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Heywood Hospital (MA)

242 Green St Gardner, MA 01440

At Heywood Hospital, located in Gardner, they deliver a unique blend of detoxification services and mental health treatment. Their expert staff helps adults, children/adolescents, and seniors start their recovery journey with a carefully monitored detox process while also addressing mental health concerns. Various payment methods are accepted at Heywood Hospital including Federal funding options, medicare, medicaid, federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), other state funds, private health insurance, cash or self-payment, state-financed health insurance plan other than medicaid, and state mental health agency (or equivalent) funds to ease the financial aspect of recovery. The staff at Heywood Hospital is committed to providing a nurturing environment where respect and understanding are paramount.

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*The source of the presented data is SAMHSA, (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).
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Debbi Jo Howard
April, 2022
I was put on in room 208. That nurses and Cna and aides are amazing. My nurse Jess was amazing! compassionate and went out oh heresy for me the nurseSydney has great energy and made sure I had every thing I needed
Samuel Foy
April, 2022
There is no doubt that the doctors nurses and support staff are great people. I hate needles and the worked tirelessly to help me overcome that. But man all I needed was a boil drained. It ended up being a 2 day stay with a 3rd and 4th …
norman burkett
May, 2022
Got blood work done hate coming here had to change pain management drs .. Dr kalava is probably one of the worse drs spent 16 months under his care he's judgemental kept telling him for months about my Paget's disease which …
Frances Kaddy
October, 2022
Had to have a surgery and had to stay in the hospital for 5 days. I was on the 2nd floor room 201 and I had the most amazing RN name Carol. Let me tell you Carol knows exactly how to treat a sick patient. Carol was …
Helena Hernandez
Year 2019
I don’t normally places but I feel I HAVE to because the nurses in the maternity need to be recognized for how amazing they are. I gave birth to my daughter 3 weeks ago tomorrow and I had a rough labor and an extended stay. The …
Jody Newton
Year 2021
My family received Excellent care at Heywood Hospital. The check in was easy and quick. My Mom saw three different Dr’s during her ER visit and all of them were superb. Her nurse went above and beyond for her. I would definitely go to this ER again. They have an excellent team.
Lisa Gendron
Year 2021
My mother recently had an appointment with Dr. Kavala and a subsequent procedure at the Day Surgery Center. Everyone involved in her care could not have been more professional and caring. Many thanks to the registration person the medical …
Chema Espinal
August, 2022
I have gone to this hospital 3 times waited 30-45 mins to be called and taken to room then another 30-45 mins more to be seen by doctor or nurse never seen any bad attitudes from either one till the last nurse I saw she acted like if I was …
Deborah Ecklund
Year 2021
Both my husband & I came here within 24 hrs of each other due to Covid complications. While he had to wait a bit to be admitted I was in within 3.5 hrs diagnosed with pneumonia. For me I was seen/treated in a reasonable amount of time …
Eric Swersky
Year 2021
Terrible care. Dismissive and rude staff. Attending ED doc was rude and nasty cause he felt I should not have been their with blood pressure problems. What the hell..DO NOT get any care here. Or send anyone you may love. I get better hath advice from my 4 cats. Really Sad.
Stephen Thompson
November, 2022
The hospital personnel have the worst case of narcissistic and sociopathic attitudes ever imaginable and that's definitely not acceptable also medical gaslighting disability patients again that's not acceptable in a healthcare facility whatsoever
Debra Bakers
September, 2022
This place should be taken down due to blatant negligence I had a very close family member pass to the very fact they kept dismissing her symptoms. I wouldn’t even give 1 star makes me sick
Lexx Link
October, 2022
went in for extreme back pain I had been enduring for 5 days straight. i’m not sure what my nurses name was but he kept saying my doctor in the ER was Kyle. after dismissing my back pain which wasn’t exaggerated seeing as I walked in the …
Marc Carroll
Year 2020
Why is this hospital so terrible? Who allows the rude and inattentive culture to continue? Its ridiculous. I recently went to the emergency room and was treated poorly was out right disrespected by the ER nursing staff AND misdiagnosed. I …
Leelu Diaz
October, 2022
Worst place to get emergency care. Unprofessional no respect for hippa laws when being registered in the covid waiting area. Front desk receptionist told the waiting patients to "have fun" while waiting. Not the first time either but will be the last.
