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Elevations RTC (UT)

2650 W 2700 S Syracuse, UT 84075

At Elevations RTC, nestled in Syracuse, they provide an inclusive recovery approach that involves detoxification, transitional housing, and care for individuals with co-occurring substance use and mental health issues. They provide a seamless transition from detoxification to a supportive living environment, fostering a smooth recovery for adults, and children/adolescents . Their care includes various payment methods including private health insurance, and cash or self-payment, making their services accessible. The team at Elevations RTC takes pride in delivering quality care in a compassionate setting.

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Beth Thomas
June, 2022
Elevations has horrible communication with parents. They do offer a weekly parent support group on Zoom that is supposed to allow parents to connect with other parents experiencing the same challenges. Unfortunately the bulk of the time is …
Tricia Pil
July, 2022
I am a pediatrician whose 16 year old daughter was discharged from Elevations last month after a 10-month residential stay. Her therapist frequently called off and in the last month prior to discharge he cancelled family therapy three …
Cooper Camargo
February, 2022
I am not a fake parent I am a real student from elevations. I gained a lot from the program and would recommend it to any kids struggling with addiction ODD and depression. The staff her are all super supportive and one in specific named …
Jessie Hibbard
Year 2021
I enrolled my child at Elevations and had a great experience. It was the most difficult decision I've had to make as a parent and I'm glad that we did. They have grown so much as a result as have I with the counseling parent support …
August, 2022
Most facilities like this one tend to get negative feedback. It's the nature of the beast but personally my experience has been a good one. They have great staff the facility is clean and the food is really good. Not to mention all the amazing recreational outtings!
jack barrow
September, 2022
some of the staff are amazing people some are slightly frustrating all in all this place helped me be a better person shelby is an amazing therapist mo and amberlyn have pushed me in ways i thought weren’t possible food kinda sucks tho
Congenial Moni
Year 2021
Elevations gave our son many opportunities to learn and grow. One thing in particular was the outdoor recreational activities that provided my son with experiences that he …
Rebeca Lacusky
Year 2021
Elevations has been a game changer for our child. We have been in a cycle of our child falling apart and exhibiting life threatening behavior RTC PHP IOP private treatment and then repeat. Since going to Elevations we have seen …
Nathalie Huynh
February, 2022
First I am not a "fake" parent. I am a real parent with a real child who was at Elevations for one year. The accusation that the 5 star parent are purportedly “fake” is wholly unfounded and callous to those of us who have real …
Lisa Hofferber
Year 2021
Our child had exhausted the options for mental health care in our area and was in danger of hurting themselves. We were desperate for help and so thankful that our child ended up at Elevations. Our child's therapist is very skilled and was …
Amber Wissler
July, 2022
Please ignore the negative of Elevations. My son is graduating from Elevations in 3 weeks and I am so glad listened to multiple medical professionals who recommended patients to Elevations with amazing outcomes. Let me first say …
Asher B
October, 2022
Some of the staff mean well but the admin protects abusive staff and puts students at harm. When I attended in 2018 a boy on my hall was physically assaulted by a night staff while the whole hall watched in horror and instead of firing …
Missy Hodge
Year 2020
When my son was at wilderness my husband charlie and I were told that he needed to continue his theraputic journey at a residential treatment center. He was self harming frequently and continued to have very low self worth. Our …
Chelsea B-K
Year 2021
This place left a giant community of survivors and we are all here fighting for the kids inside Elevations right now. We are ready to love them and support them when they get out but no program should leave a community having to recover …
Maddie Skye
November, 2022
traumatized me for life. was here from the age of 15-17. they said i was gonna be there for a couple of months. wouldn’t let me leave. even my parents felt bad for me. i will literally never recover from this. they are abusive toxic and this whole industry is just evil.
mac teague
August, 2022
Well if you want to spend a year $200 000 to have your child abused and return home with more mental health conditions than in the first place. Elevations RTC and their parent company are highly corrupt in their business practices and abuse …
Alexandra Kalise
November, 2022
After two months at aspen Achievement wilderness and 11 months at Elevations (formerly Island View) they did not figure out that I had Lyme Disease and co-infections which mimic nueropsychiatric disorders. I was exhausted and in pain the …
Max Wolloff
Year 2020
Elevations RTC is NOT the place to send your child I attended elevations for a short time before my parents and I decided that it was not a helpful program. I believe that RTCs and DBT therapy is very beneficial but this place refuses to …
Mary Collins
Year 2020
Former resident of Island View (rebranded to Elevations.) According to recent Elevations survivors I’ve spoken with it’s the same as Island View. This facility did nothing to “treat” me beyond providing me with a large …
Connor W
October, 2022
Great place to send a child if you want them to spend the rest of their life wondering why this happened to them and how they could possibly live a normal life after what they were forced to endure there.
Kara Killian
Year 2021
I admit I have no personal experience with this company. However for parents who are looking for good if you just click through the majority of the 5 star that are flooding in you can clearly see they are fake. Do better …
Oliver Troy
Year 2021
I was at Elevations for 7 months in 2017 & 2018. I’ve grown significantly and much has changed for me since I was a terrified 17 year old trapped there states away from my family and everyone I’ve ever know but I’m still incredibly upset …
Colleen Davidson
October, 2022
I was at this facility for 10 months and witnessed and experienced many types of abuse including solitary confinement excessive and invasive strip searches medical neglect forced 'pap smears' and severe emotional and physical abuse. I …
Me is Mark
September, 2022
If you love your child do not send them here. Worst experience ever with high turn over rate. Just ask specific people who would see you child every day how long they have been there. That should tell you something. Rarely see therapist and no psychologist despite what they say. So many better options. Horrible.
Melody Costigan
Year 2021
I'm going to start this off by saying that Elevations RTC is not the place you want to send your child. It causes more harm than good. While I stayed in Elevations I was assigned a therapist by the name of Shelby. He was highly …
Amy Lee F
Year 2021
In September 2020 a staff member at Elevations allegedly suplexed a child onto his head rendering him unconscious because he threw a domino. That child is lucky to be alive. Just months earlier staff members at another residential …
Caroline Svarre
Year 2021
Please it’s been 6 years since I was at elevations. I’m still not over it I was only there for three months and I will be traumatized for the rest of my life. My parents pulled me and put me in a good program apologized profusely for ever …
Winona Ruth
October, 2022
Reading testimony of Elevations RTC’s former students. Disturbing and unprofessional behavior from the therapists here. For one thing there is severe abuse alleged. Another is that the therapists try to add their former “patients” aka the …
Year 2021
As a former resident parents no matter how bad it gets there is a better option for your child than this. If you send them here they will by drugged brainwashed abused and will have their rights violated. They cannot tell you what's …
Kate DeVall
October, 2022
Attended this facility from December 2018-November 2019. During my stay I was bullied relentlessly by both students and staff. I was denied medical care multiple times. In the middle of my time I was diagnosed with autism. No staff were …
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