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Serenity Light Recovery LLC (TX)

1820 County Rd 36 Angleton, TX 77515

Nestled in Angleton, Serenity Light Recovery LLC provides comprehensive care for those dealing with substance use issues, offering both detoxification services and treatment for co-occurring mental health illnesses or serious emotional disturbances. Their focus is on empowering adults, and seniors on their journey towards balanced health. Various payment methods are accepted at Serenity Light Recovery LLC including private health insurance, and cash or self-payment to support accessibility. At Serenity Light Recovery LLC, the expert team is dedicated to providing quality care in a compassionate setting.

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Serenity Light Recovery LLC Treatment Center Reviews From The Web

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Dawn Duncan
Year 2018
This place is unlike any other. Amazing staff you get to know and love a chef who makes amazing food!! And CHEESECAKE!! The people are always so happy - many around me said this rehab is the first that made them actually want to take being …
Brice Gilpin
Year 2021
this treatment facility is the best in the state. since day 1 I have been treated and taken care of very well. The program has meet more of my needs then I even knew about when i got here. each and every treatment plan is made specifically …
Shonna Perry
Year 2019
Such a wonderful place to start my recovery! This place is life changing and I would recommend it to anyone starting a new journey into sobriety. The food and staff are wonderful. The art music and equine therapy are very beneficial as well. Thank you SLR and I hope to see everyone soon at Alumni!
Frederick Hawkins
Year 2020
The counselor's RA's Recovery Coaches played a good part in my recovery. Serenity Light Recovery I thank dearly for giving me a new foundation. Life has is a new meaning and I am very grateful. Everyone at Serenity Light thank you.
Hayden Poage
Year 2020
The only thing I can say is WOW. I am forever grateful to all the medical staff for putting up with me through detox. The counselors for helping me figure out my path and not being micro-managers. The RA's for lending an ear and helping to …
Jennifer Dominiquini
Year 2021
Serenity has been very kind to me in my journey. The team here is very compassionate and the setting is beautiful. I have learned a lot since I started my journey and made good friends with peers.
Heather Underwood
Year 2019
The staff are genuinely committed to making recovery possible for everyone. Real life situations and problems are addressed to help the clients learn the tools and skills needed to avoid substance abuse in their daily lives. I was a …
Brian Jester
Year 2019
Serenity Light has been incredible for me. The staff is amazing and I am truly grateful for the time that I spent there. If you or somebody you know is struggling with addiction then don’t wait any longer. Contact them now. It will save somebody’s life!
Blake Johnson
Year 2020
This is an amazing place. This was my first time in recovery and its hard to find words to explain the experience. The staff--counselors RA's nurses Dr. Ogburn Kitchen staff and coaches--are all very caring and helpful. The food is also …
Breelyn Shriver
Year 2021
Serenity Light has been such an amazing experience!!! This is my first time in a treatment facility and I'm so happy this is the place I chose. Everyone here from the Shine Team to the Nursing Staff have shown to be the most caring people …
Jamie Pitman
February, 2022
This is the best treatment center I’ve ever been to. They have the BEST nurses RA’s counselors…. I highly recommend this place. I’ve learned more here than any other treatment center. The material they use for CD EDucation isn’t the …
Christopher Wilson
Year 2021
Serenity light is a great place! I was so lost when I came in and after only 30 days I’m where I need to be at mentally physically and emotionally to succeed. Ready to live life on life’s terms. Thanks serenity light! Extra special thanks to all staff especially Felix Peanut and both Bo’s!
Tom Malambri
Year 2020
This place has been the best experience of my life. All the staff here is beyond understanding and as helpful as can be. The family I have created by coming here will last a lifetime and will always hold a special place in my heart. …
Chris Gideon
Year 2021
Serenity Light Recovery (SLR) was a blessing in so many ways. The entire staff is friendly and professional. The facility is clean and comfortable and the food is excellent. I learned so much while there and I recommend SLR to anyone struggling with alcoholism or other addictions.
Amy patin
Year 2020
