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Piney Ridge Center (MO)

1000 Hospital Rd Waynesville, MO 65583

Piney Ridge Center, in Waynesville, is dedicated to providing a broad range of services, from detoxification to mental health treatment, and care for co-occurring disorders. They are committed to helping children/adolescents navigate their recovery journey by providing a detoxification program, mental health therapy, and comprehensive care for those with co-occurring disorders. They offer a variety of payment methods including county or local government funds, medicare, medicaid, federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), private health insurance, state corrections or juvenile justice funds, state education agency funds, state-financed health insurance plan other than medicaid, and state welfare or child and family services funds for their services. The staff at Piney Ridge Center is dedicated to providing expert care in a supportive environment.

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Mariacandy Vasquezhernndez
November, 2022
Trustworthy staff who genuinely care about getting the kids better
Founia Cetoute
November, 2022
Working at this facility was a rollercoaster in the best way possible. I learned so much from the kids. Listening to their struggles was heart-wrenching at times but it made me understand them more and made their progress that much more rewarding.
Cole Velasco
Year 2019
this place is great. it changed my life so i hate all you that say bad things about it. the teachers do there best. they SAY THAT they don't care about us but PLEASE for god's don't say that CAUSE IT"S NOT TRUE. they say "this school is …
Mcdowell Bates
December, 2022
This place was exactly what I needed! I had issues of binge drinking when I couldn't deal with hard or uncertain situations. At Piney Ridge I learned healthier coping skills and how to talk my problems out instead of always trying to deal with everything on my own.
Elie Saintilus
November, 2022
Looking back I’m thankful my parents sent me here. I was going down a dark path and the treatments stopped me from going too far
Roqen Conway
November, 2022
My life changed for the best after going through with this program. I was so used to feeling bad all the time that I didn’t even realize that it was possible for me to be happy or have fun without drinking. Getting away from it was the only …
Albert Wright
November, 2022
My story is hard to listen to a lot of bad things happened to me early in life. I didn’t want to kill myself but I didn’t want to be alive either. The intensive therapy helped pull me out of my deep depression and gave me a new outlook on life.
Amelia Mulligan
October, 2022
Parents don’t be afraid of sending your kids here. The program worked wonders for our kid and I’m sure that a lot of other kids would benefit from staying here as well.
Ananes Desainme
October, 2022
Perimeter Behavioral Hospital deserves a million stars for saving so many precious lives
Timothy Adams
December, 2022
Piney Ridge Center is an outstanding organization who respects their patients and appreciates their employees.
Vilia Oxiliare
November, 2022
PRC was the first place where I felt accepted for who I was when no one else wanted to have anything to do with me. It literally changed my life.
Sean Morris
November, 2022
Really nice people I felt extremely safe and heard.
Jack Watkins
November, 2022
The quality of care that this facility provides is simply unmatched. These are very knowledgeable loving people who genuinely care about the kids and their wellbeing. I can’t say enough positive things about them.
Francisco Lopez
November, 2022
the staff were like my second family they listened to me and took all of my emotions seriously i never felt like i was a burden even when i was having a hard time
rwmmi Rannnai
November, 2022
I had a great experience. The team there was amazing and gave me all the tools I needed to live a sober life. Thank you Piney Ridge for giving me a second chance at life
Randallhj Damian
November, 2022
The unconditional love and support at Piney Ridge Center made all the difference in the world for our child. Sending your child here is not an easy decision but when all else fails this is the answer.
Joshua Grace
October, 2022
I have stayed at this facility and it helped me a lot. I see that there are a lot of bad from former patients and I’m sure they’re coming from the kids that didn’t want to get better and were mad when they couldn’t get away with …
David se Macliland
November, 2022
The world would be a happier place if more families were willing to send their children to places like PRC when it’s easier to address issues before they get out of hand.
Walter Bailey
October, 2022
I was admitted to this facility with a lot of intense mental health issues that were totally taking over my life. When I first came here I was scared and angry but once I got to know the workers and the other kids I felt a lot better. I learned all sorts of coping techniques that I still use to this day when I’m feeling “off.”
Emily chan
December, 2022
They have an amazing staff of caring individuals who truly believe in the recovery process. Their training and care are unparalleled!
Franz Steiner
October, 2022
I’ve heard a million horror stories about places like this. I was terrified that this place would be just as bad but I had no choice. My child was out of control. Thankfully they took excellent care of her. My only regret is waiting so long to send her here!
Elser Lopez
November, 2022
This place is a godsend! I sent my child here as a last resort after exhausting all my other options. I feel like I finally have my son back as I knew him—a nice happy kid who loves to play sports and go on adventures. Thank you thank you thank you!!
Jonathan Rocha
December, 2022
I've been employed at Piney Ridge for four years and appreciate the opportunity to work with such an incredible group of people.
Eberson Gutierrez
November, 2022
