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Pinnacle Pointe (AR)

11501 Financial Centre Pkwy Little Rock, AR 72211

Pinnacle Pointe, in Little Rock, is dedicated to providing a broad range of services, from detoxification to mental health treatment, and care for co-occurring disorders. They are committed to helping children/adolescents navigate their recovery journey by providing a detoxification program, mental health therapy, and comprehensive care for those with co-occurring disorders. They offer a variety of payment methods including county or local government funds, ihs/tribal/urban (itu) funds, medicaid, federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), other state funds, private health insurance, state corrections or juvenile justice funds, state education agency funds, cash or self-payment, state-financed health insurance plan other than medicaid, state mental health agency (or equivalent) funds, and state welfare or child and family services funds for their services. The staff at Pinnacle Pointe is dedicated to providing expert care in a supportive environment.

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Kara Brooks
February, 2022
Caring professional staff that have improving the quality of the lives of the patients as their goal. Providing coping skills to the patients and improving the ability of the family to manage mental health issues is a long process that …
Klassie Collins
February, 2022
Friendly & caring staff clean facilities and people who care! That is what matters producing positive results in our community.
Amelia Wright
Year 2021
Ignore the other I was a former patient of PPH and I know that this place is not for most people this place should get a lot of appreciation there are people who do care!! Not all people are here for the paycheck. Just be …
October, 2022
I'm somewhat shock that most are from prior patients. My son has visited this places a couple times against his will and I don't think he would give a decent. This isn't a vacation. With that said. I would have to say as a parent. I feel relieved that my child is safe and getting the care that he needs.
Jenny Thacker
August, 2022
My 11 year old son just got home today from the admission all the thearpist till discharge I was very pleased with the over all care my child recieved. My son said all the people who cared for him was so nice. I would definitely say Pinnacle Pointe is the best Mental Health Care for Kiddos in Arkansas. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Nancy Newell
November, 2022
Thank you Pinnacle Point for everything I have a Gert stay and the staff was amazing Lyle
Helen deuser
March, 2022
They are a great place u have to want help to get it I was there 20 something years ago and it saved my life .
Iron_saint223 1
May, 2022
I remember when I was there in 2014-2015 I spent my 8th birthday in that place it wasn’t the worst behavioral hospital experience I had but it was up there I don’t know what it’s like there now but I don’t recommend I was yelled at and …
Carolyn Sweet
February, 2022
Staff is always there with the children and on top of things they listen to my concerns. Even the Dr himself took the time to speak to me about my child. But currently getting bullied by other children and a few times those other children …
Year 2021
I was administered to Pinnacle Pointe several years ago when I was fourteen. I stayed for a week. This is what happened to the best of my recollection. TLDR: I wouldn't send a dog I liked here. …
brenda johnson
February, 2022
I am a retired teacher & I have referred several parents/guardians friends etc. To Pinnacle Pointe. Most of them were having trouble with an out-of-control child. Everyone I have followed up with praised the services they were given. They all praised the professional staff & the Services they were g I ven.
Ashtyn McNeill
July, 2022
I was here in 2018 for 8 days the staff were rude and disrespectful but expected every single patient to be respectful and not cuss them out or yell back the whole hospital needs better staff or just to be shut down the food was horrible …
morgan dunlap
Year 2021
I went to pinnacle pointe hospital for SI and I enjoyed my stay there. the only problem i have with the hospital is that some of the staff were careless and made it seem like a burden to get stuff for hygiene. i’m going back there tomorrow …
Aida White
August, 2022
i was sent to this place twice both within the span of a month. absolute worst place i have ever been. most of the staff are disrespectful (except ms. shay on 3 south love her) and anger the patients causing them to have outbursts. in my …
Scott Prazak
Year 2021
After years of going through the Psychiatric system in Louisiana we were referred for residential care out of state and ended up here. My daughter stayed about 2 months just as COVID lockdowns started. A year after discharge and she is …
Natalie Sidoti
Year 2018
My son had a bad mental reaction to coming off of prozac and his therapist recommended that we take him to PP to be assessed by a psychologist. We brought my son in to be assessed by a psychologist to see if he needed to be admitted. He …
Leslie Dixon
Year 2021
One of the worst experiences of my life. I ended up having to spend therapy sessions processing some of the things that went down during my stay. The employees would barely pay attention to you and would openly judge you. They also forced …
Tammy Tyler
May, 2022
Our son decided as a 13 yr old to try some xanax with friends at school. When he was sobering up in the hospital he was scared and said he wanted to die. The hospital then referred him to this Pinnacle point facility. He arrived there at …
March, 2022
Pinnacle Pointe: A Retrospective From my perspective based on my stay here in 2004/05 this place operates more …
Meghan Bishop
Year 2021
The worst experience in my life. They broke many laws and lied to my mother saying i tried to escape when they put shots into me. I have been diagnosed with PTSD because of this. As a autistic person you need to all learn how to take care …
June, 2022
This place is horrible for many reasons 1. Disrespectful staff. This can cause patients to have outbursts because they are being disrespected. We need a positive environment to be mentally healthy. …
Lilliana Chilcutt
Year 2021
This place was traumatic Horrible horrible I hated it there The place not only itself but the people in It too …
emily baskin
April, 2022
worst experience of my life. the staff members are very dismissive and dont take any patient seriously. i saw a therapist once the whole 10 days i was there. every “theraputic group” or “dbt group” they offer never actually happened once …
Vev P
February, 2022
Don't send your kids here if you want to see actually progress in them. They feed them so much junk food that my child gained 30lbs while there. They just sit them in front of a TV to keep them quiet. There's no valid reason for a group of …
Lydia Peacock
July, 2022
3/5 They did their best for an underfunded mental hospital and my stay gave me the …
Ashlie Arnold
February, 2022
I don't have any details too share! I'm looking for someone who can honestly tell me if this is a good place or not. (not behavior problems) ashliearnold45@gmail
June, 2022
okay so my stay at pinnacle pointe wasn’t the best. i really hated being on acute because it felt like a lot of the staff didn’t care especially the evening staff on third floor. now when i was admitted to the long term facility a lot of …
June, 2022
Disgusting and terrible!! Do not recommend period I had to be moved after one of the boys on the 4th floor touched me while this women with a red wig did not even pay attention. Not only did I have to move but he got moved to another floor …
Callie Desbrow
November, 2022
Horrible absolutely horrible i got admitted last week. Horrible staff was horrible. Good conditions besides the elevator not working. Also mr.derek was horrible. Whoever he is is horrible. Never listened to you. They would also …
James Williams
Year 2017
I had an allergic reaction while in the in patient ward. Large red welts covered my body. Not a single person would help me. Was not even able to make a phone call. I found out later that they had only pretended to call my parents. …
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