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Johnson Memorial Hospital (CT)

201 Chestnut Hill Rd Stafford Springs, CT 06076

Nestled in Stafford Springs, Johnson Memorial Hospital provides comprehensive care for those dealing with substance use issues, offering both detoxification services and treatment for co-occurring mental health illnesses or serious emotional disturbances. Their focus is on empowering adults on their journey towards balanced health. Various payment methods are accepted at Johnson Memorial Hospital including medicare, medicaid, federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), private health insurance, cash or self-payment, and state-financed health insurance plan other than medicaid to support accessibility. At Johnson Memorial Hospital, the expert team is dedicated to providing quality care in a compassionate setting.

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Amy Drouin
Year 2019
I should have posted this a long time ago....I took my fiance to the ER for an irregular heart beat the nurses and docs were fantastic they took him in very fast (we drove in no ambulance) it took several hours to get his heart slowed …
Jess Sod
Year 2017
I unfortunately had to be seen in the ER today but was pleasantly shocked by the experience here. The staff were professional courteous and quick; I was honestly in and out of there within half an hour. The doctor was super nice and …
Stacey Dufrane
Year 2020
I was seen by a doctor within 10 minutes of arriving here. He was very friendly and overall did a great job. The nurses checked in on me very frequently during the 3.5 hours I was there and I really appreciate all that they did for me!
Beth Rude
June, 2022
My elderly father received excellent care this year at this small but mighty hospital. I would not hesitate to use them again!
Daniel “DJZ_3197” Zigadlo
March, 2022
My mother worked for JMH in the old times but she found a better hospital for a better job. • Due to her boss’s not giving out fundraisers to her and the employees that’s a minus for my mother.
K Roloff
Year 2016
Staff was caring and ready to help at all hours. Food was exceptionally good (for hospital food :-)) and the kitchen staff was happy to make reasonable exceptions. I asked for a piece of their wonderful chocolate cake instead of the …
Andrew Maiwald
Year 2013
The staff in the labor and delivery ward is absolutely phenomenal. One on one dedicated nurses extremely professional educational for first time parents and so nice. People I would trust to take care of my child any day. The food is really good too!
Alyssa W
Year 2015
This hospital blows me away every time. I live closer to hartford hospital but I'll take the drive to stafford every time. They are polar opposites in service. Johnson has friendly helpful staff. I'm always in and out of the ER in about an …
Kelly Phelan
July, 2022
Typically I have a wonderful experience here and can appreciate all the hard work and effort medical staff do despite a tumultuous health crisis. However I was shocked and disappointed at my last visit. When I arrived with a heartbeat in …
Saint Sheepy
Year 2016
My 78 year old grandma went here a while ago due to suffering from pneumonia the flu and bronchitis. However despite some problems with deciding when she would be able to leave (hence the four star rating) she was able to make a near …
Kendra Miller
June, 2022
Left the ER with scabies. Clearly hygiene and the safety of the patients is not a priority.
Al Lingua
Year 2017
Very clean. Reception was friendly and helpful. I was here for a day surgery
piotr jamie
Year 2018
Most expansive Hospital ER 15min visit i ever had Just walk in to Johnson Memorial Hospital ER and ask them if i can have tetanus booster shot because day before i fell down and puncture my Tricep with nail every thing look fine just to be …
Marilyn Scussell
Year 2020
Had blood work done today and because there was an error on my Lab sheet Doctors office had to be called and because it was only 8:30 I had to wait the girl doing the admissions was kind courteous and truly cared that I had to wait. Thank you for being so kind and absolutely the best !
Christine Gumieniak
January, 2022
Recent emergency visit for my aging/dementia mother that fell. As much as the dr was sympathetic to me being a homecare person of a parent I was more concerned of getting her needs for her health and at home care but instead it seemed they …
John Miller
Year 2020
I have always have good experiences with the hospital. Both the ER as well as being in the hospital. I have been treated professionally and with courtesy at any time. The wait times …
Dave Hand
Year 2019
SPECIFICALLY REGARDING SLEEP LAB HAZARD AVE ENFIELD...It was suggested that I have a sleep study due to a cardiac issue ( which wasn't properly handled at st francis a partner of jmh) so I scheduled one. March 6 I went in and had all the …
Alli Masse
Year 2018
I haven' t been to this hospital in years but running across this made me remember how wonderfully my sons and I were treated over about a 10 year period. I was often sick with severe migraines and my young son with Asthma. This is …
Verenise Duran
January, 2022
Staff does not understand the meaning of empathy. Treated me and my sister like a virus when we arrived to pick up my mother after they tested her for covid and she came out positive. Made us wait outside in the cold on new years eve. Maybe …
Bob Roy