Let me tell you it was a long hard road to get to a point where I was ready to go back into the world but I made it and I finally feel at peace with myself. Couldn’t have done it without Piney Ridge and all the amazing people who work there. <3
August Todd
Year 2017
Truly horrific place. I was sent there against my will 4 years ago for a suicide attempt. This is a prison there is no therapy and they treat you like a criminal for having depression. 60% of the staff are sadistic while the other …
Todd J
Year 2015
Very poor communication staff (Amy) fabricates what was said to suit her. Paul Smith told me I had to let them over medicate my son because they were not going to deal with him. Calls are monitored so patient can't say anything about the place.
Cindy Schoonover
Year 2020
My son was placed here a few weeks ago. I'm not sure how good or bad this will be because he has not been here for very long. So far 1 issues and concern I had was quickly addressed and corrected. My concerns was reported to child services …
brittany martin
Year 2013
i used to be a patient there it wasnt the best or the worst i had some wonderful staff and of course some that wasnt my fav. But it was a life changing ex. That i will never in my life forget But I miss some people and met some of the best …
Paige Bergwick
Year 2020
The staff there are very Nice and Candace was the best staff from unit 3 and unit 4 was pretty nice too and I miss all the staff like Yolanda Candace destiny Carol I miss all of them and I was there and I just came back from their in January and all staff are really nice and I recommend you send your kids there.
Victor Fuentez
October, 2022
At first I took the treatment for granted and it all felt like one big joke until I started thinking about things differently and slowly changing my perspective on life. Anyone will tell you it’s not fun being here but at least I can enjoy life now instead of feeling down all the time.
Daniel Treacy
February, 2022
I was a patient the staff are abusive and bully for no reason i broke my hand it took them 2 weeks to take me to the doctor to get it checked out worst place ever DO NOT SEND YOUR KUDS HERE IT NOT A SAFE ENVIRONMENT.
Kallie Hottinger
December, 2022
Because of Piney Ridge I am over 5 YEARS clean and sober. I had a horrible experience at another center before I came here but when I came to Piney Ridge it was just what I needed.
Hunter Thompson
Year 2021
I was at this treatment facility as a juvenile in 2014 and as an adult have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder from witnessing the abuse of other children at the hands of staff. I had seen several kids get beat and if you …
Joanna Alvarez
November, 2022
Everyone who works there is extremely kind understanding and patient.
Joanne Miller
March, 2022
I was sent to Piney Ridge (MO) when I was 17. That was....15 yrs ago. It was bad then. There was maybe 1 therapy session a week if that. I wasn't there for substance abuse so I had barely even that. The staff mocked patients and …
Cristina Lopez Lopez
November, 2022
Fast paced competitive pay and good environment
De Me
Year 2020
I wish I did not have memories of a stay here in the 90's Staff were the most abusive out of any facility I have ever been in jail is better than this. Physically and Verbally abusive staff. …
Feliciana Cifuentes
November, 2022
I give Piney Ridge Center an A Plus for excellent communication and care while my daughter was staying with them.
Jamie Dobyns-Maxwell
Year 2021
Many years ago my son was a patient of many places for children not only for substance abuse but for dual diagnoais which is hard to find treatment for. THIS WAS BY FAR THE ABSOLUTE WORST PLACE I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. I yanked my son out of …
billy killough
Year 2018
My son is in that facility I do not recommend ever sending your kid there ever he was beat up by 4 kids and they did nothing about it and the staff is horrible they have 2 at most that care and that ain't near enough the place deserves to …
Erin Soule
Year 2020
Terrible this is the worst facility. Staff are lying children. Do not have kids best interest at all. Understaffed and underpaid. Staff sleep with hoodies so cameras can't tell
Brittany Walker
Year 2018
Year 2019
They abused and drugged my daughter while she was there. They destroy records long before legally allowed and they still must be digitally recorded. As soon as your kid leaves they destroy it all so they can deny your kid was there and deny …
Jacqueline Killough
Year 2018
This place is horrible! They let my son get jumped by 4 other boys! They did not take him in to a doctor to be checked after he was kicked multiple times and hit multiple times in the head! They didn't call me or any one else to let them …
Faith Vanhorn
February, 2022
Cute my artery and they let me bleed till I almost passed out they had the other kids help clean up the blood
Shailynn Ortiz
November, 2022
Don’t send your kids here don’t work here. Everybody is completely unprofessional. The whole facility smells.
Kaliegh Parrish
Year 2021
Have been waiting on my check since the beginning of June only to continously get the run around DO NOT WORK HERE!!
Jessie Barth
Year 2017
Horrible place I was beat and assaulted there and the therapist was emotional abusive and would lie and start fights in my family they have killed a kid probably more how is this place even running.... Fred Whitehead was a staff there when …
Jordan French
Year 2019
I do not recommend this place at all. I am sick and tired of Staff mistreating kids for there problems. My brother is in there right now and I can't even have contact with him. Its messed up and it wasn't his fault he went. They forced him. …
Year 2020
I suggest Great Circle! That goes for employment OR a place to take your child. Piney Ridge’s pay is not adequate for the job you have to do. If you’re looking to make this type of job a career go to Great Circle.
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