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Goodwin Community Health (NH)

311 NH-108 Somersworth, NH 03878

Nestled in Somersworth, Goodwin Community Health provides comprehensive care for those dealing with substance use issues, offering both detoxification services and treatment for co-occurring mental health illnesses or serious emotional disturbances. Their focus is on empowering adults, and seniors on their journey towards balanced health. Various payment methods are accepted at Goodwin Community Health including Federal funding options, ihs/tribal/urban (itu) funds, medicare, medicaid, federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), private health insurance, cash or self-payment, and state-financed health insurance plan other than medicaid to support accessibility. At Goodwin Community Health, the expert team is dedicated to providing quality care in a compassionate setting.

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Laurie Campbell Rose (Mommabear)
Year 2021
This place is Awesome the staff is Awesome very helpful very friendly. My Doctor is Awesome ‼️ You need a pharmacy ✔ …
Erika Kristen
Year 2018
Very friendly staff who are quick with their call-backs. It is easy to get appointments scheduled they have Sat AM hours and they even have a NordX lab right in the building. Plus their fees depend on income which is helpful for the uninsured. Even though I moved an hour away I plan on staying with my doctor.
Dina Bonilla
February, 2022
I think this place is great except for the calls/getting back to people who have left voicemails. I think they absolutely need to fix their phone system as a lot of other people complain of that too. Sometimes you need to speak to someone …
Joseph Costa
Year 2018
I am a patient here doctor g is heaven sent he is the best doctor I have had in a very long time. I would recommend him to anyone. He takes great care of me even with all my major medical problems... Thank you so much doctor g you are the best.
Chynna rattee
Year 2019
I am currently a patient here and have been for many years. I hate to see this current rating because to me this health center has been my saving grace for years. …
kooter 7337
Year 2021
I had a broken crown right down to the gumline. Originally thought I needed surgery but they were able to avoid that and pulled the tooth. I came in as an emergency patient with no appointment. I got in within 1/2 an hour removed the …
Wendy Dorr
Year 2017
I have been a patient here for over 15 years. They have an Amazing staff and list of programs to help people out. I have watched Goodwin Community Health grow over the years and I will continue to be a patient for years to come. I recommend you all the time!!
KellyAnd Craig
September, 2022
I heard this place had bad… been coming here many years Never had an issue ‍♂ …
Eiden Pard
Year 2021
The level of incompetence I've dealt with here is staggering; absolutely mind numbing. They won't fill out prior authorizations in a timely manner and this has forced me to experience withdrawl symptoms on my psych meds several times. Dr. …
Nina Gaudreau
Year 2015
I use Goodwin for my prenatal and primary care and have received nothing but courteous and quality care. They were very accommodating of my work schedule and booked the appointments I needed ahead of time. My nurse midwife has been very …
Erin O'Brien
January, 2022
The level of unprofessionalism at this office is absolutely appalling. I have had countless fustrating situations in dealing with them over the past few years. Do not waist your time or energy going here ! If you call to make an appointment …
Tanya B
September, 2022
I've been a at avis for over 20yrs they r one of a kind there great
Year 2020
They do not answer calls they do not call you back when you leave messages and they do not respond to emails. Making an appt is miserable. Trying to pay a bill over the phone is miserable. I used to rave about Goodwin but the last few years its gone downhill.
john &Danielle furber
June, 2022
Thank you doctors ❤️ and MAT team. I am blessed to have you for my medical and physical care.
virginia zavacky
Year 2020
They filled my daughters cavities with Mercury - never giving us an option for ceramic fillings which are safer and healthier. They lied afterwards saying they did give a choice which they most certainly did not. I do not recommend this place - VERY Unprofessional.
Daniel willette
Year 2018
The staff is always friendly and professional Trudy Trumpy PA is my health care provider. I highly recommend her she asks the right questions and listens to your situation. Knowledgeable professional and great personality
Liz keaton
Year 2021
This place is down right pitiful. They don't answer the phone and if you call they don't answer. Not to mention the incompetence of the doctors. Rude Receptionist. The list is long.. Stay away from this place unless you like not getting any correct answers.
