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Farnum Center (NH)

140 Queen City Ave Manchester, NH 03103

At Farnum Center, situated in Manchester, they have woven together a path to recovery through their robust substance use treatment programs coupled with detoxification services. They are unwavering in their commitment to help adults conquer addiction, starting with a safe and monitored detoxification process, followed by tailored treatment plans. They offer flexibility in payment, accepting various methods including Federal funding options, medicare, medicaid, private health insurance, cash or self-payment, and state-financed health insurance plan other than medicaid. The dedicated team at Farnum Center provides supportive and expert care throughout the journey.

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Hazel 2714
Year 2017
This place helped me beyond belief. I never thought I would ever get clean and sober! When I put myself into detox and residential I realized a whole new world. I met a lot of great woman in there that I still keep in touch with! Also my …
jeff furlotte
Year 2019
This place is amazing second to none. This is the place to be at . The material is amazing food is superior and I almost don’t want to leave. This place is the best ''
scott mcallister
Year 2016
This place saved my life i was at a point about 3 years ago where i should've died. and the judge sent me here. and honestly it worked wonders. i was clean for almost three years. but then i decided to relapse. and now im in a worse spot …
carole griffin
Year 2019
This place was the first step in the right direction for me...I have been sober for 5 years...but you have to want the help and most of all you have to want to be sober...
Eric co
Year 2017
This was my first experience at a rehab and I never thought I would have ever stepped foot into one but am I glad I did. They were very welcoming from day one. They have great food. staff is very helpful and very nice. Everyone here works …
hector solorzano
Year 2020
During this Covid19 Pandemic I thought it would be next to impossible to find a place to go to let alone one as great and amazing as Farnum if one word can describe this place it is pure LOVE it was my 1st time ever to a Detox and to …
Elizabeth Griffin
December, 2022
This place got me sober over 5 years ago I love the 3P’s i dont know if I would still be sober if I did the 12 steps because they never worked for me
Michelle Woods
Year 2021
Farnum Center and staff helped me above and beyond. Especially Saralee and Brinkley. I would highly recommend coming here to learn the 3 Ps and get your life back on track. Thank you Farnum :)
Jay Azevedo
Year 2019
This place has been a good learning experience for me. also everyone that works here has been a good help.
Brian Nicholson
Year 2019
Farnum is awesome and have a really great staff. If you really want sobriety this is the place to go. They teach the three principles and don’t shove a bunch of religion down your throat. Good safe and clean environment and Webster place …
Aine O'Brien
Year 2019
I am 8 years sober. I haven't seen the new place but they really saved my life.
Tyler Hileman
Year 2021
I am so grateful for Farnum and staff. I cant recommend enough to come here and get help. highly recommended. shout out to Saralee and Brinkey. Thanks Farnum!
Patrick Hanlon
Year 2017
I came into Farnum Center with no prior knowledge of rehab facilities. I have tried the AA 12 steps before but this was my first time with a residential rehab program. The 3 Principles teaching is an entirely different way of looking at …
chad Blais
September, 2022
i did the 28 day program i learnt how to use the tools they gave me to stay sober. the food was exellent and the staff was very helpful it"s a great program i recomend it ..!
Sam Kohler
October, 2022
I have been to detox 17 times in 4 states. The staff at Farnum Center were without a doubt the most compassionate helpful and professional that I have ever encountered. On top of that the facility is much nicer than any that I have …
Katherine Beal
Year 2020
I love Farnum they treat you with respect and love! They go a different route than AA. No character defects or blame just clear mind!
Christopher Greenwood
Year 2019
I owe a lot to the Farnum Center in Manchester and Webster Place in Franklin New Hampshire. Their approach to recovery utilizing the three principles instead of traditional methods used by most rehabs changed my way of thinking and how I …
Katherine Benson
Year 2020
I was at Ray House for my recovery and I cannot day enough wonderful things about the people atmosphere and program. It is so much more than about just addiction. The program will help you change your life and relationships... all for the better. Go into it with an open mind and lean into the program. You won’t regret it!
