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Manchester VA Medical Center (NH)

718 Smyth Rd Manchester, NH 03104

Manchester VA Medical Center, in Manchester, is dedicated to providing a broad range of services, from detoxification to mental health treatment, and care for co-occurring disorders. They are committed to helping adults, and seniors navigate their recovery journey by providing a detoxification program, mental health therapy, and comprehensive care for those with co-occurring disorders. They offer a variety of payment methods including medicare, federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), private health insurance, and u.s. department of va funds for their services. The staff at Manchester VA Medical Center is dedicated to providing expert care in a supportive environment.

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Year 2021
The VA hospital in Manchester saved my life. They have been my health lifeline. I would give them a double 5 if I could
Lauren Hale
Year 2021
I have been going to the v.a. facility in Manchester 10 years now... Always have had great care and the staff are kind and caring. Well done
Mark Trudelle
Year 2020
I have Dr Tarry at the Manchester VA. She has gone above any doctor I have had emails me back very early in the morning and has called me in the evening. She is an exceptional doctor.
Scott Young
Year 2018
I went to this medical center for years. Always had good care. Used PT/OT Urology Primary Care Mental Health. I always received care and I was always treated with respect.
Year 2021
I've been seen here a few times each time was a great experience. The staff is friendly and I feel like they want to make you feel like family all while taking care of your medical needs.
Charles Oropallo (CharlesWorks)
Year 2018
I've gone to several different VA facilities over the years. The staff and doctors at this facility are phenomenal. They listen. I feel their real concern to help whenever I keep an appointment or even come by without one. I recommend any veteran in the area utilize this facility.
Year 2019
Most of the staff are very pleasant and accommodating. Be sure you know or can receive comprehensive information regarding your condition or complaints. Out of new Number 5 for superior knowledge and bedside manners I rate the Manchester VA. a 4 out of 5.
Lisa Boyer
Year 2021
New to the area and to VA healthcare. I have had incredibly good care here and the doctors are thorough. The staff is polite and accommodating. They have found solutions and picked up on things my private docs have missed for several …
Al Blacquier
Year 2018
Being a Veteran i have been going there for 18 years and this is by far the Best VA hospital on the East coast. I am proud to have served but prouder to have the Manchester VA on my side.
George Connolly
January, 2022
Respect Honor Service everyone at this facility cares about their job and the veterans they serve
Year 2015
By far the most professional and accommodating VA I've had the pleasure of being provided care by. From housekeeping to doctors everyone has been always positive and helpful. I'm blessed to have access to the care they offer here.
Alexander Mondor
September, 2022
So far I’ve had great experiences. I transferred care from San Diego. They have been friendly and all my appointments have been in and out. All of my referrals have been scheduled timely even one that was referred out in the community to …
Jerry O
Year 2018
Despite some negative press I've always found care and staff absolutely wonderful. Glad as a vet I have access to medical care here.
Mike Post
Year 2019
The folks at Manchest VA are phenomenal! I was seen in the same day surgery unit. I was seen on time. The whole nursing team were very considerate helpful and caring. They answered all my questions thoroughly. The doctor and his team were …
Lorð-Granðpa “GrandPa B” B
Year 2019
Despite the complaints of many there are also points of praise and thankfulness.i myself am quite thankful for these doctors and nurses doing their best to aid thousands of veterans coming through their doors.
Range Cow
Year 2021
The Manchester VA Medical Center must have several unique identifiers across Google. Google keeps asking me to the place with a slightly modified name. …
Edward Wise
Year 2018
Excellent staff they are there for you. First time to the VA overall a great experience. Everyone is there to help each other well organized and professional.
Robert Bergin Sr.
Year 2021
I attended the Covid-19 Sunday 14th clinic. I was #274. It was cold outside took an hour but after we were inside we moved thru the building and had received our Moderns shot . 2nd dose scheduled March 14 1:15pm. Great job by all the excellent VA staff.
Warren Robinson
February, 2022
I get all my care and medications here. I wouldn't have it any other way. I take pride in being a veteran. Having them take care of me just shows how much you're appreciated for helping to take care of them when I served.
Tom Hobbs
Year 2017
I have always received outstanding professional care with all of the New Hampshire VA healthcare system
Kelly Trudelle
Year 2020
I have an excellent Doctor at the VA Dr Tarry. She is always available and calls or emails with any questions. The Manchester VA is lucky to have her. She is very patient and takes her time during my appointments.