Tina Jewell
Year 2019
We've been going here for years. I like Dr. Zent a lot and his assistant not sure of her name. However over the years I have had mixed experiences. I once waited in the waiting room it was super busy and I was trying to be patient for …
Hollie Stevens
Year 2018
When I moved I tried to find a doctor closer. After using Goodwins dental facility I thought their doctors office would be just as good. WRONG!!! Waited 2 month for them to actually call and set up my childrens first appointment to …
Year 2017
Worst experience ever. One of their dentist dr. Mcloughlin or similar had ripped me off for $850 for what they call "flipper" tooth. I thought they were taking impression to make my crown instead they referred me to a guy dental implant …
Caitlin DeCoster
Year 2016
Worst experiences ever. After today I'm seeking a new doctor. The doctors I've seen here don't care about their patients at all. Anytime I need a medication refill I call a week in advance because it takes them forever. They never call me …
Sonja Moreau
Year 2020
I've been a patient here for over 20 years now and up until the end of 2019 things were going okay. There are several ongoing issues that I'm not happy with so since my long time provider has retired my family and I decided it's best for me to get a new primary care which I have done.
lillian doyle
Year 2017
My first time going there the receptionist forgot to let the doctor know I was there for my appointment. I waited 25 minutes the receptionist apologized for her error and the doctor refused to see me after I had waited almost 2 months for …
Kendra Gordon
Year 2017
My friend was referred to this office for care with her second child. At first glance the place looks great - clean fancy beautiful. Three months later they have been constantly changing appointments cancelling them without telling …
Haley Sweeney
July, 2022
Found out I was pregnant July of 2020. Had a male OB but eventually switched to Dr. Wilkins. GREAT lady. Very caring BUT I had mentioned that a blood clotting disorder runs on my mother's side of the family. My gram my mom one of my …
Bane Shaheen
September, 2022
Nice enough people but utterly incompetent. Misdiagnosed me as having a minor muscle tear & years later a better practice found out it was CANCER. …
Tiffany Putney
Year 2021
HORRIBLE customer service i was having severe medical issues and told them I needed to be seen by a doctor and the receptionist wasn’t professional whatsoever. We set up an appointment for January 21 when it was November 19th. That’s fine …
Crusade Christian (Fanatic Family)
May, 2022
Staff is always very nice to me nurses are kind and my children are generally comfortable there. The policies and practices of the pharmaceutical industry insurance and government have lead to this being a failed system designed more …
Erin O'Brien
Year 2019
I have been a patient here for years I had an appointment at 9am arrived at 9:09. I drove over an hour to arrive to this appointment. When I arrived there was someone being helped at the check in desk making me unable to check in until …
Jason Dionne
Year 2018
The "dentists" lack even a rudimentary knowledge of dental problems and will just refer for anything above a very basic very quick cleaning. Skip the middle man and find a real dentist. A quick example: one child referred for a filling. …
Ashley Cantin
Year 2020
I personally have only dealt with the dental team here but from the many times i have gone i have nothing but good for the dentist's and their assistants the many different receptionists I have met and talked to at least on the …
chet sanders
Year 2019
The docs assistant was very rude and she smelled like cigs. I complained and they sent me out the door. Very unpleasant and unprofessional. I recommend you pull your own teeth to avoid the hassle.
Christina Cullen
Year 2018
I showed up with my niece and we were eight minutes late for dental appointment. We stood there in line for at least a minute before we were called to check in which then took a minute and then we were told that the cancellation policy was …
Lindsay Spates
March, 2022
I was originally upset that they continue to deny me my scripts for no good reason but I just discovered that a lot of my more recent health complications were caused by the medications my PCP prescribed. …
Folichia Mitchell
September, 2022
I went in to establish care with a new physician since mine had left last year I have been waiting a week for the appointment and I was very nervous and excited to talk about what I felt I needed for my health. I was belittled and treated …
Year 2016
i went there to have my shoulder looked at when i was hurt at work and was given a pap smear. i asked for my son to be cleared for football and he was drug tested I ask for my daugher to be given HPV and i am lectured that her clothing …
J Bella
Year 2021
I would give 0 stars if I could. Was a patient with Goodwin for 20+ years but not anymore and it's not due to Covid. It was going downhill before then. Was scheduled to see a new PCP after Trudy Trumpy retired and the new PCP cancelled on …
exit ends
Year 2017
I would highly Recommend to NOT go to this horrible facility. They never return phone calls to myself or my pharmacy(which texts and calls me telling me im due for a refill and they also will call AvisGoodwin to get authorization to refill …
Kate S
Year 2019
I’ve been going here for 10 years but I just found out that a front desk girl made a mistake that could have really hurt my infant. Two weeks ago my child had his first flu shot and the nurse said because of his age it needed to be …
Mollie Knight
Year 2021
If I could leave less than one star I would. They do not follow through on referrals and trying to get someone to answer a phone or return a message is impossible. I am beyond frustrated with them if you are looking for a good doctor this is not the place you should go to.
