasnt gone through.
Malcolm McMann
September, 2022
Great. Love My Dr. It Has Changed My Life F Around 180° FOR THE BETTER! Major Help and Amazing Mental Health Professional(s)
David Flores
Year 2019
I never felt like just a number more than when I went here. On my first visit I waited 45 minutes to be seen after my scheduled time. When I went into the doctors office I didn’t get any diagnosis I was just put on pills and then left. …
Bobby Piantedosi
Year 2019
I absolutely just wanna say. That Bethann is a solid employee. In the Watertown clinic. Whenever there's a problem. Especially emergency issues she's always been right there too solve that issue. Very kind warm hearted soft spoken. That …
Year 2021
If you are trying to get sublicade through these people go somewhere else. If you want to be put on hold and given no answers and a false promise of being called back with an update this the place to go. Now going on two weeks of missing …
Katie Corbett
November, 2022
I am really happy with my doctor and I also like how kind and welcoming the secretarys have been I'd give this place a great rating
Patricia Rider
Year 2021
My husband Robert goes to square medical group in Watertown Ma he sees Dr. Alan Fisch and Patricia Larson Psy. He has gone 6 days without his prescription Klonopin and is in severe withdrawals. Also in withdrawal from Soboxone because …
lostinOZ 1012
June, 2022
I cant praise this clinic any higher cause i ran out of stars!!! This are the most caring staff nurses and doctors and i owe them my mental sanity and sobriety 101% DR Megan Macleod its a miracle worker!!!
November, 2022
My prescription never gets called in and I am stuck without medication. Happens almost every month. When I call the front desk to ask for help they hang up on me. They yell at me and slam the phone down. This has happened 2 times in the …
David Hay
Year 2017
A friend recommended this place to me because she said she called on a monday and got a doctors and psychiatrist appointment on a Wednesday back to back which was extremely convenient. I called also on a Monday and also got back-to-back …
stephen rochon
Year 2020
Dr laboon said he would see my wife after the previous google complaint I filed on here now 3 days before her meds run out I am again being told that we have to “wait while corporate finds out if he can prescribe her meds” yes we moved to …
Jackson Holbert
Year 2018
Dr. Kishanlal Chakrabarti has been the single worst doctor I have ever had to deal with. He is horrible to patients and refuses to trust anyone. Please don't go to to this doctor he will make your mental health worse. Avoid him at all costs.
Kiah Byrd
March, 2022
Dr. Kozlovsky will be over 15 minutes late and proceed to not apologize about it and instead get mad at you for being concerned about your time. He says “that’s how medical appointments work” as if I should expect my doctor to be late every …
Amy Love
November, 2022
I am a psychiatrist (MD) in clinical practice for 26 years. My husband has been a patient of Dr. Cynthia Carter for about two years for treatment of ADHD. He likes her and she probably does care—when she's available which is inconsistent. …
Jonas L
Year 2020
I had a Zoom appointment scheduled with Doctor Carter on Columbus Day. I was sent two times for my appointment and waited in the Zoom call an hour before the scheduled meeting until the clinic closed. …
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