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Ancora Psychiatric Hospital (NJ)

301 Spring Garden Rd Hammonton, NJ 08037

Ancora Psychiatric Hospital, set in Hammonton, specializes in providing comprehensive care for those struggling with substance use, offering both detoxification services and treatment for co-occurring mental health illnesses or serious emotional disturbances. They are passionate about assisting adults, and seniors in their journey towards recovery. Various payment methods are accepted at Ancora Psychiatric Hospital including medicare, medicaid, federal military insurance (e.g., tricare), private health insurance, cash or self-payment, and state-financed health insurance plan other than medicaid, easing the financial burden. The expert team at Ancora Psychiatric Hospital is dedicated to providing superior care in a compassionate and understanding environment.

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Ancora Psychiatric Hospital Treatment Center Reviews From The Web

Read what people have to say
john roth
Year 2017
Dawn Cannon
Year 2017
Very very rude!
Russell Mackel
Year 2020
Denise Nolan
Year 2018
Lakesha Primus
Year 2018
Harry Roberts
Year 2016
tiffany McClinton
Year 2017
Nicole Accardi
Year 2021
Renesmae Salvator
Year 2021
Ken A
Year 2018
Do you have to take a drug test before you get hired
James Klich
Year 2021
I grew up in Indian Mills NJ and they took us to Ancora Psychiatric Hospital for a school field trip. I worked in mental health in Charlotte North Carolina for many years. Ancora needs to be updated. I am sure the food could be …
Mary Lee Donahue
May, 2022
My daughter got very good care at Ancora.
Ebony Anthony
Year 2016
awesome careing team workers .
christopher clauberg
April, 2022
I can't say one bad thing about this place and I spent 7 months there
queen gi
Year 2021
I work here and can verify that these negative are false. Ancora staff and employees are great at their jobs and look out for their patients. Every nurse i’ve worked with has been smart and caring. Patients are never intentionally …
February, 2022
if you're struggling with suicidal thoughts or going through a mental health crisis Text hello to 741741 for the crisis text hotline or call 1-800-273-TALK. Please know you are not alone. There is help and you are loved More than …
Steven Weitzman
Year 2011
My favorite part of ancora were all of my friends. They were generous friendly and they never let me down. I don't care if no one else could see them.
T baby
Year 2018
My mom worked there she was on suicide watch to make sure people didn't kill themselves
The Nyan Duck
Year 2021
Screw the administration. Raise the salary of these hardworking doctors. Some people like Dr. Syed are very help and kind doctors. Please raise the salary of this man.
Steven Capille
Year 2016
Trick are fot kids
Omotosho Harry
Year 2018
We have wonderful workforce attending to various cases in this hospital. The staffs are excellent. Kudos to them
thomas byrne
Year 2021
Smoking was allowed indoors and forced medication
Jason Morton
Year 2018
Staff are abusive and get away with hurting the patients. They do nothing but sit on their ass. The administration threatens you. They refuse to allow charges you press on the workers to go through. They punish you for being I'll. They …
Gwendolyn Daniels
Year 2019
Staff has not been trained on how to handle patient personal lñformation. These breach of imformationhas cause clients undo stress.The majority of staff are arrogant and hostile toward the clients. This is because staff feel as though they …
Heather Mac Vicar
Year 2016
Staff is rude & racist & if you got beaten up by a fellow patient they would side with the one who beat the crap out if you & I wouldn't come back there to get help if it was the last place on earth. I would go somewhere else for help.
Richard Israeloff
Year 2018
Staff threatened me with physical violence! It’s just a wharehouse! Should be shut down
John Wilbert
Year 2021
Takes getting used to. But nighttime when everyone should be asleep is when the mischief begins.
August, 2022
Terrible place a warehouse helping no one!!!
Year 2017
The ghosts and tortures aren't too bad
Year 2016
The staff is rude lazy and down right unprofessional. The patients are treated poorly. You can't have nice things because patients and staff will steal things from your room. The staff just sit around and chitchat for hours while the patients are neglected..
athena runyon
September, 2022
They have “Supervisor” on staff who do not understand or speak English. You would think someone who is responsible for an entire ward would speak the common language of the patients or at least understand. This is not a hospital it is more like a prison. Horrible place.
Elizabeth Ross
Year 2015
They let people steal all my son clothing and mp3 players I need to do something about this I should be reimburse also they stole his Christmas gifts these people is getting away taking other people stuff I am not for sure but O know …
Soopper Boopper
Year 2018
I love how the only positive from this place are from the people who work here so disappointing and shameful.
Clear Vision
Year 2018
This “institution” is incredibly depressing as you drive through no decorations for the seasons giving the patients a sense of well-being. The staff are not on the same page and communication is not passed on properly. Sometimes I have …
j. menear
Year 2019
I only know of what I have been told about there. It never seemed too rosey. However I was held for a while in Sainte Anne in Paris for a spell. When I left there I had a "new" fibula in my leg because it was so shattered after an …
Sa D
Year 2020
This facilities flaws are the flaws of the entire mental health system. I am truly lucky to be free. To survive in the system (and Ancora) you have to completely and utterly know that you are not in a free place and trust if you ever leave …
Gilberto Kengkart
Year 2018
If I could give a negative number it would be like -100. That place is hell and many of the people working there are evil. Many of the patients are mistreated by the compassionless staff. Pray for the patients to get well* so they can be free.
Ongelique Campbell
Year 2017
Bam B
May, 2022
It’s disgusting how you treat your employees. You are denying all religious exemptions and suspending your people without pay and insurance for months! You are also keeping these people names as if they are still employed so the state does not know you are understaffed! Shame on you and your ethics!
Abdur Rahman Raheem
Year 2018
This place is the worst period. It need to b investigated and shut down.
Ayesha Weinberg
Year 2019
My niece has been at this hospital for a couple of years now. I have found the people to be caring and trying to provide a reasonable life for the people there. Most of the clients are very disturbed people who need constant supervision. …
julia stanger
Year 2021
Also i said im suicidal which i still am. No help was offered i was hung up on
James “Firefighter” Kalb
Year 2015
Concentration Camp
Heather MacVicar
Year 2018
Don’t ever send your loved ones there for help or geriatric care the staff doesn’t care abusive towards patients & patients are abusive towards one another. This place needs to be overhauled & staff has to get better training. Or shut the whole place down.
Tracey Scollan
Year 2018
First..I would love to know why the first visual you see online for this Hospital...is a CEMETARY SIGN??? REALLY? That REALLY makes me worry more about my Son who was just transferred to this place. Also...I am also very concerned about all …
Monica Livingston
Year 2021
Horrible place
Year 2019
Horrific lack of compassion care or organization. The phone lines are antique and rarely work properly. The state should be ashamed of the condition of this hospital. Treatment teams do not return calls and the social workers lie to the …
Sophia Deruvo
Year 2020
I am truly lucky to be free. Trust if you ever leave you may find the person you once were. I have spent a year collectively in the mental health system. I have my entire life been an pacifist and non violent even when attacked. This place …
Susan Clugston
November, 2022
I can’t even give this place one star. It was literally the worst experience of my life. They had employees fighting with patients. It was THE lowest moment of my life. Horrible horrible place. How this place is still open is beyond me!!!!! No one deserves to be in this place. Not fit for humans!!!
mandie lynn
March, 2022
I don't understand with all these ppl witnessing all this bad stuff happening how is this place not being investigated the staff ppl on here commenting are trying to cover up its so obvious my aunt needs help and if she gets admitted I will …
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