Douglas Ramsey
Year 2018
So very grateful to Farnum!! They saved my life Taught me the 3 principals and here I am still sober!! 2 and a half months later one day at a time!! :) Thank You Farnum!! Best people and best food!! :)
Matt Martin
Year 2019
The Farnum Center is a great 28-day residential program. Through my time here I've learned about the 3P's and how they function in every day life. These counselors here are awesome the food is superb and the facilities are very proper. …
D Guay
Year 2017
The Farnum Center is a great place for recovery. One of only a few places in the country that teaches the three principles as opposed to the 12 steps and really gets you to focus on yourself and how your thoughts dictate your lifestyle. …
ryan moore
February, 2022
amazing treatment facility. structured group therapy focusing on the 3 principles( mind thought consciousness) highly recommend them over any other local rehab
Chad Shurtleff
Year 2019
The staff here is second to none. The curriculum here sets you up for a new perspective on yourself and the treatment of addiction that can mesh perfectly with 12 step based programs.
Year 2017
before coming to Farnum I was very standoffish and didn't know how to take it this place is amazing between the staff and the brotherhood I gained here I would recommend it to anyone. The food is very good and beds are comfy.. cannot wait to use what ive learned here and spread the message
Jonathan Heath
Year 2020
The Staff was wonderful and very helpful. It was nice to go to a place that was not a 12 step program the 3 principles was much better for me. The food was great and there are wonderful amenities including a pool. I enjoyed every aspect …
Laura Plaisted
April, 2022
The biggest joke of a rehab I've ever heard of! Handing pills that arnt needed and should never been subscribed in the first place! A 28-60 day rehab turned into 16 days then they"graduated" and did really well they say. ha! That's a joke …
Joshua Lyonnais
Year 2019
They almost OD me on sleeping meds there. Doctor's look down on you. Even more if you party with staff back in the day. There all about turnover just want the cash could care less if everyone died that went there � …
Lauren Cawley
Year 2018
They only care about money. They don't truly care about helping. I was so disappointed with the level of care provided for my mother in law they basically convinced her to leave after 4 days of detox. We tried to call and communicate next …
Sue Becker
August, 2022
UNACCEPTABLE! (Alcohol) Disgusted! Paid to get there .. the first day and night. I was so sick. No nurse. No checkup. No water. 4am finally adavan. I just have been in the hospital. Dehydrated and slept deprived. The food …
Paul Carbonneau
February, 2022
When I went to detox they were great but after that they want nothing to do with you . It's all about $ it's all about new comster they don't care about repeat people who have a problem. I have a problem and need some help and they don't help .
Midge Thompson
Year 2019
You tell a loved one "let us help your child" then you boot the patient onto the streets. You know what that leads to? Relapse!
Kris Powers
Year 2017
I feel this is a very good and helpful program for recovery with a lot of great staff and great fellowship. A few things I really think need worked on is communication between the staff and possibly more training for the counselors and the …
Jenna Hernandez
Year 2019
I tried to do the detox program here and it seems like a really good program except they give suboxone too early. It happened to my friend and to me. Percipitated withdrawals...the absolute worst hell inside your body. And then there is …
Billy “Bada Bing” BadaBing
Year 2017
This was a "GREAT" experience. The staff was awesome!! The "3 Principle" concept of mind thought & consciousness will help me to overcome my addiction; as well as improve my thought process in everyday life. Thanks Farnum Center!!
David Boisvert
Year 2017
I went through detox and the men's residential program here. Overall it was a good experience I am very happy with all the tools I have learned to maintain my sobriety. Food is great community is great most of the staff is great. My only …
Levi Iz
Year 2019
Horrible place worst detox facility I’ve ever seen. They took me and stripped me off all my anxiety medication I been on for years. Without even tapering me off it slowly. Doctor was the most psychotic rude arrogant person I’ve EVER MET …
Sharyn Leclerc
Year 2017
The residential program was a very positive experience which gave me new tools I am able to use in my daily life to help deal with my addiction. The three principals have opened my eyes to new concepts that I was never aware of empowering me to make the progress I need to live a healthy happy sober life!
