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Comprehensive Mental Health Services (MO)

17844 East 23rd St S Independence, MO 64057

Comprehensive Mental Health Services, set in Independence, specializes in providing comprehensive care for those struggling with substance use, offering both detoxification services and treatment for co-occurring mental health illnesses or serious emotional disturbances. They are passionate about assisting children/adolescents in their journey towards recovery. Various payment methods are accepted at Comprehensive Mental Health Services including Federal funding options, medicare, medicaid, federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), private health insurance, cash or self-payment, and state-financed health insurance plan other than medicaid, easing the financial burden. The expert team at Comprehensive Mental Health Services is dedicated to providing superior care in a compassionate and understanding environment.

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Keith Brown
Year 2021
Comprehensive help save my life when I thought there was no hope. They gave me the tools I needed to start a new path. What made it work for me was I was totally willing to change. Thank you Comprehensive
Jennifer Mangiaracina
Year 2021
Great doctors & pharmacists the staff truly cares for the CMHS patients & their family members. Unfortunately it can be difficult to get your foot in the door. Sometimes it takes a few wks to get that 1st appointment scheduled but it is …
Midwestern Royals
March, 2022
Helpful friendly staff pharmacy is inside the facility what a plus! Thank you for your continued support of my family and I.
Stephanie Wilczak
February, 2022
I believe the staff was person centered and that yes its hard too work in some of the facility mind you i was there when i had to make it through a close client passing..... the staff works long hours and sometimes they are aat work being …
Cherilyn Galaban
Year 2018
I've been a client here for over a year. Yes it can be very busy and scheduling can get hectic at times but the staff there are patient helpful caring and overall amazing. I'm beyond thankful to have found this place.
Lisa Fig
Year 2021
Lovely staff! Best place for mental health! I was very worried when I read the but when I went in the front desk was so kind. For all these bad remember people YOU are not the only one needing mental health help be kind!
Jessica Sinclair
Year 2021
Staff is very helpful. I was a couple min late and they still squeezed me in!
Susan Sonnen
Year 2018
The people who have served my loved one at this facility have presented themselves to me and him as warm caring and professional. The case workers are top-notch.
L.E dolan-S. (Elle)
Year 2019
They are very helpful assisting me improve coping with my life and outlook regarding my state of mind and spirit.
margie nichols
Year 2016
Very caring truly interested in what best for clients .Great support for family members of their clients.
Christina Carpenter
Year 2018
Went there gained so much!!! Life changing...if you let it and work the program!! Love that place
Skyler Klee
Year 2021
My husband doesn't have insurance he started seeing a therapist here who would routinely miss the phone appointments and with no way to contact them directly you're stick with just dealing with it. When my husband requested a therapist change he got completely ghosted by his therapist and hasn't heard anything from anyone in months.
Shirley Stone
Year 2017
Not been there yet but my friend says I need to go she is right. I do need help
Keepit100 2018
Year 2018
People of color is treated with total disrespect and and treated like you are not welcome there. And the staff is very unprofessional.
joe goff
Year 2018
Very caring and professional individuals at Comprehensive.
holli mccarty
Year 2017
People there are horribal and rude have no respect for others personally think it should be shut down there spring house facility has bed bugs as do there facilitys. The staff at there places are rude and just sit any do nothing I am so disappointed in it if I cpuldni would give negative 5 stars
Stephanie Moutry
Year 2020
Please DO NOT TAKE YOUR LOVE ONE HERE FOR PSYCHIATRIC CARE!!!! My son have been a patient here for 5 plus years I have reached out to case management to help me with placing my son in a Skilled Nursing Facility... Being that all of his …
Shea Donahue
Year 2017
Since they have done an employee sweep and gotten rid of the professionals this place has gone downhill. They care more about turning a profit than the well being of their patients. If you can't come in to an appointment they would rather …
Mikaela L
Year 2019
The doctors here don’t care about you. Nearly none of the therapists do CBT they just talk and listen to you talk. Which I can call a family member for. I’ve been hospitalized several times while seeking services here because it seems nobody cares about my mental health or wellbeing.
Christa Bray-Howard
Year 2017
The most unorganized and unprofessional organization I have had to deal with. They can't keep up with their own appointments.
Katherine Brock
Year 2017
They never answer thair phone or return messages . I no longer get calls to confirm my appointments now either
Ashleigh Stockdall
Year 2021
This place is horrible. They are eventually going to hurt someone with their poor abilities to call in medication. The nurses do not care. My son has had 3 doctors in just a short time cause they can not keep staff.
Charlene Cothron
Year 2019
Very unprofessional took me off all my meds cold turkey and now refuse to put me on anything for depression. I wouldn't go back if I was court ordered to
J Smith
June, 2022
Walk in for "crisis services" are falsely offered. Walkin is actually just an intake. You will be told/scheduled to "wait a month or more for medication and counseling services". I can't do that. This is not crisis or urgent care. If you …
clownie G
Year 2021
Yeah I don’t think i’d recommend this place to anyone. I received therapy from here a few years back that did absolutely nothing. That was my first time reaching out for help so at the time I wasn’t even aware that there were far better …
