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La Hacienda Treatment Center (TX)

145 La Hacienda Way SW Hunt, TX 78024

Nestled in Hunt, La Hacienda Treatment Center provides comprehensive care for those dealing with substance use issues, offering both detoxification services and treatment for co-occurring mental health illnesses or serious emotional disturbances. Their focus is on empowering adults, and seniors on their journey towards balanced health. Various payment methods are accepted at La Hacienda Treatment Center including private health insurance, and cash or self-payment to support accessibility. At La Hacienda Treatment Center, the expert team is dedicated to providing quality care in a compassionate setting.

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Rudolph “Michael” Pena JR
Year 2021
La Hacienda...that's a special place. Caring loving and thoughtful people work there to help when some of us wonder into that dark abyss. There's always hope one can RECOVER. Gorgeous hill country scenery the campus is beautifully maintained. MIND BODY SPIRIT will be addressed and I'm forever grateful.
Stephan Marion
March, 2022
LaHa is an amazing treatment center. I went there in the summer of 2010 and have been sober since. They have an amazing staff and top notch facility.
Bryan Vincent
Year 2021
LaHacienda is a special place. God changes lives there and they share the solution giving hope and the tools to live a Recovered life. The staff and alumni team are incredible. This is the best place anywhere for someone suffering from alcohol and/or drug addiction.
Catherine Fahey
Year 2021
Life changing. The staff is very caring and focused on your individual recovery. LaHa sets you up for long term success through the Big Book and doing the work. I appreciated the education for the family as well. After care and staff staying in touch is solid. LaHa truly cares about our success.
Jay S
October, 2022
Love love how they treat clients and their families. Highly suggest LaHacienda Treatment
Tristan Ludlow
Year 2020
Staff really cares
Jack Stanley
Year 2021
Talk about saving the life of a drowning man. La Ha was a perfectly placed and perfectly timed lifeline that seems nothing short of miraculous to this once suspicious and defensive individual. I honestly can’t say a bad word on them. From …
Martin Venzor
January, 2022
This is a true healing place. All of the staff goes above and beyond and truly cares about the patients and their recovery.
Clay Eaton
March, 2022
This is the best treatment center in the country if not the world! These people saved my life. I had tried every way in the world to get sober with no success before I came to LaHa. Now I have been free from my addiction since the day I …
Jim Horkey
April, 2022
Today March 28 2022 I celebrate 22 years clean and sober. I am so grateful to La Hacienda and the staff at that time that helped me see my truth and explain the disease and the fact I was beyond human aid. I was hopeless homeless and near death when I showed up. This is the best treatment center in the world.
Steve Dockstader
January, 2022
kandigee x
Year 2019
Kambria Kennedy
Year 2021
La Hacienda is a caring thorough comprehensive treatment center and I fully trust referring my clients to them. Beautiful campus too very peaceful and serene. A great place to begin a recovery journey.
Hannah Snyder
Year 2015
Harold Perkins (Harry)
October, 2022
La Hacienda is and always will be sacred ground to me. My stay there is likely the most impactful event in my life thus far. The staff treats everyone like family and their incredible alumni program has helped me stay close. There is no …
kaley sweetin
Year 2021
Jay D Kelley
March, 2022
La Hacienda is known as being the gold standard of addiction treatment. The campus is beautiful the staff is amazing the counselors are helpful and the doctors are first class. Growing up we used to drive past this place while on family …
Lauren Wall
Year 2021
Vicki Gilmer
Year 2021
La Hacienda was an excellent place to do my recovery. The staff was incredible! They truly care about each and everyone of their patients. I met a lot of nice people and have ties to the ladies forever!!
Brittany Bass
Year 2019
Great facility. This is where I first heard the solution after many other attempts with behavioral modification programs. The seed was planted here.
Joshua Maultsby
Year 2021
Great place! Amazing alumni staff great counselors top notch medical staff. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking help with addiction
Peter Piraino
March, 2022
Have sent several loved ones to laha. That staff and facilities are amazing. I value the work laha does and believe the facility is an asset to Texas and it’s ever growing population.
Tina Ferreira
November, 2022
I am a licensed professional counselor in private practice in Dallas and would like to recommend La Hacienda treatment Center to individuals that look for excellence in a precise program and professionals that can assist them in their …
Nicole Siegel
Year 2021
I highly recommend La Hacienda Treatment Center and trust them with my clients. They are not you typical corporate cookie cutter treatment approach. They are ethical and they really care about their patients.
Brandon Thibodeaux
Year 2021
I owe my life to la ha. I have been sober 10 years which I couldn’t have imagined saying when I was in treatment. They lay the foundation and the rest is up to the patient. They do their best to get you started and if you listen to …
Home Automation
Year 2021
