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New Horizons of the Treasure Coast (FL)

4500 W Midway Rd Fort Pierce, FL 34981

Nestled in Fort Pierce, New Horizons of the Treasure Coast provides comprehensive care for those dealing with substance use issues, offering both detoxification services and treatment for co-occurring mental health illnesses or serious emotional disturbances. Their focus is on empowering adults on their journey towards balanced health. Various payment methods are accepted at New Horizons of the Treasure Coast including Federal funding options, federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), private health insurance, cash or self-payment, and state-financed health insurance plan other than medicaid to support accessibility. At New Horizons of the Treasure Coast, the expert team is dedicated to providing quality care in a compassionate setting.

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New Horizons of the Treasure Coast Treatment Center Reviews From The Web

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Year 2019
New Horizons offers assistance for people in need of behavioral areas of life. They have therapists as well as Doctors. They also serve as Social Services assistants for people who aren't aware of where to go for certain services. There are 3 locations but should be more. Our society needs more places like New Horizons.
Paul Procko
Year 2016
Not sure what all the bad are about. This is a state run facility so of course it's bare bones. The counseling is top notch which is what it's all about and your going to get what you put into it. If your looking for massages and …
Julie Ward
Year 2016
Okay first of let me tell you about my "fun time" at new horizons. Ive been there about 12 times and let me just say its probably the stupidest place ive ever been. So in reality it was pretty darn lit if i do say so myself. So there art …
Daniel Barszczak
Year 2021
The doctors are very professional and nice they listen to you and understand what you are going through and they give good medicine to help you or anyone manage life àlot better than not having any medicine at all! I will always recommend it to anyone who needs help!
Andrea Williams
August, 2022
There was a Place in my life where New Horizon Gave me hope and brighten my life my life is so much better now and I give all my thanks Two New Horizon
Shirley Mathie
Year 2021
They care... I was in IR program... Perfect.. Not perfect but they made sure they care... What do we expect ( for real) we are addicts... Hard to deal with... My Outpatient counselor was thorough and took time with me... So remember who YOU are addicts... Just like me... And appreciate the help!!!
David Douglas
Year 2021
I deleted my previous negative and after discussions with them it was just a break down of communications on both our parts. They seem to be genuine and altho I may not agree with everything they do I understand what they do and why …
June, 2022
These peoples are a joke I reached out to human resources to call me back and they haven't reached back to me yet and it's going on 6 months and I call once a month.
tracy southard
Year 2021
I don’t know why there are so many bad on here!! I moved here from New York needed assistance with MAT was blown away by their accommodations the counselors the nursing staff and the way they treated me. I’ve had nothing but a good …
Skittles M
August, 2022
They look down at you and are incredibly disrespectful and condescending. A lot of them should not be in this field
Rick Drewes
May, 2022
I love this place!!! I did the 28 day program. They kept me an extra 2 days while they found me a scholarship program and a recovery home. I’m 68 yes old and have finally have a great strong sobriety program thanks to the loving caring …
Imasimpfordabi XD
July, 2022
This facility was the absolute definition of hell. They treated the children like animals and had no care in the world for our feelings or problems. The group therapy was a complete joke. The “psychiatrist” would just give you more and …
Kristina Marie
Year 2016
I was here two separate times for extended periods of time. I hated it at first because I wasn't there by will. But the Staff & Consulers were so nice and caring but they won't baby you they will ride your butt till you get better. They …
Shawna McHale
December, 2022
This is the worst place on the planet you could send someone having a mental health crisis. It should honestly be shut down due to the lack of care and compassion for patients. The staff at every level is grossly incompetent.
Year 2016
I'm a former client of New Horizons Independence Recovery of the Treasure Coast. To put it simply... I owe my life to this facility and the Saints who are employed there. The level of care far surpasses any high dollar treatment center. The …
David Martin
February, 2022
This place acted like .. how dare you ask for help. How dare you ask questions. They would not answer any questions I asked. I asked what is the process on getting help and there respons was what kind of help am I looking for?? . I asked is …
Silmene Sanon
January, 2022
This place and the stuff need to change the altitude they so rude if you black the treat u like trash I take my sister to her appointment three weeks ago cause I miss understand her appointment time I get there like 10 minutes late the …
Jeffrey Cartwright
Year 2016
This place is a terrible outpatient facility. If you're not 15 minutes early you are not going to be seen. Just witnessed the receptionist turn someone away. I came early it's over a half hour after scheduled appointment and I'm still …
June, 2022
This place is absolute garbage they don’t even read blood results before sending someone home. They won’t help you get stable and that’s their whole purpose.
Carrie Darby
Year 2016
Very sad facility. The receptionist at the outpatient clinic talks openly about patients in front of other patients. No confidentiality at all. Nobody knows what is going on in this office. Communication is a joke at best. I'm …
Kae Roswell
July, 2022
Worst experience EVER! If I could give it a negative star I would. The staff is rude the employees run amuck save one Psychologist I see probably saw now after being yelled at over the phone its a nightmare! All they want is your …
Carissa Rangel
September, 2022
Wouldn't recommend to anyone. Unless your desperate of course. Even if you are desperate you have to wait 3 weeks (or more) to actually see someone.
William Madray
Year 2021
The doctors and staff are very professional courteous and sympathetic to the needs and any other problems that any patient encounters
Reginal Raymonvil
September, 2022
