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Bradley Hospital (RI)

1011 Veterans Memorial Pkwy Riverside, RI 02915

Bradley Hospital, in Riverside, is dedicated to providing a broad range of services, from detoxification to mental health treatment, and care for co-occurring disorders. They are committed to helping children/adolescents navigate their recovery journey by providing a detoxification program, mental health therapy, and comprehensive care for those with co-occurring disorders. They offer a variety of payment methods including Federal funding options, medicaid, federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), private health insurance, state education agency funds, cash or self-payment, state-financed health insurance plan other than medicaid, state mental health agency (or equivalent) funds, and state welfare or child and family services funds for their services. The staff at Bradley Hospital is dedicated to providing expert care in a supportive environment.

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Year 2019
Whoops wrong Hospital I was talking about Butler Hospital..But oh my god this place helped me recover from my depression man that OCD program really helped me get out of that box I was in and man that Dr. Case with his cheeto glasses (just …
The Prankster
Year 2020
Mixed services. Part needlessly constrictive and counter productive part life affirming and constructive; oftentimes it fits an equidistant neutral or ambivalent zone. My earliest days at Bradley were contradicted by my most recent visit …
Jennifer solomito
December, 2022
So it's hard to leave this because it would be 5 stars. Unfortunately you have a major issue with Morgan on your Harbor unit. It is clear her priority is not the children first and she is definitely power hungry. In this type of …
jey marie
Year 2019
i really enjoyed the adolescent program that i took in the morning for three weeks instead of attending school the full six hours. of course i missed seeing my friends but i made some close bonds in the program and got to speak my …
Cindy West
Year 2019
After years of unsuccessful treatment and medication I brought my teenage daughter to the OCD program at Bradley. I had no hopes of seeing improvements. However somehow they worked magic and within a matter of weeks I had my healthy …
Jennifer Fisselbrand
Year 2018
Bradley HOSPITAL has been wonderful to my child. Excellent care and staff. We were in the CADD unit.
Year 2017
Bradley was very helpful for me and i think anyone who has a tough time should go there With the comments below i think maybe you said the wrong things and such. Everyone has a diffrent expierence.
Olivia LeBeau
Year 2020
I attended the outpatient SafeQuest program for my anxiety and panic and it was the best experience I've had with mental health professionals. Everyone was so supportive and knowledgeable. I learned so many cognitive coping skills as well …
Year 2019
I loved it so much here! On my last day I cried because I was going to miss everyone! The staff is really nice and same with the food! If your child is having a hard time daily I would definitely send them to Bradley hospital!
Carol Malloy
Year 2017
I was there 40 years ago I'm sure that things are different then they are today but I do know that they saved my life and made it okay to like myself. Way back when I was there I came in at the age of 13 my mother had physically and …
Michelle hernandez
Year 2017
LOVE the people very nice kind and willling to help in every ways they can my son graduates this yr from there having been there since 4 1/2 progress is unbelievable with God first then with all the people he put in our path God bless you …
Gigi Kohler CEO
September, 2022
This place saved my life I went there when I was 16 now I am 25 Everyone was so sweet and kind and caring they followed my mother's directions distractions and everything doctor Tyler Tyler thanks doctor tylinda I miss you I recommend …
Melissa Barraza
Year 2018
Where do I even begin about this incredible place? Our 7 year old son has been attending the OCD day program for over a week. From the very first moment we stepped foot into the building we were blown away by the professionalism kindness …
Leah Carson
June, 2022
I told a Bradley therapist about my sudical thoughts and they told my parents that I wanted to drive my car off a bridge when I never said that it worried my parents and wasn't even true.
Sean Thrasher
June, 2022
This place has a history of pedaphilia and other forms of abuse on small children. Please don't send your loved ones here. Please help to Boycott this facility get your kids out and believe them if they share experiences. Negative stars.
