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APT Foundation (CT)

495 Congress Ave New Haven, CT 06519

APT Foundation, set in New Haven, specializes in providing comprehensive care for those struggling with substance use, offering both detoxification services and treatment for co-occurring mental health illnesses or serious emotional disturbances. They are passionate about assisting adults, and seniors in their journey towards recovery. Various payment methods are accepted at APT Foundation including Federal funding options, medicare, medicaid, federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), private health insurance, cash or self-payment, and state-financed health insurance plan other than medicaid, easing the financial burden. The expert team at APT Foundation is dedicated to providing superior care in a compassionate and understanding environment.

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Troy Stevens Jr
Year 2020
It's a good place to help you clean but like any rehab to get out of it whatever you put into it. It's helped me stay clean for 10 plus years
October, 2022
It's a methadone clinic. I mean do I need to say more.
July, 2022
Ive been a patient for about 5 years staff is exceptional.from security to counselors
Arthur Wolfburg
Year 2016
I've been on this program for 10 years know. This program saved my life. I've been on the Hartford dispensary many times but always got thrown off for being ditty. They don't even try To work with you. But apt. They are there to Help you. …
Andrew Dougherty
August, 2022
Line gets a little backed up occasionally but I've had a pleasant experience I found the west haven clinic more convenient
Tracy mulroney
Year 2020
Methadone Clinic. Hrs 5am. - 1pm. Staff truly tries to help IMHO. …
Steven Rodriguez
Year 2021
My Owen experience is that the medicine it's super fast.plus gotta make changes to how respect each other my two cents in this.
Lola Brigette
March, 2022
Cherie Adamzzyk
Year 2020
The APT Foundation as saved my life in many ways I've been there through the years and I'm very grateful for them they're very nice and always treated me with respect thank you apt Foundation
James Pesticci
Year 2021
The APT Foundation is a positive place where you can get a help for your addiction it's very clean confidential everybody is checked to see if you're sick before they go in not everybody wears mask as long as you got one on that's all that counts and the staff is great very professional and there's plenty of parking
Toni Mercado
Year 2021
This morning I was not feeling well when I went into my program and they took very quickly and good care of me to call the EMS and got me help. Thank you
Linda Santino
February, 2022
This place has helped me immensely and major for all positive life skills and addiction service.
Jaquen “Agent7D7” Hagar
Year 2016
This place treats us addicts like REAL PEOPLE NOT JUST NUMBERS i was with hartford dispensary for 6 years and it was nothing but one hassle or one catastrophe after another. Ive been with apt where they dont discriminate against people …
tracy barone
Year 2018
This program saved me I've been clean for 9 years no more stealing from stores lying to my family going in and out of jail always looking over my shoulder just living that nasty lifestyle !! I love my life I feel so good about myself thank you Apt and keep up the good work on helping people.
cj klemenz
Year 2019
Wonderful place saved me and my husband's life this is actually see that his wife I don't know why it came up his name is not posting this is how they the place is absolutely a godsend overdose twice in two days and then had to get back on …
August, 2022
Just hope you never find yourself NEEDING to come here. If you do however they have very good services available and very helpful staff. It works if you work it.
Beth Louise
Year 2020
It is one of the most progressive places for addiction treatment in the state. Some of the comments I have read about security dealing are ridiculous! There are some wonderful counselors there and Kathy the director truly cares about the clients. If you're giving a bad look inside yourself first.
November, 2022
the apt foundation is a wonderful place overall but be prepared to see people asking to buy or sell bottles on the sidewalk unruly idiotic patients and sometimes needles on the ground around the building. …
james Pesticci
Year 2020
The reason I like the APT Foundation is most of the employees are real nice and the lines are usually short and they work with you if you live in Waterbury or somewhere else with the bottles in case of emergency or holidays hope this helps you
Ryan Walton
Year 2021
Very helpful if you need help saving your life. Rember tho no matter how good they are if you do not want it then it dosnt matter how good they are. Don't get me wrong I highly recommend but you just have to b ready...