This facility isn’t a resort. I did not come to get treatment in luxury. I didn’t come for 5 star treatment I came to get help. I appreciate most of the staff I only had issues with one very rude obnoxious lady and I believe she’s probably …
Kayo Dame
Year 2018
Can you imagine getting baker acted and leaving better than when you came in? There staff is so caring...staff make or break these places all of them were so amazing. I wish they had kept me I'm not making it out here
Jeffrey Brown
Year 2017
Doctors and staff were helpful. Staff cared about people and wanted them to get better. The outpatient office is fairly organized and they are doing good work there. I thank new horizons for helping me when I needed them.
Christina Cone
Year 2019
I have been under the care of new horizons since Jan 2018. As of just over 2 weeks ago they decide to call and tell me they aren't doing primary care any more so it seems in my opinion that they really just don't care. I can understand you …
Amanda Petrosky
Year 2019
Terrible insurance scammers really. They never answer the phone and then when you finally get to make an appointment they see you anywhere from half hour to an hour late and cut your session because it started late... On top of that the …
ILike Guacamole
Year 2019
I haven’t been a patient there but I’ve worked with them. Not all the staff is rude but many are. They treat people like a burden. I came in to request something and was told outright by staff up front that they were having a conversation with another employee and I needed to go ask someone else for assistance.
Blake Almodovar
Year 2018
I was baker acted here a few weeks ago. Worst 3 days of my life. I couldn’t go to my room eat use the restroom or shower without permission first. Some of the staff was nice others were outright rude as hell. It was freeezing cold the …
Mike Dragonborn
Year 2019
I went for outpatient mental health services. Intake therapist was fine. Went back to see psychiatrist. Terrible! Super old guy that couldn't communicate with me properly. Not at all like I was expecting. He asked me almost the same …
Chris Teodori
December, 2022
I would not take someone here who is in need of serious professional care. They discharged my relative twice when she was in desperate need of stabilization. She is now admitted somewhere else in the same or better condition and that …
Angelina Victoria
Year 2021
Interned for New Horizons for a couple months and although I love the field and some of the workers there were unbelievably kind the head nurse absolutely horrible of the children’s unit. She is rude she is childish she brings all her …
Robert Soligny
Year 2021
It's a shame you can't give minus stars. The clinical director here can't possibly be involved in the care aspects. Can't call themselves an organization and I'm sure these mean nothing since it's contracted by the state. Shameful
Year 2021
I've had wonderful experiences with some of the regular staff / nurses that outperform their positions for Minimal pay/acknowledgement . These r people dealing with life tragedies addiction and almost ALWAYS mental illness co- morbidly. …
millie diaz
Year 2019
Mine is long.. In my experience yes in the beginning it was good. I got hurt and of course I filed. They "attempted" to accomodate me. B4 my 90 …
Ryan Mclean
Year 2021
Most disgusting place I have ever felt with. Trying to get ahold of ANYONE here is impossible. My fiancé was supposed to be there for less then 24 hours talk to a psychiatrist and go home. I STILL can’t get them to answer after I was told …
Gerald Harrison
Year 2019
My biggest qualm was when I bought the entire residency pizza. I purchased 7 pizzas and 3 sodas per the head nurse then I learned only two pizzas were delivered and no sodas. Disgusting that I would spend money to deliver pizza to staff …
Year 2016
Psychiatrist gave me an app for 7 wks but didn't call in enough meds for 7 weeks and has been MIA for the whole wk that Walgreens has been trying to contact him. New Horizons needs to get their act together and stop undervaluing their …
PRetty ugly
February, 2022
Staff members treated me like an animal and threw clothes at me. Spoke to me like a child. There were bodily fluids on the walls in my room.. …
Anthony Harned
July, 2022
Evil place. Evil people. Disgusting practices. Do not send anyone you live here. Bring them somewhere else. This place will make SI 10xs worse and afraid to get help so much you don’t ever want to talk to anyone about it again. So you …
Toni Mascari-Luisi
Year 2019
Stay far away! My daughter was there for 4 days under the Baker Act. They stopped giving her her meds and then never started her on the one the doctor suggested. She left with no new meds and not having an appt with her psych for 3 days. …
Destiny K
Year 2018
I have been here for psychiatric services twice and both times were extremely concerning. They call the day before to confirm but despite confirmation they have …
Joshua D
Year 2017
STAY FAR AWAY!!! If I could give this a 0 or even a negative star I would. I called to get information on admittance requirements. I was told the person needs to be medically cleared and the best bet is to go to the hospital. So …
Donna Rosario
Year 2016
I have been trying to get my child in there for her conciling per her probation since Dec of 2015 and all I get is we will call u back . when I did get her in there for intake finally they had her scheduled as an adult and called to …
Nikki C
November, 2022
Steer clear. I had a great Dr at this facility that had me on a treatment plan that was finally starting to work. She was retiring and I was transferred to Elana. She read from the notes and before even speaking to me- told me what she was …
Ya Boi Jawsh
April, 2022
Absolutely terrible. They treat people like absolute animals and just see you as another case. I was in the children’s ward for suicidal thoughts and was just thrown into a dirty terribly lit room for 72 hours. The group therapy was a …
Clinton Ellingsworth
Year 2019
Abusing and manipulating minor children against their will for the sake of profit. Mis-handled procedures lied admitted to forcefully retaining patients that didnt belong there and refused paperwork. Illegal.
Year 2020
Called and asked if a room was available for detox. Was told that there was and to get there quickly. Upon arrival was greeted by some heavy dark haired girl with glasses and was told that they dont disclose whether they have a room …
Joey Holls
Year 2020
Drove my adult son there to see if they had a room. He is a recovering addict. Has been drinking a lot and stated several times that he wanted to die. When we arrived he was stumbling. They came to the door told me to take him to the …
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