Remus Beaune
Year 2020
I was forced here and they were abusive. They were transphobic and did Not do well with diabetes care. They are under staffed and the staff they do have is rude and violent. They restrain people far to fast and some staff have even shown slight pda. DO NOT SEND YOUR KID HERE PLEASE
DJ Fritz
Year 2019
I was at Bradley 35 years ago. I think that was the worst thing my parents could have done. It was like a prison. Cages on Windows. Padded rooms. Tunnel to the school building. Couldn't go out side . Restraining all the time. Parents …
Nicole Johnson
Year 2019
I wish I could give this place a negative. I can only imagine how these poor kids are treated. Considering i only spoke to a bitter woman for 3 short minutes. I was rushed off the phone. Given the absolute nastiest attitude. I was …
Year 2021
My grandson has had several visits only to be sent home with the wrong meds.Extremely frustrating. So here we are again my grandson sent home with wrong med for him so he sits in Hasbro hospital waiting for a bed @Bradley Hospital 10th visit 5-3-2021
Jen Gallant
Year 2017
in 5 admissions they have made FOUR different medication errors JUST with my child. Wonder what happens with other kids who might not know their meds or be able to report errors. At no time has the doctor owned the mistake beyond a shrug and an "ooops". This place needs to be investigated.
Jaime Simas
Year 2020
Ok place to work. They help children.and familys. To many political issue going.lt could be a better place for the employees.they work hard. Management.should remember. Employees.are the core to success .l hope care new england.will help out . good luck Bradley. Employees.Hopefully it gets better.have a good week.
Blue Jayyy
Year 2020
It feels like a prison half of my clothes are still missing they force things on you without your permission you have no freedom as even a human being. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone not even the partial is good. I hated every second here
Nancy Simmons
August, 2022
my niece was thier and they let for go by different names . why she was in thier care . she is only 16 now and she has taken off from everywhere she has been . she was 14 years old thier. now she is hiding at a home in mass. going by a …
Lynndie Rose
January, 2022
never put your kids here the staff dont do they job and dont give the kids and teens the right type of support they need i was a patient at bradley hospital and it was the worse thing if anything DONT SEND YOUR KIDS HERE PLEASE the staff …
Sean Thrasher
May, 2022
Never send your loved ones here my friend was mistreated and abused maliciously and completely broken. This place should be shut down not a place for children.
Year 2021
So I read their before I went up to BH Link in East Providence RI yesterday and really wasn't expecting much but I thought let's give this a try. I'm in the process of looking for a new provider and I heard that Bradley was 24/7. …
Julian Schultz
Year 2019
Such a terrible place. Very pour treatment. Disorganized (they lost a whole bag of clothes of mine and everything else was scattered across different offices). The staff lie to you and the parents.
Just a Fish With Internet Access
Year 2016
The below are true. This place is equivalent to a prison. I was brutally suffering from severe OCD and planned to go to Butler. There were no beds at the time so my only option was Bradley. I immediately met the staff who started to …
Year 2021
The staff is highly undertrained on how to deal with their own emotions I'm surprised they're allowed to deal with others. I was looking out a window calming down because the staff decided to give me a hard time. One staff member …
Lauri Macrone
July, 2022
They only create more problems to start with. The child in question comes out with other behaviors learned from other kids. Certain programs at Bradley likeCADD is good. Pedi particularly is lousy. This is from a 1st hand experience. Pedi partial i wouldn't recommend to anyone.
Knowledge Twenty Twenty
July, 2022
This hospital is not the place for your kid’s. I’m a activist for reform. The experience from people there is very traumatic. No child should ever have to go through what some of my peers have been through. The best way to save our kid’s …
Heather Calci
Year 2016
This hospital lies to patients parents and if you catch them. Your told maybe u miss understood them. Horrible place prison place....Doctors lie in patients charts.
Peace People
September, 2022
This hospital should be closed immediately. Has left many of its patients with lifelong trauma. Do NOT send your children here.