Year 2021
VA pharmacy is out of a medication that I need everyday. If I don’t take the medicine I’ll have serious health problems. The VA pharmacy had my medicine script three months in advance but still found a way to screw it up and not have the …
allen t
Year 2020
went there today for the first time to see about coverage and maybe some claims on injuries I had while in. was told by the representative at the gun show a few months back that they would get the paperwork I needed and all I needed was my …
Danny Allen
Year 2021
Why would you have you have me drive 2 hours to come here and waste my time if you didn't previously my records or medical history to try and only spend an 10 minutes with me for my first visit I have a very complicated medical history. This is stressful on me and not ok
Hilander MacLeod (Hilandermacleod)
Year 2019
I am a combat veteran that being said shouldnt matter a veteran is a veteran all the same. I have been trying to make an appointment with them for over a year now. I never recieved a call back after multiple tries. Went into the Urgent …
Carol Duhart
Year 2020
I’m stuck paying a $1 600 bill because the VA completely dropped the ball for coverage. Been trying to get an outside medical bill covered for months (that I was referred to). Been completely unable to reach anyone at Community Care to …
Year 2018
I had Dr. Bernard in June 2017 .He is very egotistical and high strung. I told him something was wrong that I didn't feel well and that I was tired all the time. He told me that I needed to go on a diet eat the right foods loose some …
Cheryl Ellis
Year 2021
My husband had surgery on both knees and can't bend his knees. We asked for a wheel chair with leg support with leg supports. They don't have such a thing. Come on get with the program. I am truly frustrated for my husband. He can use a walker which helps with keeping his legs stiff but he can only do that for a shirt period of time.
Fi'ain Leathers
Year 2021
I have had two kidney stones for five months now. I need a kidney stone removal surgery. I have been blown off and left to suffer all this time without so much as a phone call. I am ashamed and disappointed in any care given here. Worst …
Sasha Hoh
Year 2020
Sometimes long waits for appointment but primary care has been good.
Ron K
Year 2018
I went to Urgent care at 8am for help about a rash all over abdomen and was told to wait around for my primary doctor first when he is out of a meeting at 9am and see if I can see him if not come back. I was taking two new medications and …
richard cote
December, 2022
Been going to this va since 1993 had difficult help at first but starting in 1984 everything has been excellent medically Now there is physical therapy with exercising yoga and even cribbage and more …
Anthony Goldstein
Year 2020
I wish I could the actual hospital but I have not been able to receive any health care yet. For background I am already enrolled in VA medical care in Colorado. Recently moved to New Hampshire and began the process of enrolling in …
Matthew Milliken
May, 2022
Most of the staff are fantastic however the past year has been miserable. I injured myself in August and only just this past week have finally received a diagnosis after living in unbearable pain. Still no solution in sight but finally a …
Java Green
Year 2013
My husband went in last night at the Urgent care because he was having a hard time breathing. We just recently bought a house and the previous house owners owned a cat and the cat was allowed everywhere in the house. My husband is severely …
Chris B
Year 2019
My Uncle was a US Navy veteran. He was at the Manchester VA medical center in Hospice. While he was there someone stole his cell phone and charged up a $300 phone bill to El Salvador. How can this happen …
Essex Royal
Year 2021
The Nurses at the New Somersworth VA office are extremely rude and hostile towards patients. I have never encountered such hostile and obnoxious attitudes comming from nursing staff in my life. The care is sub par at best and people …
Sherilyn St. Louis
Year 2021
There is a volunteer there by the name of Ray. He absolutely the rudest person I have ever met. I can’t believe that a person such as he was chosen to represent the VA. He has absolutely no mannerisms whatsoever. Anytime I have asked a …
Matthew Caron
Year 2017
They are seriously the WORST when it comes to care for a younger veteran. Sure they'll take tests give you meds that do nothing and do the bare minimum BUT if and when something is seriously wrong with someone all they do is try to …
Cliff S
Year 2013
This facility discriminates agianst motorcycle riders who have walking disabilities. There are several handicap parking places near the main entrance BUT motorcyclists (even if they have disabiltiy license plates) are required to park in a …
Mark unknown
July, 2022
Unfortunately the service isn't very good at all. The phones shut down early every day so making an appointment if you work is a nightmare. Trying to talk to anyone takes a minimum of 20 minutes of hold time and option choices. And the …
Linda Nihan
September, 2022
Go there at your own risk.
Nicolas Morin
Year 2020
Good luck being seen by anyone. The doctors and their secretaries seem to have a habit of not doing their scheduling and forget to or just don’t care enough to.
David Baker
Year 2021
Had to have a PFT done and was told I have to have a covid test done. I said fine. Went at 8 am on a Sunday to perform said torture only to find out at 1330 that they messed up my sample and I had to get back by 1500 to have the torture …
Year 2017
. I have DR. Bernard in Manchester N.H. VA.. How do I change Doctors?? THIS GUY IS a JERK to work with !! Do i have to go to White river jct ?? To get a real good Dr ????????