Year 2019
Stay Far Away from Emergency department My Dad was sent home they said he was just fatigued and dehydrated. I brought him home he collapsed and ended up at St. Francis as he had severe sepsis in his system 104 degree fever. he would have died had I not made the decision to bring him to another hospital he is 89 years ol
A “Ange” Law
November, 2022
Terrible experience. I will say there was an RN named Brittany from the ER (time was approx 9pm) she was AMAZING!! calming...knowledgable...she was amazing! The doctor was uncaring....explained nothing...couldn't care less. I would never step foot in that place again.
ross mcfarland
Year 2018
The longest wait times I have ever had to deal with. Fiancé is super sick can barely move and all we can do is sit and listen to the ER staff talk about very inappropriate things. Waited for 2 hours listening to that very unprofessional nurses behind the desk in the ER.
White Lives Matter
January, 2022
The nurse named Kimberly thought she put my wife on hold only to proceed to call her a bitc@. Another nurse had to tell Kimberly the phone was down and not on hold . When my wife said she heard her say it she said she was speaking ab …
alice grant
Year 2017
Worked here for almost three years. I've seen the way the nurses and doctors talk about patients it's disgusting. 99% of the people there are just there for a paycheck. Glad I got out when I did :) I wouldn't go there if I was bleeding out …
Ann Golon
Year 2019
A few months ago i ended up having a hystorectomy. My Dr was great well known gyno highly respectful great bedside manner. Dr Morosky is the best! Unfortunately having this type of procedure you must spend a night to be closely monitored …
Year 2021
Alright the staff and the nurses were great but the doctor doesn't really have bedside manner. Left my finger cut open for a good 20 minutes a nurse had to wrap it up. He lacked communication and being explanatory when asked question
Peach L
Year 2017
I was in a car accident and was strapped to a board to be immobilized. They put me as-is in the room at the ER and left me there for hours alone without a check in. I listened to doctors glibly talking about their patients in the hallway. …
Dave Sacerdote
Year 2017
The ER here is excellent and they have some of the best emergency doctors and nurses around. Unlike a city hospital the wait times aren't usually very long. On the other hand I hate being admitted here because the standard of care seems …
Kimberly Sauermann
Year 2019
I have been a patient there quite a few times and I was an employee for over 3 years. I've taken all 3 of my children to be seen there as well. A few other family members have also been seen there. Not only have we waited hours to find out …
Nicholas Nassar
June, 2022
If I could give this Hospital zero stars I would.. Which is a Shame. I have always preferred this Hospital as they had always given me good care and been respectful in the past.. until today. Doctor Mark R Dziedzic immediately judged me …
Mary Boisvert
Year 2019
A family member was in the hospital and we were asking the Dr. questions he became very annoyed with us and said “we aren’t a bunch of retards”. Aside from the fact that I am a mother of a son with Down Syndrome I was appalled that a …
Lynn Trombley
Year 2021
Absolutely horrific experience! Misdiagnosed on more than one occasion! Reception and social work were amazing! However should you have more than a scrap please go somewhere else.
hannah omary
July, 2022
Bumpkin hospital so don’t expect any kind of decency. They either mix up your records or falsify them completely (probably the latter based on how poorly I was treated). …
Tony Pitts
Year 2019
Go somewhere else.. disrespectful .. called me a lier.. snotty people.. they to busy socializing with each other than taking care of patient.. thats the er only respectfull person was Rachel.. asked me if i drank.. i said no one nurse said …
Gerry B
Year 2020
Horrible robbery. I went there for the purpose of alcohol detox which can be a very serious even deadly situation. They took vitals and gave me a bed to sleep it off. This was not a drunk waiting to be sober this was serious DT's. …
Stephanie Butler
Year 2019
I am a woman of color and I was interrogated like a criminal by a doctor who didnt even examine me then he billed me!!!!! …
Mary C
October, 2022
I am extremely disappointed in this hospital. I was 12 years old at the time and was involved in a very bad car accident with my parents. There was no seat law back then. So I went through the windshield. Of course I went to the hospital …
Sabrina Khybery
October, 2022
I called the hospital and asked if I could visit my friend in the emergency room. They said yes as long as the patient was okay with it. Drove an hour just for the front desk lady to tell me I can’t go into her room and that there is a one …
Rayleen Tritt
Year 2017
I felt the ER staff was incredibly unprofessional. They sat on their cell phones most of the time watched YouTube videos and talked about their Tinder dates. This was all in the common area where patients were. I've been to hospitals in …
Cathy Branson
Year 2018
I had an accident yesterday.. yes I am fine but since I work for the government they made me go on ambulance to Johnson’s ER! I felt like I was a bother to them... I kept telling them I had glass every where in my pants even. They never …
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