I started my sobriety journey here 21 years ago. LA Hacienda gave me the insight to the tools I needed to change my life. These last 21 years hasn't always been easy but it has been incredible. My worst days now are better than my best days back then.
Vera Christy
March, 2022
I was at La Hacienda in February of 93. I am so glad I was able to go. I had wonderful conseler. I am still clean and sober I just got my 30 yrs chip. I worked through some things and it has been wonderful I can say it is today better than any day using.
Year 2017
I spent a month at this place and honestly it was pretty tight. The case managers were great and pushed you when you needed it. The only downside to LaHa was the food. The stuff is a step above jail food it sucked. Overall LaHa as great
Beth Kelley
Year 2021
I was there 7 1/2 years ago and it literally was the best and most rewarding experience of my life. The staff does care about you. I was never shown anything but respect love and compassion. The program works if you work it. The best place ever!
Year 2020
A blessing in disguise. I went here for multiple prescription dependencies in the spring of 2019. …
Suzanne Wilkie
Year 2021
I would recommend anyone with an addiction to seek help here. I can’t say enough about the staff counselors physicians etc. I left a piece of my heart when I left. It is the real thing . They care!
Hemi Cuda
Year 2021
Amazing place! I can’t imagine there being any other facility out there that encompasses as many different tools and aspects of recovery. They place an equal amount of emphasis on all aspects including physical emotional mental & of …
Willie Shoemaker
Year 2017
If your a real alcoholic and are seeking a real solution don't walk but run to La Hacienda!!! If your just f...ing around and trying to make your judge or mommy/daddy happy you will be very uncomfortable here so don't waist your time if …
Tom Stephens
Year 2016
At 51 years of age hopeless chronic alcoholic and prescription drug addict. Still had a house and family but no soul. I didn't even know what spiritual meant. 2 weeks at LA Hacienda and I was hearing things I had nave heard before. So. I …
Perry Baraban
Year 2020
La Hacienda helped save my life. It is where I learned the truth about myself and I heard the message of recovery. Everyone there left a valuable imprint in my brain. It is a wonderful facility.
Vince Cruz
Year 2011
Best treatment center I've ever been to. Great follow up great counselors great food campus and pool. The most important thing about LaHa is they were able to help me see I could be happy joyous and free...that after I quit drinking the party wasn't over it was just beginning. :)
Elizabeth Almon-Keelan
Year 2018
Everyone is understanding there. But I’m having a seriously hard time tonight and couldn’t get ahold of my people locally. So I called at 2:15 am tonight and spoke with Sheila one RN there and thank God she was there because she and I …
Tim W
Year 2019
Exceptional facility. The high level of care and the ability to treat almost any form of addiction makes this one of the premier treatment centers available. Very clean and comfortable housing with a great variety of activities. Their …
JR Barroso (Stay Cool AC and Heating)
Year 2014
Great facility with an awesome staff that cares! If your loved one is battling addiction and is in need and open to changing for the better I believe there is no better place. Family week is an absolute must if you want to show love and support for your loved one in need!!!!
Sondra Creighton
Year 2017
Do not recommend. Not able to handle or work through the smallest behavioral problems which obviously people with addictions have. Will discharge you immediately without providing sufficient time or help to find another facility. Counselor complains about attendees and is not compassionate.
Randolph Yarbrough
February, 2022
Great campus with good unlimited food. Some staff really do care about my recovery but that is offseted by staff that is rude and say one thing but don't follow thru. For example I was placed in quarantine for covid so I had to solely rely …
Darren Shafer
May, 2022
La Hacienda offers great amenities. The campus is beautiful. They teach from the Alcoholics Anonymous "Big Book". The book teaches that the only people incapable of recovery are those who are "constitutionally incapable of being honest …
Michael Murphey
Year 2018
My fiancé attended La Hacienda for alcohol detox and rehabilitation. Working round the clock to get her admitted we finally got her in. She really needed help with violent withdrawals and to access her mental health. Within the first week …
Year 2018
My mother went to this facility to get help last year. They didnt care to find the root cause and instead gave her drugs to fix the alcoholism. Her mental state went from completely normal prior to leaving to her hearing voices. She took her own life a few months later. The facility only cares to make money.
Sally Johnson
Year 2021
Went there years ago. I was supposed to be evaluated but just got to the part of taking my blood pressure everyday. Then asking doctor for meds for my bi-polar and just gave me Benadryl. Did not make aware other doctors to prescribe me any. …
Zelda Kiser
Year 2020
Rae Rebel
Year 2020
Great food not great accommodations. Staff needs to get more control of their clients.
Year 2017
All this facility cares about is how much money they can get from you...they always say honesty is their beat policy but as soon as you show a little honesty and really tell the counselor or physciatrist the truth about how you feel they go …
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