Kimberley Guglielmo
Year 2021
A billion stars wouldn't be enough. Especially for Kathy Shannon and Lilly. Not necessarily in that order. Love you Apt.
Snook Witham
Year 2017
As far as methadone clinics apt is the best of the best. But as with all methadone clinics you get your fair share of idiots who can't spell and take to google to rant about how apt doesn't "care" and apt "did this or that" to them or …
duane fenn
Year 2015
Coming from Waterbury ccc this clinic is one of the best ones open. Wish apt had one in Waterbury the drive is long but worth it. Sobriety is such an important way of life and there changing lives. If your reading this and using please give them a try. God bless
Ian A Campbell
Year 2016
Enough rants it's a freakin voluntary program. If you think it sucks why make the line longer for the rest of us who want to be here. Also if you want to rant can you make it functionally literate at the least? I feel like I lost IQ …
Anthony Tuozzola
June, 2022
Good program provides good service s easy to get help for addiction services
Ruth Cost
Year 2016
Have been in Hartford dispensary several times (7) with never getting a take home. And never more than 3 clean urines sabotaged myself continuously -Apt is the only place I've stayed clean more than a month and is now 4 yrs. 5 in May. For me it's def. the place to go to if u really want it if u don't no where will work.
Lauri D
Year 2021
Honestly this is a hard one to rate. They do a lot for addicts. Definitely offer a lot of help. But just can be chaotic due to the area & things that go on outside. Also a lo
Ana Trinidad Gonzalez
Year 2021
I am very grateful ❤️ ☺️ to have the A.P.T. Foundation in my life.... The Staff there Care about your we'll being as well as your self also they gave me a new way of life they also have amazing counselors that care about you …
kelley carr
Year 2020
I have been here approx 5 years...great counselors tons of groups to choose from with all types of topics and all the staff I have found truly care: from security cleaning staff general staff members. I haven’t had a “dirty” urine …
Bobby R
February, 2022
APT is a lifesaving treatment program. Any issues or unsuccessful cases are not due to APT but due to patients not being ready to submit and work the program. APT can only give a person the tools they cannot use them for you
Diana Ruth Conland
August, 2022
I reached out for some counseling before I made poor decisions. Very easy to access they have lots to offer. Groups personal counseling referrals.
R Landow
Year 2016
Is Deb M still at legion? I was recently demoted from long wharf after a program that was caring and helpful for years became riddled with underhanded and spitefulness and any one who gets too much power suddenly can't help or raise …
Rebecca Marquis
Year 2021
I see many in recovery struggling with their mental health and during this pandemic. I feel as though they are not doing enough for clients who are going through. Just reading a sheet of paper or answering a few questions is not nearly …
Michael Osika
Year 2020
I've never touched an OXYCODONE product since this place.The only lacking is long term psychiatrists that are more accessible but most staff are great but nursing is a bit on edge
Desiree Pina
May, 2022
I started out at this clinic while I no longer go there.. I know when I was there for a period of a year they had really great groups you could attend and friendly helpful counselors. I'm not sure how it is now especially since the …
Ricky Spanish
Year 2015
Dee See is correct about Deb M she is avengedul spiteful person if she doesn't like you for whatever reason she WILL go out of herr way to sabotage your recovery up to and including tampering and altering urine screens and results …
Daniella Herget
Year 2021
Go somewhere else if you can help it. My bf goes here and I can't put all the complaints I have. Just unprofessional in a lot of ways
Carly Maurer
April, 2022
If u want to not be sober go hear If you to find drugs go hear If u want to see a CT look like the Bronx NY and see people laying out with …
Peter Mazzucco
Year 2017
Legion clinic is ridiculous lost my job because they did away with the work module in the morning and people that have no reason to be there early in the morning clog up the line and not only that the nurses are ALWAYS on the phone or …
Joe Pepe
January, 2022
Takes forever every time it nvr fails if u have an appt there cone early because I swear the ppl are incompetent
November, 2022
Terrible awful location. Staff is split some great some noy so great
Dee See
Year 2012
The Clinical Director at the Legion Office Deb M has been sleeping with patients and pressuring them in to supporting her drug addiction. They 100% demonstrate nepotism and cronyism when dictating privileges. It is sad this place made …
Debbie Luzey
Year 2018
The staff well most of them are very helpful others just consider the clients as drug addict garbage off the street corner and they are nothing but a paycheck to them.great counselors have left when they were really needed by their client …
Amy Costello
Year 2018
While this place keeps you off the streets and out of jail the PCA staff is like being babysat by petty ass project trash. They are not trained empathetic patient professional or anything else a patient care associate should be. They …
Kelly Marie
July, 2022
As long as u go when it's not busy it's not too bad!!
