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Huntsville VA CBOC (AL)

500 Markaview Rd NW Huntsville, AL 35805

Huntsville VA CBOC, in Huntsville, is dedicated to providing a broad range of services, from detoxification to mental health treatment, and care for co-occurring disorders. They are committed to helping adults, and seniors navigate their recovery journey by providing a detoxification program, mental health therapy, and comprehensive care for those with co-occurring disorders. They offer a variety of payment methods including medicare, federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), private health insurance, and u.s. department of va funds for their services. The staff at Huntsville VA CBOC is dedicated to providing expert care in a supportive environment.

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Huntsville VA CBOC Treatment Center Reviews From The Web

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danny wininger
Year 2021
Byron Graham
Year 2021
Ellie Matthews
Year 2021
Pamela Bateman
Year 2020
This is a very nice place. Every one was nice and didn't mine answering questions. A very nice facility.
Kara-PJ Henry
Year 2020
Very clean and easy facility to navigate. Best VA center I've ever been in.
Jason Graben
Year 2021
Very courteous and friendly.
Charles Whitley
Year 2021
Very Professional people.
S Fury
Year 2021
Went in for shot and they were very organized. Which is amazing for any GOV business.
Jon Lessmann
Year 2020
Laurie Piche
September, 2022
Kevin James
Year 2021
Great. Never had any trouble
Jennifer Liddle
Year 2021
Gary Wright II
May, 2022
I am grateful the VA is still doing COVID-19 screening and taking the pandemic seriously.
Tim M
Year 2021
Diane Daebler
Year 2021
I took my vet friend in to see his GP. I asked if he could get on the Covid vaccine list. They were more than helpful. Actually it happened that they had extra vaccine and gave him his first dose right away.
Michael Morgan
Year 2021
Year 2020
I'm so glad that there is a nice VA facility like this place. The staff are always friendly and helpful during my visits
Andre Vaughan
Year 2021
Bill Koehler
Year 2021
Not sure who the folks are that complain or don't give a good rating but I have experienced nothing but outstanding support from every section of this VA outpatient clinic every time I have gone. …
E Thore.
Year 2016
Now at 500 Markaview Rd NW Huntsville AL 35805
John Hunter
Year 2020
Outstanding as always! Friendly helpful and always a smile.
Barry Gardner
Year 2020
People are just great! Had my first appointment with Physical Therapy and they were very courteous and helpful � …
Scott Price
March, 2022
The facility is conveniently located and very modern. The staff is friendly and easy to work with. My Dr is absolutely responsive and supportive. The radiology department is really really good.
Brandy Hicks
Year 2015
Amazing doctors great nurses. From conception to end of life and everything in between!
Danny Atchley
Year 2021
Awesome facility
Bruce Jansen
Year 2020
Best VA office in the state.
Mark Burleson
Year 2021
Unorganized signing people up to get vaccine need better communication between group. One nurse was rude and needs trained in manners
Andrew Neal
Year 2018
Dr. Temple and his nursing staff are the best medical providers I’ve ever had in my life. These folks are the complete opposite of what you see about the VA in the news. I would encourage all vets in north Alabama to come here. Thank you Dr. Temple and your staff you guys are awesome and truly care about us.
jeremy barnes
Year 2020
Waited an hour past my appointment time just for labs. This is the second time in 2 appointments. My personal beliefs are that this place has started backing up just when there was progress on the quality of care.
April, 2022
Excellent place for veterans and their healthcare. Just remember as a veteran that serious medical problems should be seen by your own private doctor.
Dre Co Gaming (Jerzey A.K.A. NJDevil2k2)
Year 2015
the VA has moved to 500 Markaview rd in huntville
Linda Schlagenhauf
Year 2021
Excellent kind caring efficient. Awesome staff and Drs.
H Logan
Year 2018
Year 2021
Great customer service and was in and out quickly.
MSgt Richard Tucker
Year 2021
Great care for veterans here ! Caring people kindness and good treatment.
Brandon Keener
Year 2021
I was up here on Monday 12/14 with my father. He had an appointment with the audiology department. Since its so close to the South Entrance I parked there only to be told that that entrance was closed for covid testing. We had to use the …
Charles Looney
Year 2021
Organized and. clean facility.
J Evans
Year 2018
Some of the departments and doctors are better than others. The Women's Clinic is useless except for doing Pap Smears. It has one female primary care physician and no gynecologist. I went in with a problem and was told to see my primary …
Tara Plank
Year 2020
Thomas Bristow
Year 2021
Thomas massenburg
Year 2021
5 star treatment as if i were a star.
Kent Hutchinson
Year 2021
All hail to the heroes of America! Thank you for your service!
Jerry Britt
Year 2021
Always friendly and very professional. Everything was quick and timely.
Harold Brown
Year 2020
Cluster f@%# as usual.
dieter Mcg
Year 2015
Phone system's been down for sometime; can't talk to a living person.. very frustrating to have to drive to the location 15 miles away from home to schedule an appt. when a phone call would have sufficed.
Drake Maxwell
January, 2022
Poster child of everything wrong with VA healthcare. Uninterested in probing medical problems beyond cursory examination and wrongheaded conclusions. Trust them with your minor scrapes and bruises but for more serious medical conditions …
Year 2021
A big zero!!!! They consistantly have been letting Veterans down everyday once again today we had a 8am appt they canceled at 745am while we were parking no wonder Veteran suicide is out of control!
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