Susan Burns
November, 2022
You know things were A WHOLE LOT DIRRERENT when I started out with them 6 years ago. They actually CARED. and even helped me out with accessing counseling. But that was like 4 yrs PRE COVID.. Andwhen covid hit my mental health care …
Benjamin Lee
May, 2022
As a long time client of CMHS I can honestly say it has been hit or miss as to the efficacy of the services it provides. I am scared for the future of it and its prospective clients. I'm sure they are siphoning off of clients insurance and …
Sarah Robinson
Year 2020
If I could rate this place a zero I would. This place is awful. It's bad enough they are supposedly assisting mental health patients but they treat patients poorly. Also it will take a year before you can actually see a doctor who …
airwalkpup W.
Year 2018
Been a few times. Dr. Henderson is an attentive compassionate Dr. She always makes sure to ask me how I've been and if the medicine is working or if I have noticed changes.
George Washington
Year 2019
Most Unorganized Unprofessional People I have ever had to work with...No one answers the phone...They Gossip and act childish...They are rude...A buch of addicts with barley a year clean trying to direct other addicts when they hardley have …
Year 2019
Helped when I thought I was afraid of starting treatment they made it easier for me almost 100% satisfied EXCEPT since switching from in patient to out patient...I can't ever seem to get my medication on time and without it I go into …
Cindi LaMills
Year 2021
Don't !! This place would rather see you dead than actually help you or your loved one not to mention 85% of staff is also on psych meds ‍♀️ if I could rate this place -100 I wou …
Logan Grove
November, 2022
Don't waste your time with this place they'll literally forget about you. Very unreliable and unprofessional.
Thoas Montle
Year 2021
Dr ready and her staff are the most incompetent people I have ever met in health care. They can’t even schedule an appointment the they give you so after you wait months to see the dr. On the day of your appointment they say of sorry no …
Caitlyn Wynhoff
Year 2021
have been going for a couple months. been waiting since february for my psychiatric appointment that was today august 25 and since i was a SINGLE MINUTE too late i had to be rescheduled for december 29. would highly not recommend they make it very clear they don’t care about their patients.
Jacob Silva
Year 2018
have been trying to call all day long and no one will answer the phones ever sometimes I call and they hang up immediately on me this is very very bad customer service no one in the whole building will answer the phone and I can't get …
shunned moon
November, 2022
I had been going to comprehensive for 5 years. After I had the worst therapist I have ever had in my 10 years of needing mental health. Everything went downhill from there. During Covid the psych dr did not show up for my appointments. I …
Year 2020
I have been trying to get my medication I’ve gone three days without now and nobody even answers the phones! Ridiculous
Cynthia Harrington
Year 2019
I hesitate to leave a of this sort since I have compassion for dedicated and caring professionals who work in a broken system. But I need to leave this as a voice for others who may feel the same way and hopefully it may be …
Gloria Young
May, 2022
I made an appointment to see a psychiatrist and they couldn't see me for 5 weeks but put me on a cancellation list. I got a cancellation appointment about 2 weeks sooner and they cancelled my other appointment. They called me the morning …
Rebekah Vaugine
Year 2020
I was a Community Support Specialist working with adults needing assistance with mental health services for two years in Springfield Missouri. Now my mother is receiving services from comprehensive. Comprehensive has a way of work that I …
A Class KCI Airport Services Ronald Jaegers
Year 2018
I was accused of sexual harassment by and instructor just because i was told. I said she looked nice one day and kicked out of classes
Saoirse K
Year 2019
Absolute last resort and then you are at their mercy. My daughter who is an adult was seen by a Psychiatric Nurse for continuing care of a complex mental health issue. On the first visit before even meeting us she had determined that …
Patricia Watkins
Year 2017
I would give no star if I could. The so called doctors are horrible. I first started going to Comprehensive last year because the place I was getting treatment could no longer see people outside their service area. I got lucky the nurse …
April, 2022
Adjusted and took away the medication that was helping me then refused to listen or explain to me why it was even done. Simply just raised the current dosage of the remaining meds and hoped for the best. Therapist was at least trying his best to help and sympathized with the medication issue so there’s that.
Kim S
Year 2018
I would like someone to recommend someplace better. Was a bunch of BS
Shunn3d Moon
November, 2022
After having a need for mental health for 5 years during which I came to comprehensive mental health. I would rather go without meds then ever go back to this facility again and I’d like to say if I go off meds I will not be accepted in …
Ray Lant
January, 2022
If Comprehensive Mental Health governed all the land the world would be populated by a ragtag band of unmedicated schizophrenics. This place is a complete waste of time. You can set an appointment to see a psych doc but they'll magically …
Nate Owens
Year 2021
CMHS does not seem to know how to answer their phone or return phone calls. After the intake it took over three months for services to start. They have also cancelled two of my appointments without my knowledge or consent. Having me wait …
Caitlyn Wynhoff
January, 2022
do not recommend one bit. if i could put a 0 i would. i have waited roughly a YEAR for my psychiatrist appointment because something goes wrong every time first appointment made i had to wait 3 months i get there a single minute late and …
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