Jayko_203 Natal
April, 2022
I have a question (asking for a friend) after how many absences do they take you off treatment?
Sebastian Vitale
Year 2021
I wish they helped taper people off of methadone more instead of planning to keep there patients on it for life at extremely high doses. Thats just my opinion. Because people in the program can't travel or go do anything without that leash …
Ashley Marie Malone
January, 2022
The staff is fine. It's the horrible patients that make this place intolerable. I mean you're here to get off drugs and 75% of the addicts here just go so they don't get sick...they don't care about getting better. Pathetic. Some people actually do want to get clean...
D Mainor
Year 2017
All of us clients need to start a petition for people who work. I'm a truck driver that travels up&down the east coast it was working fine until the new Dictatorship(Director) took my bottles for missing recall because I was down in …
Bruce Henry
Year 2020
Could be a great place if the nurses there had knowledge in there own job and cared about people that are patients that are there trying to better them selfs
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Recruiting is currently ongoing at APT Foundation, Inc, in New Haven, Connecticut, said Shrestha, and the study team expects to enroll 300 .
Outside the APT Foundation in New Haven. Steve Hamm / C-HIT.org. Jose DeJesus pulls his silver minivan out of a parking lot in back of a row of .
. the APT Foundation intends to operate administrative offices, primary health care services, and a small methadone clinic. The organization .
14, APT Foundation Inc. bought the two-story brick school building at 794 . She did say her organization has scheduled a ​“pre-meeting” with the .
Wish I could share them with Frida.” It doesn't entirely work half a mile from the Green (or, for that matter, a mile from the APT Foundation), .
She also currently serves as an attending physician at the Central Medical Unit of the APT Foundation, supervises fellows and trainees within the .
Caleb, Lusk, MD/DO, APT Foundation, New Haven, CT, 06511, 213-700-6479, 1 Long Wharf Drive, NEW HAVEN. Jessica, Gutierrez, NP, 1112 S. Washington .
New Haven – Employment – Connecticut’s Reentry Community
March 1, 2023
Contact: 203-781-4670, www.aptfoundation.org. ********. CT BUREAU OF REHABILITATION SERVICES. Description: The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services .
If this organization has filed an amended return, it may not be reflected in the data below. Duplicated download links may be due to resubmissions .
. image—the offering of years of struggle in pigment became an apt foundation for a portrayal of Avraham's poignant offering on Mount Moriah.
Her most recent position at the organization was as managing director of . chief administrative officer of the APT Foundation; director of .
APT Foundation, Inc. – CARF International
March 1, 2023
APT Foundation, Inc. DBA: APT Residential Services (APT) . Phone: 203-781-4600. Website: http://www.aptfoundation.org Link opens in a new window
Principals Meet | Catholic New York
March 1, 2023
CardinalDolan.org · In The News. Latest news. Fordham's Greenhagen Finalist for National Scholar-Athlete Award.
The APT Foundation | American Players Theatre
March 1, 2023
To make a gift to the APT Foundation, contact our development department at 608-588-9209 or dev@americanplayers.org.
Website: www.aptfoundation.org. Languages: English and Spanish. SERVICE INFORMATION. 4 Jobs and Workforce Development. SERVICE DESCRIPTION.
Grilo is professor of psychiatry and of psychology at Yale. About CASAColumbia CASAColumbia is a national nonprofit research and policy organization .

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