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Fort Collins VA Clinic (CO)

2509 Research Blvd Fort Collins, CO 80526

Fort Collins VA Clinic, in Fort Collins, is dedicated to providing a broad range of services, from detoxification to mental health treatment, and care for co-occurring disorders. They are committed to helping adults, and seniors navigate their recovery journey by providing a detoxification program, mental health therapy, and comprehensive care for those with co-occurring disorders. They offer a variety of payment methods including medicare, private health insurance, and u.s. department of va funds for their services. The staff at Fort Collins VA Clinic is dedicated to providing expert care in a supportive environment.

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Fort Collins VA Clinic Treatment Center Reviews From The Web

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Devin A.
Year 2016
Erica Rose Rockwell
Year 2021
Joe W
Year 2021
David Frye
Year 2018
Dr. Yeatts in audiology is awesome! Thorough evaluation clearly explained my condition and options... better experience than any that I have had outside of the VA. Wait times are reasonable (20 min).
Dan Longwell
Year 2017
Derek S
Year 2017
It's a good VA clinic
Maya Pignatore
Year 2017
Michael Shelleman
Year 2019
Carolyne Hart
Year 2017
Audiology department is awesome!
charles grant
Year 2016
Every one I have had to deal with during my health issues have been the greatest. The whole team is respectful and always helpful . Bill out front is a great find and Chris in anticoag is the best guy I have ever meet.
Glen Hartshorn
Year 2016
First I would suggest that the long wait issue should be addressed to your congressman and senator as well as the VA. It is their refusal to adequately fund the VA that causes under staffing and poor service. When I moved to Fort Collins …
Chloe Carey
Year 2021
Got my 1st rona shot there staff were quick easy to talk too
Garrett Bell
Year 2021
I will start by saying that I understand a few of the people being upset because they most likely put in their right after trying to get needs cared for and they probably put the in while sick or in some form of pain but this …
Hector BarronFarias
Year 2020
I’m very happy with the care and treatment provided by this VA Clinic. Thank you.
Yolanda Agostini
Year 2016
They have there good days and bad days. It depends on what the day is.
Stephen Gillespie
Year 2018
This is the friendliest clinic (V.A. or otherwise) I have ever been to. They attended to me well. They answered all of my questions helped me out with some issues that I was having and offered me some surprising and simple ways to help …
Carl Rebstock
Year 2019
Wow! This Saturday’s flu immunization clinic was s-p-e-e-d-y. What struck me equally was a phalanx of smiling nurses and staff greeting every vet. Seldom have I known a more caring and committed crew. Thank you VA Clinic Fort Collins!
Zachery Armstrong
Year 2020
Garey D.
Year 2020
Evan Henke
Year 2017
Conner Harris
Year 2019
Larry Lewis
Year 2021
Sam Jones
Year 2019
Robert Tengler
Year 2018
V.A.clinic Ft. Collins Colo. "Via phone: for specialty clinic press 4. Response" Does not recognize as a valid number. Please on occasion check your own automated system. RT
Connie Brewster
Year 2017
Very good at connecting you to voicemail
Daniel Walker
June, 2022
Wow can't even get ahold of an operator here. Great job VA way to serve.
Jeighwynn Deezee
Year 2018
You might as well not even call this place. It's all we've come to expect from the VA guys. They just tell you to call Cheyenne or go to the ER up there. Why is this place even here? Why is it called a clinic if you can't come see a Dr when …
Luke E
Year 2020
Daniel Vazquez
Year 2019
Jacob Schleyer
Year 2017
Chad Baker
Year 2016
Patrick McIntyre
Year 2018
Always gave it the best before but this time I felt the nurse wasn't interested in what I felt was a real issue. Called VA Cheyenne to get permission to go to FC emergency care for bleeding no reply! That was hours ago!
Tracy Yarbrough
Year 2015
This clinic in my opinion is too small to serve this area. They took 14 weeks to get me a referral. Whenever I try to make an appointment my call goes to an answering machine. When I moved last week and tried to transfer my records they apparently don't have me in their system.
Bob Novascone
Year 2020
Horrible experience last week.
Cheryl Doroha
Year 2017
It's just a clinic but things keep being added so it's slowly growing. Mostly handles general practice doctors appointments lab work both group & individual counseling then eye exams were added & now physical therapy as well. Saves having to travel all the way to Cheyanne WY or Denver CO.
Steve Smith
Year 2020
I have been on hold now for 23 minutes. I was caller #7 for 16 minutes and got to caller #4 and then I became caller #5. WTF! This is unacceptable and needs to be corrected. I give up.
Year 2017
Not bad for Colorado
Danny A.
Year 2016
I Retired Here Near Fort Collins Colorado Was Told That The Clinic Was Based Out Of Cheyenne Wyoming Which I Was Told Had Great Staffing OOOOOOH!!! Was I Wrong!! Which I Will Explain Later In My And That They Were Not Affiliated …
James Stuart
Year 2017
The staff is great but this location is a nightmare. The doctors are overworked and overbooked with appointments. They need about 3 times as large a building because its always packed. Desperately understaffed is why i rate 3 stars.
September, 2022
Joke of a clinic never answers the phone and doesn't even have anyone in the office during posted business hours. Thanks for nothing.
Year 2015
well i cant give it a generic star rating but i will say this. I have called 4 times now each time it has taken me to a voicemail which is full. Therefore i cannot leave a message. Last week i was able to leave a few messages giving out my phone number and a request to call me back. I have not heard from anyone in about a week.
Zee Kay
Year 2017
The clinic manager is overwhelmed beyond reasonable the doctors for a fact could not care less about veterans who look "young" but have serious ailments. I have been waiting since August 2015 to get an appointment and they have now stopped …
Chris Lee
Year 2017
This clinic gets the job done with labs and the nurses are great. The only other thing I go there for is for home oxygen. …
Laura Blackwell
Year 2018
10 Oct 2018 Canceled husband's appointment for Lab work less than 24 hour notice but its not okay for you to give less than 24 hour notice. All this month they been giving him the run around. They don't take your health care issues seriously even after seeing a specialist who declared health issues.
Jeremy Helfinstine
Year 2018
15 prior isn't important to them although you will be ask/reminded when you make an appointment. I'm 22 minutes into my appointment (still in the lobby) and this isnt the first time. Also you aren't notified when THEY CANCEL on you. Typical VA clinic. 1/5
David Gatton
Year 2021
Can never get a timely appointment. Always crowded & busy. Staff act very rude towards veterans. A government bureaucracy run loose with no accountability.
Captain Marco
Year 2017
Forget about trying to connect with a doctor by going through his nurses they are not following up maybe over worked maybe poor management....just like the scandal years ago Fort Collins is a black hole
Dustin (Heartstopper85)
Year 2017
Garbage used to be great until my doc retired now I go in and don't even get seen during appointments. Waited over 2 hours yesterday and just left. Usually waiting an hour past appointment time if not more. Can't wait till the new clinic in Loveland opens.
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