Hunter Hodge
Year 2019
An obese nurse that works the night shift whose name starts with an R. Last night was refusing to help and assist my father who unfortunately was going through drug withdrawals and trying to seek help and eventually recover himself. He has …
Scott & Aheadjoy Working Across America
Year 2020
Apparently there is only one person that can set up my initial appointment. I have been playing phone tag for a little more then a week with these yahoos. I left a message with patient advocate and the executive office no return call. …
September, 2022
Disgusting place. But this is the state of our country. To attach medical to this place should be a crime.
Derek Thompson
Year 2021
Doctor stood me up for a telehealth appointment that was supposed to be at 1600. I waited and waited in the video call and no one answered. When I called the VA itself they were "closed" 1620.
burton boone III
Year 2021
Finally start getting the help I need for my neck and then they can’t help me anymore so now I live in constant neck pain again because they have their numbers they have to stick to
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Dalot's current Manchester United contract expires in June 2023, . HSSC TGT Recruitment 2022 7481 Posts Apply Online hssc gov in .
. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs alleges “gross misconduct” in the hiring of staff from the Manchester (New Hampshire) VA Medical Center.
Supporting Service Members During Their Transition To Civilian Life – U.S. Senat.
March 1, 2023
Ryan Lilly, Director, Veterans Integrated Service Network 1, VA New England Healthcare . Kevin Forrest, Director, VA Manchester Medical Center.
Local Offices | U.S. Department of Labor
March 1, 2023
. contact us by email by visiting WHD online at https://webapps.dol.gov/contactwhd . If you work in Maine, see Manchester District Office.
Current FEMA Job Openings
March 1, 2023
Search through current FEMA positions on USAJobs.gov or view recently posted positions below. . Vint Hill Farms Military Installation, Virginia
Richmond Circuit Court – Virginia’s Judicial System
March 1, 2023
13th Judicial Circuit of Virginia . Richmond, VA 23219 . Richmond-Marsh Criminal/Traffic General District Court at Manchester.
Connecticut State Department of Veterans Affairs. 2022 Wreaths Across America event, December 17, 2022 at noon. For more information on donating .
Condominiums – HUD
March 1, 2023
HUD.GOV. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Subscribe · RSS · Flickr · Facebook Icon · Youtube Icon · Twitter Icon · Instagram Icon.
March 1, 2023
VA COVID-19 VACCINATION. CDC CORONAVIRUS VACCINE. FDA EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION. Social Security. https://va.gov/health-care/covid-19-vaccine/.
Probation & Parole – Virginia Department of Corrections
March 1, 2023
​Our probation and parole officers enhance public safety by helping probationers and parolees lead more pro-social lives and assist those who have .
- 10. Repository. Library of Congress Geography and Map Division Washington, D.C. 20540-4650 USA. Digital Id. http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.
Register to get care at one of our VA Manchester health care facilities. Not yet enrolled in VA health care? We can help you apply in person or .
At the VA Manchester Healthcare System, we're dedicated to improving the lives of Veterans and their families every day.
Tammy, Saylor, NP, 21 Crestview Drive, Manchester, KY, 40962, 606-594-1769, CLAY, 606-596-0473 . Contact USA.gov.
A queen bee (marked in green) and worker bees move around a hive at the Veterans Affairs in Manchester, N.H. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola).
Additional information about the U.S. Marshals Service can be found at https://www.usmarshals.gov. ####. America's First Federal Law Enforcement .
West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice and Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. are urging unhappy Virginia counties to secede and join a .
Complaints lodged by a dozen whistleblowers last year about the quality of care at the Manchester VA had consequences. At least four VA leaders .
Virginia.gov Cardinal . Assessing improvements at the Route 50 and Manchester Street intersection in Arlington County. Area Maps.
Manchester VA Medical Center - Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Services and . Website: http://www.manchester.va.gov Link opens in a new window
State of Michigan
March 1, 2023
Submit a Tip | DEA.gov
March 1, 2023
Do you have a tip for DEA? Use this page to report what appears to you as a possible violation of controlled substances laws and regulations.
Essley, along with Former Assistant United States Attorney Virginia Bruner, prosecuted the case with the assistance of Victim Witness Specialist .
Your Local DAV National Service Officer (NSO) will help you file a VA claim. . VA Medical & Regional Office Center . Manchester, NH 03101
VSOs and Sites – Department of Military Affairs and Veterans Services – NH.gov
March 1, 2023
NH Veterans Services Officers assist veterans who are residents of the . Manchester: VA Medical Center 718 Smyth Road / (603) 624-9230 x301.
Registration is now open at vaccines.nh.gov. . caregivers will be available at the VA Medical Center at 718 Smyth Road in Manchester, NH.

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