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Blue Hills Recovery (MA)

474 Grove St Worcester, MA 01605

At Blue Hills Recovery, nestled in Worcester, they provide an inclusive recovery approach that involves detoxification, transitional housing, and care for individuals with co-occurring substance use and mental health issues. They provide a seamless transition from detoxification to a supportive living environment, fostering a smooth recovery for adults . Their care includes various payment methods including private health insurance, and cash or self-payment, making their services accessible. The team at Blue Hills Recovery takes pride in delivering quality care in a compassionate setting.

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Blue Hills Recovery Treatment Center Reviews From The Web

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Edward McMullen
Year 2021
Well run treatment facility. Therapist and group facilitators are excellent. Best place to get help and get back to living a healthy lifestyle.
Justin Moczynski
June, 2022
Shakes McCracken
May, 2022
My life became unmanageable due to both mental health & substance abuse. Blue Hills accepted me as a patient. It's staff was able to meet me where my life was at. They provided me with treatment. They helped me to meet them where they were at as healthy & productive people.
Kelly Devillers
May, 2022
Not enough words to describe the good about Blue Hills. Whether it is addiction mental health or both that you struggle with- the entire team there is knowledgeable friendly caring and professional
Anthony Frisella
Year 2021
Blue Hills was a great experience. Staff were top notch and went above and beyond for many people's needs. Shout out to one of the GFs James. He made most days better than expected and is a definite role model for me. If you need treatment for conditions they handle I highly support the program. Thank you all. � …
Big Crispy
March, 2022
Rehabilitation is never fun. I received all the help and tools I needed to take control of my life. Great staff I would recommend Bluehills Recovery to anyone serious wants help with there mental health or behavioral issues
Matt S
May, 2022
Blue Hills was monumental in helping me navigate through my mental illness and substance abuse struggles and provided me the tools and support I needed to overcome my challenges to lead a fulfilled productive life. Everyone on staff is …
Lloyd Graham
Year 2021
The staff was excellent and had a lot of recovery time. Therapy group was the best. Therapist was spot on! Would recommend for all who seek help for substance abuse. Facility is brand new. No complaints.
Carly Clifford
September, 2022
Definitely one of the best places you can go for help the staff is super understanding and supportive of everyone there. Everyone is so welcoming and kind here. I would recommend this place to everyone!!
Timmy Jones
Year 2021
very accommodating to individual needs provide an awesome and safe living environment. tight knit and close community not a bad thing to say about this place! scott brittany jenna james kim megan stephanie frank crystal and more …
Teagan Jolly
August, 2022
Excellent level of care. The staff is kind and caring and I received the help I needed to further my journey towards recovery and good health.
Joel Swanson
Year 2021
Very caring staff. They really care about you as a person. It’s not just a job for them.
Lil Bible
Year 2021
I did not want to continue with this program plenty of times. I became the biggest AMA risk. I was extremely reluctant to follow through with the plans that had been set for me until I was able to figure out that they truly cared for my …
Fernando Vasquez
Year 2021
I don't have a bad thing to say at Blue Hills. I had a great time and was treated not only with respect but with compassion by the whole team. I enjoyed the programming and the planned activities on the weekends. I would highly recommend this spot to anyone.
james goetsch
Year 2021
I highly recommend blue hills recovery. They were there for me when I needed them. I was at the end of my rope and if you don't have a way to here they will help you get here safely. I think the staff are helpful caring respectful …
Steve Scherbarth
June, 2022
I just want to say that the staff at Blue Hills was and is truly fantastic. They are beyond reproach as far as always having the residents best interests in mind. I came here to learn recovery tools coping skills and resiliency. Blue …
Adam Thompson
Year 2021
I was treated very well from day one I wish I would of found this place 20 years ago life changing thank you very much blue hills I won't be back unless I come to share my experience about my recovery and sobriety.
Daniel Holtz
September, 2022
If you’re not sure what to expect it’s group therapy with caring facilitators and one on one counseling with a therapist. …
alexis orloff
Year 2021
I'm so glad Evoke Wellness referred my wife to Blue Hills Recovery for further treatment. Blue Hills was an amazing place not only did they accustom to her addiction but also cared to her past trauma. All the counselors are VERY invested …
Haley Rolfe
May, 2022
Loved blue hills. Would recommend to anyone struggling with substance abuse or mental health. Staff is very friendly and they help you with whatever you need!
Anna Smith
June, 2022
My experience at Blue Hills recovery was exceptional. Coming into Blue Hills I was not doing well but the community uplifted me and with proper care from Nurse Practitioners Group facilitators and Case Managers I was able to make great …
Amanda Hernandez
May, 2022
My experience at blue hills recovery was extremely positive and had helped significantly in my growth healing and recovery. The staff was extremely compassionate attentive and helpful throughout my stay from residential to discharge. I am …
Heather Christian
April, 2022
As a family member of patient. This place is awful!! “Therapist” if you will have no actual degrees or accreditation. They have no …
Sean Howard
Year 2021
Blue Hills provides the tools necessary for a successful journey in recovery. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and they go above and beyond what is required to accommodate. I would recommend this program to anyone serious about recovery.
Nicole Slader
Year 2021
Garbage service. Garbage response time. Don’t waste your time.
Brittany King
Year 2021
Blue Hills Recovery offers individualized care in a safe and therapeutic setting. The team is full of people who care about each patient and their unique story. You and your loved ones will be supported while in treatment and after treatment. Highly recommend!
Alexander Deayala
December, 2022
I went to Blue hills for drug treatment and basically received very little. The way it works you have individuals who are there for drug abiuse as there primary diagnosis and others for mental health as there primary diagnosis. This all …
Tracy M
September, 2022
My experience here has been one lie after another. I was told I would be here for seven days for mental health. When I get here they go over all the paperwork so fast never giving you the chance to read everything. I am now stuck here for …
Nick Sisum
January, 2022
This Definitely isn’t A Treatment facility Its a Mental Hospital were patients live in a 3 Bedroom apartment and pay ridiculous amounts of money . At Times there is no food at Housing Clients live with positive covid patients …
Year 2021
they give up on you dont give up on yourself
Brian Wilbert
May, 2022
Blue Hills is great! The staff are all really nice and accommodating. Montana is fantastic.
April, 2022
Blue Hills Recovery is different than other facilities. Great for mental health as well. Call insurance before going as they cover a percentage. Montana is a great case manager and is very organized.
Richard Vaughan
August, 2022
During my stay here housing was in transition so alittle rocky. But definitely looking better and better each day. Staff at clinic wonderful also staff at housing excellent plus outside trips are very fun on weekends.
Cody Smith
February, 2022
Great staff with decent response times considering the volume of patients
Matt Whittle
Year 2021
It was a good experience. The staff and clients were very nice and helpful
May, 2022
My experience at blue hills have gone really well I believe that they have potential to be an amazing treatment center but still a lot of work to do. The staff are hard working amazing people that really understand stand what it’s like to …
Ray Data
January, 2022
This place is amazing!!! The staff are all really nice and accommodating. Montana is fantastic. I would just make sure you CALL YOUR INSURANCE before coming in. A lot of insurances will cover only a percentage and I didn’t realize that …
marcus oneill
February, 2022
This place literally saved my life and gave me the tools I need to use in my everyday life. If you're dealing with substance abuse or mental health issues this is the place to be. Don't hesitate to call everyone is here to help and care about what they do.
Megan Chestna
Year 2021
An amazing company to work for! Love the teamwork and compassion of the team.
Greg Goushian
Year 2021
Blue Hills is a top notch addiction treatment facility. The clinical team offers compassionate and individualized care focused on treating substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders.
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