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Children s Recovery Center (OK)

320 12th Ave NE Norman, OK 73071

Children s Recovery Center, set in Norman, specializes in providing comprehensive care for those struggling with substance use, offering both detoxification services and treatment for co-occurring mental health illnesses or serious emotional disturbances. They are passionate about assisting children/adolescents in their journey towards recovery. Various payment methods are accepted at Children s Recovery Center including Federal funding options, ihs/tribal/urban (itu) funds, medicare, medicaid, federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), private health insurance, cash or self-payment, and state-financed health insurance plan other than medicaid, easing the financial burden. The expert team at Children s Recovery Center is dedicated to providing superior care in a compassionate and understanding environment.

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Aiden Hyman
Year 2019
Go there if you need it. You may have heard horror stories but trust me this one's the best of the best!
Year 2017
I love this place helped me out a lot when I was younger but I've been to more than one place but this one helped the most
Savannah yvonne Quinn
Year 2019
Im 21 and i was there in 2011 n i love it it a good place for n after i left i never got back on drugs i was doing now I'm clean and healthy with a great husband and a little boy thanks yall for helping me turn my life around I got the help …
Year 2018
The place was good to me great staff members made friends there. This place was better than the facility i went to before here plus one of the staff was hot ;)
Cass Hobbie
Year 2018
This was such a blessing for my daughter! Everyone here was professional and caring. They are dedicated to helping children with coping skills for life. Our therapist was Mary Basquine and she is AMAZING as was the rest of the staff!! They …
Samuel Adams
Year 2018
Very nice place as of 4 or 5 years ago. If you want to be free this is a good place. Not so much the AA but the staff is amazing. True family. There are a couple staff members who I will never forget. They were with me as family when I had lost all hope.
Skylar Garrett
November, 2022
Esmeray Adanır
Year 2021
Sara Foster
Year 2015
Olivia Kendall
Year 2021
This place caused me so much trauma. I was molested by another patient during my stay (several other girls were also made uncomfortable by her/witnessed what happened to me) and the nurse kept asking me if I was being honest when I came …
Chanta Torres
Year 2021
This place is a joke. My daughter and I came in at midnight on an emergency It took them over 3 hours for anyone to do anything. They were in a rush to not let me leave to seek help elsewhere. They were worried about getting paid. No …
Clench_Rain _Gacha
Year 2021
This place is absolutely horrible. Me my sister mom and dad got there around midnight it took them till 2 to even get to us. They said it would be a 5-7 day stay for my sister they said she would get treatment on the first day it was on …
Kinoshita Yuuko
Year 2018
Was only 15 going on 16 when I was there. There were like five showers in the bathroom they watched me bathe GameCube ps2 and DVDs from the 80s to keep us entertained. …
David Benham
Year 2019
Would have given 0 stars but 1 is the minimum... This place needs to be audited top to bottom. The counseling staff didn’t get any of the pertinent information supplied at intake and are actively trying to commit insurance fraud by trying …
Stephanie Marino
Year 2020
Tim Potts
Year 2019
Tiny Nicole
April, 2022
landon mayhue
November, 2022
Shamra Thurman
November, 2022
Mina Smith
Year 2018
The facility never turned on the AC and when they did it was freezing cold. The staff were amazing and great people to be around. The treatment plan was a joke I got to leave early because there was nothing they could do for me in their. I was their for drugs n anger not suicide.
Meryem S
November, 2022
Brandy Waugh
July, 2022
The police brought my son in for suicidal/ homicidal issue's after my oldest son killed himself and this place turned us away. They're run by kid's who have no actual life lessons. I took my son to the ER where he's getting the help he …
Year 2021
haley Alice
Year 2019
The staff is very amazing but everything else about the experience was traumatizing and the doctors are terrible. I have PTSD from the experience b
Year 2021
Ella Scott
Year 2021
the staff was nice but it doesn’t really help your mental health. it’s more of a place for stability and you don’t get to talk to a therapist or doctor much eaither and the food sucks
aylin agha
Year 2021
Alexis Morales
Year 2016
The treatment was a waste of time but the staff were very nice.
Paige Crumb
Year 2018
They didn’t fix me and they don’t fix anyone. They just like to think they do.
AbbyGail Begley
Year 2021
I was just told to “fake it till I make it.” Not a good place if you actually want help.
joe bob
Year 2018
I was put in there a few years back for drugs and whatnot. It was a pretty good experience. I was just a kid who kept getting in trouble not so much a kid with major addiction problems. That changed after I got out. Its like I started …
April, 2022
I was sent here involuntarily by my principal twice about 1-2 years ago it triggers my ptsd when I'm reminded of it. To start off we never got to go outside the sun in the window was the best we could get. I was also put in direct …
Trinity Babyy
January, 2022
If you care about your child's well-being do not send them here.
Grayson Jenkins
Year 2019
Literally the biggest joke on the planet
Aubriana Carey
April, 2022
Literally the worst place possible!!! DO NOT BRING YOUR KIDS HERE!!! They won’t help your kids they’ll just call DHS on you for no reason. They don’t listen to the parents only the kids. If I could give 0 stars I would.
A Mom's Mom
September, 2022
All these ppl do is call CPS and tell lies.
Cortney Reneau
Year 2021
My child had to visit this center because he sent an email at school about suicidal thoughts. The school recommended this location... so we went here. We were seen rather quickly which was great. …
Catherine Alleman
May, 2022
Gave me lice! But still 100% better than CedarRidge! Staff was really nice most of the time we actually got to talk and play games in-between are scheduled group treatment activities. The lunch and dinner provided to kids who are lactose …
Amanda Sampson
September, 2022
My daughter and I are locked inside the waiting area . They refuse to let us leave until we "see the doctor" even though she's been evaluated by the therapist. I did not sign consent or admission papers . Let us leave!!!!
Amelia Fisher
Year 2013
Glad I recovered but i ffelt like I was in prison
Ray Taboada
Year 2021
my daughter was mentally abused here and she was told every day to break up with her boyfriend when there was no reason to they also separated them from each other
Gabi Orrostieta
Year 2014
I can honestly say this place is a joke! I mean all the staff are very nice the treatment it self is a joke!
chevy salisbury
Year 2021
People always fighting was physically abused here.
August, 2022
i had some of the most chaotic uno games here also i started a my melody hate group …
Kelly Gonzalez
Year 2019
I have a lot to say about this facility but I'll keep it to a minimum. They held my daughter 4 extra days AFTER I tried to get her released into my care because someone was on a power trip!! Kids were teased by staff and doctor threatened long term for no reason. What little communication we had seemed to be a lie from front office.
Reece Spears
Year 2021
i mean it’s a basic state owned facility the staff were really chill and i’ll never forget some of them even if i can’t remember a few names but the food was terrible like nasty but they did help me around that i mean it wasn’t a terrible …
Essence White
Year 2018
i still wanna kill myself but some of the staff was hot
Bailey Buxton
August, 2022
I was a former patient here for substance abuse. The food was terrible we got the same food every other day. It was gross. Visits were only limited to one hour. They have a horrible N/A group the patients had to do N/A by there self. They …
June, 2022
i was in there for a month and a half some of the staff was cool but the rest didnt care ab you at all only in for money they didnt care that you were mentally abused by staff the showers had mold they had me on 10 foot restriction for no …
David Davis
Year 2020
Absolutely horrible. Can’t even process all these great. I would never recommend this place if you care about your child and how they are treated. Which is a bad thing making a child worse after coming out which is absolutely unacceptable.
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