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NorthCare – North Oklahoma County MH Center Inc (OK)

2617 General Pershing Blvd Oklahoma City, OK 73107

NorthCare - North Oklahoma County MH Center Inc, set in Oklahoma City, specializes in providing comprehensive care for those struggling with substance use, offering both detoxification services and treatment for co-occurring mental health illnesses or serious emotional disturbances. They are passionate about assisting adults, and seniors in their journey towards recovery. Various payment methods are accepted at NorthCare - North Oklahoma County MH Center Inc including Federal funding options, medicare, medicaid, federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), private health insurance, cash or self-payment, and state-financed health insurance plan other than medicaid, easing the financial burden. The expert team at NorthCare - North Oklahoma County MH Center Inc is dedicated to providing superior care in a compassionate and understanding environment.

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Lisa Lynn Harris
Year 2018
Once i stopped fighting having to change service providers ireally started to like the place i had a provider i really didn't gel with and my case manager got me someone else and i love her. Some times you have to say this isn't work. A closed mouth doesn't get fed
Ki P
September, 2022
There needs to be a Northcare in every city across the nation! More now than ever so many are suffering. Northcare is a place where experienced people (professionals/experts) will help someone to … get better. To feel better. It took many …
Rakeesha Graham
Year 2019
They have saved my fiancee's life. I didn't know if he would ever get better but they worked with him. Mind he is no walk in the park but now he can walk in the park. He is happy and living a normal productive life. He had paranoid schizo …
Freda Deskin
Year 2021
This is an excellent resource for the Oklahoma City community. The director and staff operate a caring top-notch facility. Their new facilities are beautiful. The are great community partners!
Matt Crowson
November, 2022
This place is awesome their case workers and office workers have went above and beyond to help me take care of what I needed to take care of. The DR I have is good but strict and that's truly what I needed at this time in my life.So I'm definitely appreciative of North care
Cecilia Grayson
Year 2020
This place is awesome. It saved my life almost 3 years ago. I love everyone there including my therapist Rachel. If you are needing help with ANYTHING this is the place to go. I went in being suicidal and on drugs and today I’m happy sober and living life how i should. Thanks northcare for all you do.
Emily Wehba
Year 2021
Very caring approach with high integrity. Grateful is the word that comes to mind. Thankful for the mecca of resources.
Emily Sanders
Year 2017
Wide range of treatments. Never had a single bad interaction with any of the staff.
Jennifer Acosta
Year 2018
I absolutely love this place . The staff and everyone treat you with respect . Everything is scheduled at your convenience and around your needs. They treat my kids amazing and speak to them and hears everything . Its not just a job to them its for real care and hope.
Angela Mlot
Year 2018
I really love the help I receive here. Everyone is friendly from doctors therapists and other staff. The only thing is there's a lot of coming and going of therapists. I've been coming here since November 2017 and I'm already on my third counselor. Other than that I am very pleased with the care I get.
Alex Brown
Year 2019
I’ve never dealt with any uncaring person at Northcare. Every problem I’ve ever had and I’ve had a few they’ve reached out to me to make sure I was okay and see what they could do for me. They’ve gone above and beyond to make sure I got …
Year 2020
This place Advertises themselves as a Behavioral Health Center but really they exist for their own status of Employment Financial Security and pass out Suboxone like its Candy.. …
Stephanie DKing
January, 2022
Im sad to see that people have such negative things to say about a place and people so dedicated to helping the mentally ill. …
Karla Galvan
October, 2022
This place is a joke! They don’t care about helping the children. They will simply say “oh we can’t do anything for the child if the child don’t want to talk” INFRONT of the child.. okay yeah thank you for letting the child know no one will …
Wesley White
Year 2018
Love the people that work here! Totally kind in every way possible! Great service too! � …
Jennifer Darbonne
Year 2021
Tried to go in here just to get some counseling had to wait all day long from eight until 1 o’clock in the afternoon and they had no appointments for up to six months and will not except you for counseling unless they can control your medication‘s and dispense them to you a complete waste of time
Christopher Hunt
Year 2021
Love this place. Thank you.
Year 2020
Was not to overly impressed w/the phone interview lacked in professionalism
Year 2020
More than qualified experts to help no matter your circumstances. They care and listen to your needs. Have onsite pharmacy for your convenience as well. They serve and/or have resources for a multitude of services for children to seniors. …
Frederick Brooks
March, 2022
Will never go here or use their services again.
Royce Mullin
March, 2022
The facility is nice and the staff have never treated any way but good. Been here four times though and I bring my appointment card each time and they always tell me a different date. Get it together.
Delvin Combs
April, 2022
I love this place the people who work here are unbelievable and so willing to help someone in need... My case worker Jake is my best friend now and I'll never be able to repay what north care and Jake has done for me. I would recommend anyone with anything they need help with to. Come to north care.
Jamie Smith
January, 2022
North care is AWESOME however their night answering service on December 6th around 5:00 p.m. is very unthoughtful and rude and will cut you off quickly. Needs instruction on telephone etiquette.
Courtney Mitchell