omayra rodriguez
Year 2021
worst service my boyfriend in the emergency room they left him in the in hall way not put in a room saying they were busy they did the cleanup and put shot in front of people which didnt work they scrub his cut like he had glue on skin …
josh mutti
June, 2022
Er room some bad expereinces in the emergency room always diagnosed the same thing no no tests done and discharged in pain. I went for a toothache that had me in 9/10 pain and wasn't given anything to stop the pain cant get …
Justin Guzzetti
May, 2022
I do not recommend this place for treatment. When I went to the ER there was minimal communication. Barely anything was being explained as to why they were doing test x y and z and I had to ask a variety of questions. The nurse blamed me …
Kim Anderson
January, 2022
I was a patient here during my pregnancy up until about 36 or 37 weeks. I ended up switching to Emerson Hospital in Concord and had such a better experience. at heywood They took no time to listen to my concerns. I’ll ask my doctor about …
Ashleigh Misner
March, 2022
My fiancé was there for Covid and was on bipap when you are on that you are supposed to be NPO but they took it off her to eat and she went into a cardiac arrest and needed to be put on a vent and put into a coma. They didn’t listen to me …
Trevor Gammell
July, 2022
I've had a few good experiences but mostly so so. Last one I had a stomach bug and they wanted to run a ton of non related tests on me. After I declined within an hour the nurse came in pulled out the iv pretty rough cause I was bruised …
Team Angel
June, 2022
Never going there when I have a kidney stone doc looked rite at my face and said no stone 2days later went to a new er. Sir you do still have a stone. Same scan both docs looked at. Worst pain of my life.
Linda McIlvene
February, 2022
My mother hadn’t had anything to eat or drink in 2 days and was experiencing constant nausea. They sent her home in 3 hours with no improvement. As the nurse was helping her into the car she said “I know you are in a hurry to get home.” …
Zaynab Rahman
January, 2022
Nurse Diane(older one) in Dr. Katherine Fitzgerald office is straight RUDE. Every time I call & my bad luck that she’s the one who calls me back with nasty attitude. It’s been like that few years by now not once or 3times. Find a better job with good manners Diane I don’t think you’re enjoying working with patients. Good luck!
Travis R.
April, 2022
You can tell they don’t staff this place enough and that’s sad. The nurse serving food to patients also has to stop what she is doing to help my sick dad to the bathroom mid task because no one else is there. These people work hard and have …
bethany laroche
October, 2022
Son who is Afghanistan Veteran arrived at ER with his fully accredited service dog. ER physician YELLING AND USING PROFANITY demanded that the dog get 'out of his ER' and ended up booting son and dog out of ER without being examined. Son and dog were forced to walk 2 miles home alone at night on damaged ankles.
Samantha Gilchrest
Year 2019
I gave birth at this hospital and it was a horrible experience. I can't say all of the nurses where awful because a couple of them were actually great but they were exceptions in my experience. The nurse that was with me during my active …
sharon Bastarache
October, 2022
Spent 2 1/2 hours in the er waiting room. Doctor's and nurses are rude. Would not go back after witnessing a doctor threatening to call the police on an elderly woman who was sick of waiting..