Serenity Light Recovery gave me a new life! The staff from the RA's to the counselors to the nurses are absolutely wonderful! They are very caring kind and considerate. Not to mention the food was great too! Desserts at every meal! The …
Matthew Hennessey
Year 2020
Serenity Light Recovery has changed my life. 34 days ago I entered this program not sure what to expect for my first shot at recovery and man was I blown away. The staff was always kind and loving towards myself and the other clients and …
Year 2019
Serenity Light Recovery is a life-changing experience. If you are struggling with addiction make sure to consider this facility. It is absolutely beautiful the accommodations are outstanding and the staff are top-notch. Many are in …
Sean Martin
Year 2019
Serenity Light Recovery is light years ahead of any other substance abuse rehab that I know of. All of the employees from the kitchen staff to the CEO are spectacular. Everyone makes you feel comfortable from the very beginning. If you are looking for a place that really works this is it.
Sydney Wilson
Year 2020
Serenity Light Recovery saved my life! The staff is excellent and they truly care about the clients' needs and recovery. The food is amazing as well! Definitely recommend Serenity to anyone struggling with the chaos of addiction in their life. Leaving here with a positive perspective about my future and recovery.
Austin Vacek
Year 2019
Serenity Light Recovery saves my life the staff and people there are top notch amazing people. The community and alumni all stay in touch and do stuff together which makes recovery possible and very enjoyable. Without Serenity Light my life would be miserable now because of them I am thriving and SOBER!!
Jon Marcantel
Year 2021
Serenity Light saved me. I owe my life to the entire staff at Serenity. Every morning I woke up to nothing but smiles and laughter on the campus from everyone. There is definitely a Godly presence at Serenity. I want to thank everyone …
Alita Schaid
Year 2020
Serenity Light truly saved my life! I was literally on the brink of suicide when I found them and arranged to be admitted the very next day. Everyone from the nurses in detox to the housekeepers - everyone on the entire campus were truly a …
Tiffany Gunn
Year 2020
I cannot say enough positive things about Serenity Light. It is truly a gem. Every staff member demonstrates empathy knowledge and commitment to each and every patient. I came in a month post-op in a world of pain completely broken. The …
natalie walters
June, 2022
It's simply amazing! Not only do they help you there bit when you discharge. Heather is great to give your advice to and Debbie will take care of all your medical needs. Theresa is an AMAZING life coach! I would trust my whole life in her …
Ben Coakley
March, 2022
I cannot speak highly enough of this place. Every single member of their staff from the nurses and the kitchen staff to the RAs and the counselors are some of the sweetest most compassionate people I've ever met in entire my life. …
Texx Beertroft
November, 2022
Michael loves SLR . Every staff there. I owe my life to them thats a fact.
Hunter Davis
November, 2022
I couldn’t say more about the amazing staff here… not one person there does it for the money. They truly care about helping ME and YOU get the sobriety we DESERVE. The food was great which is a plus and they do everything they can to make …
Donna King
Year 2020
My life totally changed walking thru your doors. The mind-body-spirit teachings were exactly what I needed! Every staff member needs accolades...The sunshine team was insurrmountable in my healing in the handicap room. They helped me more …
LaDonna Pitts
Year 2021
I couldn't have picked a better place for recovery. The love and care the staff showed me was amazing. They TRULY care and have been in my shoes. Most of the staff is in recovery as well so needless to say they know what I'm going through. …
Rip C
June, 2022
I had an amazing experience at Serenity Light Recovery. I was having a really hard time dealing with things on my own and Serenity Light helped point me in the right direction. The rooms were very comfortable the food was amazing and the …
Devin Young
June, 2022
I had an awesome time at SLR. The staff was all around amazing the recovery and group work that I did was also very helpful and really just let me see a part of myself that I was blocked off to as well. The culture with your peers that has …
joseph smith
Year 2020
I have had a wonderful experience at serenity light recovery. The nursing staff was very knowledgeable and helpful from the time I checked into detox. Counselor was always understanding and willing to take time to listen to my concerns. The …
Angela Krauskopf
Year 2021
I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay here at Serenity Light. The staff is so nice and accommodating and the food is great! The program is very personalized and intimate. The counselors are extremely helpful and always available to guide you …