Shane Kent
Year 2015
I was at the Farnum center in 2012 and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. The staff are incompetent and many are not properly educated on addiction counseling... They have horrific group sessions where you are forced to call …
Debby Granberg
Year 2017
This my second trip to Farnum. The first was 6 years ago in the old facility. The current facility is much nicer. But the biggest improvement for me is that it is no longer just AA based. They are now teaching the 3 principles (Health Realization) and the Four Agreements. AA is still in the mix but not the sole focus.
Google User
Year 2018
I was in the middle of a question during a phone call and the person rudely hung up on me. I was confused on something so I asked a question and I guess they had something better to do with their time than to help save a life.
Derek Daigneau
Year 2019
this place is amazing it has helped me in many ways. i would recommend anyone give it a chance.
Trigger Hippy
Year 2021
If I could give this facility -5 stars I would. Your therapy model further vilifies people in their darkest moments struggling with substance misuse there lack of urgency in care for their patients and their complete ignorance to their …
Nicole Bell
Year 2019
Absolutely loved the Ray House. Had an amazing time there. Great food staff was amazing and helpful. Unfortunately I didn't make it to my sober living in time cause of some vehicle issues so I had no choice but to go back to the same …
jay b
Year 2021
If your a solid working professional looking for help this is not the place. I went to this center looking for a therapeutic and non violent environment. I was severely judged by others. I had a breakdown during night hours and the staff …
Kourtney Cook
Year 2019
Sought out treatment for myself was not forced or anything this place was awful was brought in and felt like I was going to jail I came in late at night and they just brought me into my room after everything and had me go to bed t …
Year 2021
As we all know a person with a drug or drinking problem frankly has an underlying problem with something else that is causing such addictions. My experience with Farnum has been a complete nightmare. I had to be quarantined because of …
Year 2016
Complete rip off. Medical director is a quack. Unlicensed staff. Only three staff members on duty in detox to handle up to 20 clients Not the type of one on one care that they will promise you. Look elsewhere before you choose this place
Year 2018
Don't bother with this place. Called for help after discharge was given the regular litany of reasons why they have done everything they can to help someone when they haven't. They even blamed the patient! How nice! Was promised a phone …
kelsey thompson
Year 2015
He would of been nice to know they don't help you with payment assistance or have a sliding scale fee they want 3600 dollars for 6 days. Would of been nice to know the first time I called
Francis Graham
December, 2022
Horrible experience!!! Food is atrocious and the nurse staff is completey unprofessional and rarely mind to the schedule. It was an awful place to detox!! Spend your money elsewhere!!!
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Two years later, Alex Ray, owner of the Common Man group of restaurants, approached the Farnum Center with an offer to merge with the Webster Place .
CONCORD — A Hooksett man has admitted to hacking the computers of the Farnum Center, the Auburn Police Department and several department employees .
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March 1, 2023
Manchester. 603-703-2724 eric@startingpointnh.com. Yes. Farnum Sober Living. Females 18+. Manchester. 603-851-6455 jwheeler@farnumcenter.org.
LRCC Alum James Holmes | The Foundation for New Hampshire Community Colleges
March 1, 2023
James Holmes, Residential Instructor at Farnum Rehab Center and Adjunct Faculty at Lakes Region Community College, Associate in Accounting – 2013.
Granite Pathways will take over the Safe Station referrals, with the Farnum Center managing the respite and outpatient care.
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New Hampshire Food Bank - NHFoodBank.org, Phone: 603-669-9725 . Farnum Center in Manchester/Franklin - https://farnumcenter.org, tel:603-622- .
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March 1, 2023
Farnum Center, Manchester, NH, (888) 700-7553, https://www.info.farnumcenter.org. Granite Recovery Center, New England, (855) 906-3688 .
The Farnum Center, with locations in Manchester and Franklin, . For more information, please visit www.nhcf.org or call 603-225-6641.
MANCHESTER, NH – Easterseals New Hampshire will no longer run residential substance use disorder treatment services at its Farnum Center North .

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