Philip Proulx
June, 2022
Spent three days at Heywood Hospital. DON’T EVER VOLUNTARILY GO HERE. One night I didn’t get my blood pressure medication. The doctor delivered news of my condition to my sister first who then had to give me the diagnoses. While she is a …
Sue Ash
Year 2021
Accompanied my spouse who had severe abdominal pain to the ER at Heywood Hospital on a quiet Wednesday night. There were 2 people waiting before us who were seen within 1.5 hour. We waited 3 hours to get beyond the waiting room. 3 hours. …
John Goldman
May, 2022
At this point call everyone you can to report them don't bother with their patient advocate who exists to turn bury your complaints. Kicking patients who are having heart issues Patients who are still bleeding onto the street is what some 3rd world dictatorship promotes. You should be ashamed to behave like such egotistical monsters.
Brian Teason
Year 2021
Could have been a more positive experience. When my wife went into labor we were put into a room that was once used for covid 19 patients. The window had to be open at all times. It was twelve hours of being cold on one side of the room …
Rachel Davis
July, 2022
Doctors NPs and other staff acting like rapid weight loss is something to strive for and not dangerous is not ok. Stop brushing off patients concerns!
Jessica Gilmore
Year 2021
Editing to say that after watching a maskless Domino's worker deliver food to the ER desk and hospital employees hugging (obviously they're very worried about Covid ) the nurse manager did come to inform the ER reception and security tha …
Roger Byron
September, 2022
Help treated me like a drug seeker. Didn't even examine me threw me to a quack hippie x ray guy that couldn't see the screen never saw a Dr going for a second opinion.
Annie A
January, 2022
I was Treated extremely unprofessional in mammography . The manager blamed it on the stress of Covid for her actions towards me. We are all a little off due to Covid but She was very rude mean and shouldn’t be working with public . I was …
Brianna Marie
June, 2022
Im struggling to give them even one star Ive been here twice for psychiatric reasons and. Multiple for physical. Not one …
Rizzo Insurance Group Inc.
May, 2022
My 85 year old father came in to Heywood Hospital's Geriatric Psychiatric Ward after being diagnosed with depression. He was sent to this hospital one hour away from where he lives and from the hospital that initially made this diagnosis. …
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I. Heywood/University of Oxford; SARAO; J. C. Muñoz-Mateos/ESO. Figure caption. I. Heywood/University of Oxford; SARAO; J. C. Muñoz-Mateos/ESO.
For Heywood, the first radio astronomer who made an impact was Grote Reber, who illustrated the possibilities of radio astronomy by mapping cosmic .
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https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.2103400119 . V. H. Heywood, R. T. Watson, U. N. E. Programme, Global Biodiversity Assessment (Cambridge University .
No claim to original US government works. https://www.sciencemag.org/about/science-licenses-journal-article-reuse .
Worrying about Neil Heywood's threat to her son's personal security, [Gu] Kailai along with Zhang Xiaojun, the other defendant, poisoned Neil Heywood .
. contact Ms. Barbara Nealon, Director of Care Transitions, Heywood Hospital, at 978-630-6386, fax 978-669-5604 or Barbara.Nealon@heywood.org.
Lauzon and Heywood will give voters a choice in November · Republican Chris Lauzon says he hopes to “challenge Beacon Hill insiders” and promote .
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steven.yerid@heywood.org. Heywood Hospital. 21-bed Emergency Department. 25,000 patients annually. 24 hours of robust mid-level coverage per day.
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Alba Heywood, oil producer and land developer, son of Chester Wright and Clarissa Beancia (Bannister) Heywood, was born at Kingsville, Ohio, .
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In addition to Family Medicine, I have several clinical interests. They include: Woman’s Health, Obstetrics, Newborn and Child Medicine, .
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. and treatments for Heywood cases in exploratory factor analysis. Psychological Methods, 27(2), 156–176. https:// https://doi.org/10.1037/ .
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nora.salovardos@heywood.org 978-630-6938. Northeast Regional Suicide Prevention Coalition Debbie Helms, Co-Chair dhelms@fsmv.org 978-327-6671.
. To GHache@fec.gov , Timothy Lee >. <85122cg@gmail.com>,. 05/29/201310:15PM.
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