February, 2022
Adriana is absolutely amazing! She is so resourceful kind and compassionate. She really knows her stuff. She goes above and beyond for others.
Jules Perez
Year 2019
Awesome very welcoming and offers great services. Dont be shy! …
Kristi McDuff
Year 2017
Great place for those struggling with a mental health concern. I love my peer counselor case manager and doctors. They work very closely with variety care for other health concerns. The staff is friendly and very helpful. I love seeing Lynn and Rita at the welcome desk and their new building is amazing!!!! Great job guys.
Joy Self
Year 2017
Great place to get mental health needs met. They offer medication one on one counseling and group therapy. It's based on your income. The staff is very helpful and friendly. They go above and beyond to meet your needs. If you can …
justin irwin
Year 2021
hey Chelsie i want to post this because i want to say i'm scared of co-vid for you and all people nice !especially you because your so cute and nice thank you keep helping all the people in Oklahoma and keep it up if you want. AND the whole staff here is BEUTIFUL. so sue me. even the security guard!!!!!!
Mac Finley
June, 2022
Cannot get northcare to return my calls call concerning appointment dates/times for my granddaughter. My daughter & I are co-guardians but I am the one she lives with and responsible for getting her to appointments. Then finally a letter …
Cj D
December, 2022
Poor communication and didn’t follow through with services.
Mia Starks
August, 2022
Concerned about forceful oppression via staff and admins. Provided crackers and water for awful times. Provides safer place for vulnerables/ students. Observed fear mongering and whoremongers. Racial climate intense. …
Harbert Perez
December, 2022
The thing that's bad about North care is that They have political assassin's that are in there working thru the court so watch what you say.Northcare continues to play their stupid mind games with me and all it does is makes them look …
Melony Watts
Year 2020
Dont even waste your time with this place. Last 2 days talk to 2 different people to get services to only get a 3rd person to call and say they don't take my insurance. Could have saved me the time telling me that in the first place.
Angie Sims
Year 2017
They didn't help me or ask my why I was there they just threw medications at me and didn't even know what I have gone through I had my 6th appointment and went to the front desk to check in and they asked me why I was here I said I have a …
Joey Swier
October, 2022
Don't go here they don't care about you and will make you more crazy by saying they will help when all they did was make a dozen appointments and then say the person isn't there so we have to reschedule
Anna Gammill
Year 2018
Every person I have dealt with today has been very uncaring in this facility. Wasted my time will not be returning. Very disappointed... And did not receive any help I needed. I feel worse than before I even came in. Do yourself a favor and try other places in OKC such as Hope.
Kayleigh Jordan
October, 2022
front desk staff is decent but thats all the good I have to say about this place. …
Yolanda King
Year 2021
I am very disappointed with this Agency the tone with the man that answered the phone was rude and uncaring. I really feel like I am wasting my time I hope that in the future things start to look better. I feel even worse for people who …
Year 2021
I didn't have a very good experience with this place from Nurse Practitioner Jackie too the case mangers to medical record. They cause more stress in my life than I already had? Jackie was in competition with another Dr. I knew?Therefore I …
Chris Kyle
October, 2022
I have epilepsy and needed to be on a sleeping pill and Dr. Raju gave me a sleeping medication that is very known for giving seizures. I will never go back there or even recommend this place to anyone.
Anonymous M
Year 2021
I was having a lot of grief over the loss of someone and I went to North Care for mental health and I stayed overnight.. almost..the lady at the inpatient night desk I don’t know her name she was African-American and heavy set she was so …
KannaKriissii Shewy
July, 2022
I'd give a Zero but it wasn't available This place is serving people with mental disabilities. But the staff is Mentally Disable too.
Sharon Watters
Year 2020
It took over 2 hours to get a couple of prescriptions with only 5 people in the waiting room.
Forch Desole
Year 2021
It's obvious the type of clientele they get has affected their attitude towards patients. In which case get a new profession. They deserve better. On multiple occasions I was left feeling helpless with how some of the staff treated me. …
Babbyy Nuukk •
February, 2022
Listen to ppl problems and don’t prescribe dumb ahh ooh I’m not depressed I just wanted results cancel mental illnesses the way u think is the way u we do be yourself
Sonja Nieto
Year 2020
My son was there and when it was time to leave they dropped him off at the Jesus House and told him good luck. The Jesus House didn't work out and now he's on the streets work nowhere to go. Very uncaring
Tish Johnson
Year 2021
Been calling for two days non-stop what type of mental health facility doesn't answer their phone calls nor do they return phone calls to a mental health patient very disappointing. Thank God I'm not on a suicidal edge!!
DeeDee Henry
Year 2021
My son went in for help they called me to come get him obviously they were not going to help him in any way. She hung up on me while talking to both of them on speaker phone. Told me he was leaving. Snd I’ve called over and over to find …
Year 2018
Absolutely awful customer service. Slow to respond to people and get them the help they actually need. Gives you the run-around and makes you wait two months every six months to renew for services. DO NOT GO HERE. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE PLACE!!
Alison G
August, 2022
After reading what one of your intake coordinators wrote online to someone that is not only bullying but also harassment I will never come to this facility for care.
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