Carla Otto
Year 2020
I have to say that my overall experience here was amazing! The people there are so kind caring understanding and compassionate. Serenity Light showed me that there is hope when the going gets rough and recovery is possible. I am grateful …
Bonnie O'Donnell
Year 2019
I know it’s cliche but this place saved my life. This was the first treatment center that supported me in any way I needed - I went through some really dark times getting sober this time around and the staff was right by my side throughout …
Joshua Kendrick
May, 2022
I stayed my full 30 days and have never met better people in my life that care so much about there clients. If your trying to put your past behind you by ditching your bad habit's then S.L.R. is the place to go to find the tools you need deal with the outside world. Thanks S.L.R.!!
Erin Davila
Year 2018
I was a patient at SLR. It was the best decision I have ever made. This place provides the best care and compassion for addicts with and without dual diagnosis. I felt safe valued and loved everyday. The staff loved me until I could learn …
Darren Thiesfeld
Year 2020
If you are trying to decide on treatment facilities- look no further. Serenity Light checks all the boxes. While Kemah Palms and other facilities generalize a cookie cutter approach to treatment plans. Serenity Light takes the time to get …
November, 2022
If you have co-occurring disorders this is the place to be. This was my second rehab and was a much better experience. I went to a large rehab center before and felt like another number and packed liked sardines in the classes. I'm pretty …
Andrew Harris
Year 2019
If you have reached a place in your life where you know you need help and can't do it alone Serenity Light is the ONLY place to go. Detox is comfortable and peaceful while residential is holistic and safe. The counselors medical staff …
M. C. A.
Year 2021
I cannot even begin to describe the life-changing transformation possibilities Serenity Light offers it's clients. When I came in I was absolutely lost and broken. Throughout my stay the staff has pretty much gone above and beyond to help …
Monica P
May, 2022
It is unfortunate that I have been to several treatment facilities over my lifetime. Serenity Light Recovery is by far the best facility I have ever been to. The focus on body mind and spirit gives the client tools enrichment and …
Oliver Keverenge
May, 2022
I guess they have their favorite clients as I cannot speak higly of this place. Going there didn't help with my problem at all. Perhaps I would have had a different experience if they employed qualified and competitive therapists and support staff.
Year 2021
I had an awful experience here. Counselors were rarely available. Food was always cold. Insurance and billing errors galore. Phone messages were forwarded late. Unsafe ramp and stairs in the main residential hall for the disabled. …
Carrie D
November, 2022
One the worst experiences of my life. At the time I needed support and what I got from my new counselor and many of the staff was an inability to accept atheism a poor set of choices for those who don't like AA an indifferent unavailable …
Shard h
Year 2020
After relapsing and struggling to regain my sanity and struggling to get to my life back on track I prayed to God for help. Serenity Light Recovery was the place I was guided to. I feel the best that I have felt in a long time spiritually …
Mark Kelsey
Year 2021
Attending Serenity Light Recovery was one of the best decisions I made in my treatment. The staff is friendly and enjoy their jobs. The food was amazing and the facilities really embodied the peaceful environment I needed to push pause on …
Nolan Weiss
Year 2019
Excellent program. Great at addressing personal needs. My treatment plan was designed to fit my specific needs. Staff was very empathetic and caring. My therapist Kristina was one of the best ive worked with . The sober coaches (Lisa and …
Brittany Albarado
Year 2020
I absolutely love this place. As someone who was going in to their first time treatment I had no idea what to expect But this place has set the bar high. The staff is amazing the place is gorgeous and serene. They concentrate on a …
Kerri Cobb-Black
Year 2020
I came to SLR with a history of chronic relapsing. What I found here was unbelievably incredible. The holistic approach individual attention yoga classes Tai Chi Spiritual Coaching ---I could go on and on...Serenity Light Recovery is a …
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Serenity Light Recovery - Angleton provides drug & alcohol addiction treatment in Angleton, TX. If you are struggling with addiction, .

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