The Kelvin
Year 2021
As a former patient I STRONGLY recommend you not to go here. My time there was painful I felt like a prisoner. The staff were the worst they mistreated me they even told me I would never leave that place. …
Year 2020
As a long since former patient of this building 06 or 07 I believe and the only memories I have there are what I'd call heniously unpleasant. Were it possible I'd offer -2 stars. I won't swear on a possibly very public but I'd …
Sarah Price Hancock
Year 2020
Bradley's Hospital's of a 5 point medical restraining device manufacturer website restraintchair.com shines a light on patient experience there: We received the SoftGuard® Safety Restraint Chair and love it! Can we please …
September, 2022
Childrens unit is ok ig some of the staff are questionable i wouldn’t ever recommend this hospital to anyone tbh as a former patient i just think u shouldn’t send your child here it’s really just not gonna help some staff are nice and chill …
John Hinkler
Year 2015
Felt like prison. Structured kinda the same way. Unpleasant experience. Not worth it in the long run. My experience leading up to entering the hospital and being forced to stay there was rough. They make you swallow pills that do nothing …
Joshua Mitschelen (Bigfoot)
January, 2022
Horrible place! Faculty doesn't even pay attention to patients! DO NOT SEND ANYONE HERE!!! You might not ever see them again!!
Sophie Bastis
August, 2022
How do I begin to explain my experience here. i was restrained 7 times there. 4 of the times i wasn't resisting. they became very aggressive with me. mind you i am a 116 pound 16 year old girl who was struggling most times when they became …
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Sleep for Science
March 1, 2023
The E.P. Bradley Hospital Sleep Research Laboratory, directed by Mary A. Carskadon, Ph.D., is an internationally-recognized center for research on .
Carskadon is now the director of chronobiology and sleep research at Bradley Hospital (part of the medical school at Brown University).
Dr. Jeffrey Hunt, director of inpatient and intensive services at Bradley Hospital, . Alex Nunes can be reached at anunes@thepublicsradio.org.
New Jersey School Boards Association spokesperson Janet Bamford said the organization does not support a state mandate for school start times, .
Published Online:16 Oct 2014https://doi.org/10.1176/appi.pn.2014.10a27 . and sleep research at E.P. Bradley Hospital in Providence, .
Magnetic promise: Can brain stimulation treat autism? | Spectrum
March 1, 2023
. an autism researcher at Bradley Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, . created a small nonprofit organization to help bring researchers .
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The Troop Bully – Scouting magazine
March 1, 2023
. a child psychologist at Bradley Hospital in East Providence, R.I. . remembers Bob Geier, chartered organization representative for St.
. Krebs arranged for leaders from Bradley Hospital in Rhode Island to consult with Spring . Learn more at MaineBehavioralHealthcare.org.
Founded in 1931 as the nation's first psychiatric hospital for children, Bradley Hospital (www.bradleyhospital.org) remains the premier medical .
Emma Pendleton Bradley Hospital – Federal Demonstration Partnership Expanded Clearinghouse
March 1, 2023
Is entity a member of the FDP? No ; Link to institution's Office of Sponsored Programs (or equivalent) website. https://www.lifespan.org/about-lifespan .
Visit www.ribc.org or call (800) 283-8385 to make an appointment. . Bradley Hospital: https://www.bradleyhospital.org/; Children's Friend: .
In addition, he will be taking on the duty as therapy dog at Bradley Hospital's pedi - partial program. Bradley is a hospital dedicated to .
RIMomsPRN@CareNE.org . PediPRN serves providers treating children and adolescents in partnership with Bradley Hospital. Learn more about PediPRN .
Autism Inpatient Collection – SFARI
March 1, 2023
Current clinical research sites. Bradley Hospital, Rhode Island (Investigator: Giulia Righi, Ph.D.) Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, .
. psychologist at Brown University and Bradley Hospital in Rhode Island, wrote last March in a blog post for the advocacy group Autism Speaks.
Learn more about Emergency Services at hartfordhealthcare.org. . a Connecticut tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code .
. to sleep on a fixed schedule for two weeks before reporting to the Bradley Hospital sleep lab. After an adaptation night in the lab, the teens .

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