Justin Lockwood
Year 2021
I've never written a but I feel compelled to write one to save anyone the trouble of going through this atrocity of a medical clinic. They rarely give call backs in dire situations. Their wait times are horrendous and their doctors …
Doreen Currier
Year 2021
Mary was excellent in helping me get set up with insurance. She’s very caring. My Dr on the other hand isn’t very knowledgeable. I went in for a check up and Uti urine test. Came back negative. I went over tio fill my reg scripts. A month …
Jim Biggs
July, 2022
Dr's and nurses are great. The administration side is terrible. They have scheduled my son 3 times and on the day of the appointment either cancelled it or called and said the time was different when we have the card to prove it. If you use …
Divina Reyes
Year 2019
Ever since we moved here this place has been a joke! Even when you arrive on time you have to reschedule the appointment you came in for cause you had to wait five sometimes 10 min just for someone to check you in and then you get told oh …
Violette Stanley
Year 2021
A mental health care person there tried diagnosing me with several new problems within the first 40 minutes of meeting her. I knew for a fact none of them were relevant because I had a mental health doctor for over 2 years who spoke with me …
Patrick Boisvert
Year 2019
Absolutely the worst Dental Practice i have ever visited. There late policy is rediculous they should have a buffer time between appointments. They kick you out door for being 7 mins late but they have no problem leaving you in waiting …
Nicholas Fox
March, 2022
Absolutely the worst place for medical attention I’ve have now been three times with out my medication that they insisted I needed to be on but seem to go with out because they never update my meds with pharmacy if you need to call and talk …
Lucci Luciano
Year 2020
Came her for a check up with my son.My wife left in tears my son watched a conversation between her and the female doctor that and he's refusing to see another one. Totally unprofessional no excuses no remorse almost refused service because she has her own rules. The Hippocrate law doesn't apply to this doctor.
Brian Dillard
Year 2018
Complete rip off. I was there to get dental work done and was charged up front. I had to check out at the end and schedule another appointment in which the charges were verified. …
Ivy Rose
Year 2021
DO NOT EXPECT THESE PEOPLE TO CARE ABOUT YOU in any way shape or form. Whether it’s for primary care mental health or otherwise. They are NOT THERE FOR YOU. …
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March 1, 2023
goodwinch.org. Dental Health Works of Cheshire County. 69 Island St. #V. Keene, NH 03431. Cheshire County. Children and adults.
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https://www.ammonoosuc.org . Somersworth. (603) 749-2346 · https://www.goodwinch.org . https://goodwinch.org/lilac-city-pediatrics/ .
Email: acannon@GoodwinCH.org. Description: ONE Voice supports and sustains Strafford County communities' health and vitality through enhancing.
Web Site: www.goodwinch.org. Eligibility: Accepts Mainecare/Medicaid. Notes: Goodwin Dental Center offers integrated, comprehensive dental .
www.goodwinch.org . 311 ROUTE 108. Somersworth NH 03878-1522. Somersworth NH | IRS ruling year: 1973 | EIN: 02-0304203.
cmoskal@goodwinch.org. CAPITAL AREA. Granite United Way. 125 Airport Road, unit 3. Concord, NH 03301. Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC).
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. Health is an Equal Opportunity provider of health care and other services and an Equal Opportunity employer. Contact: coconnor@goodwinch.org .
goodwinch.org/. 311 Route 108, Somersworth, NH 03878. Phone: (603) 749-2346. Goodwin Community Health is a health center located in Somersworth; .
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